My frustration is at its peak…

…..when I answer any of my friend’s or relative’s call & the first thing they say is – “Ohh, you are so busy, you never call us, you never miss us, what has made you so busy, haan???” What do I reply for that?? Do they call me for taunting??? Hmpf..

….. when I take the “vacant” middle seat in the train & the passengers sitting on aisle seat & window seat act as if the train is their personal property and I have not taken their permission to sit next to them as they are a celebrity in their mind!! Some girls even sit with their legs apart, opening to the fullest so that next person feels squashed & then leaves that seat.

….. when people ask me 10 times in a day – “when are you giving good news?? When are you giving good news???” I don’t know what to reply!! It is SO irritating and pressurizing that even if you are thinking about putting an application for baby, you just cannot, no really, you just cannot.. because of this constant pressure in your mind!! If you know what I mean!!

….when the friends compare – “see, we already had the baby on time and he is one year old already, don’t delay too much okie, give us the good news now so that my baby has some company???” Helloooo…. Did I give you any advice when you were planning your family??? Then why free ka gyaan to me?? Grrrr…

….. when I call my one & only close friend here who had a baby about 6 months ago,
1) she never answers my call.
2) If “by chance” she answers, she will only talk about how her baby is a diva & she likes to poop only in fresh diaper.
3) She keeps talking about baby, baby and nothing else, then hangs up in 2 minutes, never calling me back.
4) and if “by chance” I complain after 2 months that I was waiting for her call, her one & only reply will be – “Ohh, you will not understand, it’s very hard to think about anything else when you have baby”

Really?? I mean really??? You don’t have time for ANYBODY else in the world if you have a baby?? You always make other people feel – Ohhh Now I have a baby and No, you are not at all important in my life!!!

….. when another friend who had baby 5 months ago tells me – “What will you do in the birthday party?? You will be bored since we all will be busy with our babies. Ohh.. do one thing, this bhaiya & that bhaiya are still bachelors, they will be free, you can accompany them” REALLY??? I cannot attend a birthday party if I am not a Mum yet?? REALLY I cannot accompany my husband?? REALLY I cannot accompany my friends anymore just because they are Mums already??? I really need to know which kind of world I am living in?? Isn’t it true that after becoming a Mum, girls become more mature and grounded?? How can they turn into this cheapo who think if they had a baby, everyone else also should have a baby?? Why do they think they have every right to talk non-sense to other friend who is not a Mum yet?

…… when my colleague starts doing my work in the office without letting me know and she comes & asks me questions. Girl, you have your own work to do, go and complete that rather than double checking & then completing my work and also better don’t ask me questions for my work as you are not my boss, okie?? hmpf

…… when the neighbor is standing outside with her baby when I return from work and she starts talking to her 4 months old – “See TP has come, she is a Idd-ka-Chand now a days, she doesn’t miss you, she is very busy, she doesn’t has time for you” Can you please stop taunting me like this & stop making me feel guilty in front of a baby??? I return home at 6.30 PM & I don’t find time to visit you & your baby everyday that does not mean you can taunt me like this??? I know, once you will start working, how you will not even say Hi to me because YOU will be very busy but afsos I will not taunt you because I don’t like taunting other people except PK..

…when PK tickles me thinking he is really tickling me but actually he is not tickling me he is just poking his finger points with blunt nails in my tummy!! I hate it.. Hmpf

…when I complain to PK if he has not done something properly, rather than giving the explanation for it, he points out my mistake in return!!! Aarrgghhh..

…when I wear new clothes to work and this colleague always asks me – “Is this new? I have never seen you wearing this before” – Why does she asks me questions for the very obvious answers?? Looking at my Nailpaint on Monday – “Did you applied the Nailpaint on the weekend?? If you know I was not wearing this nailpaint on Friday, obviously I did my nails on weekend, why, why, why you have to ask me a question just to listen a “Yes” from my mouth??

…when this colleague only joins us for lunch to listen to what we are talking about and if by chance we are talking about office politics or something related to office she makes her ear-holes bigger to listen everything properly, doesn’t gives any input and just vomits everything in front of our manager after lunch and when I confront her, she says – “Oh I thought this may impact our office that’s why I wanted the manager to know about it” Girl, Can’t you just keep your cunningness & over smartness at your desk and relax and enjoy your lunch with friends?? Dedh shaani!! Hmpf..


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25 Responses to My frustration is at its peak…

  1. Guess, we cannot do without them in lives and such remarks do get to us. It is frustrating, I know. Just ignore and be yourself.

  2. greenboochi says:

    Dont even get me started on ths baby thingy.. it irks me so much – as if its everyone’s business.

    And your real friends should never taunt you for not calling. They should understand. I get so bugged if someone called and kept on going about how I dont call them at all. Next time, I deliberately make sure I dont call them.

    And friends with babies – I have experienced that too. All they talk about is their baby. Sometimes I think they have no one to talk to or to vent out their feelings that they do this.

    Errr.. your colleague really did that?! Yikes. Talking behind your back is one thing, this is even worse than that.

  3. Smita says:

    I just couldn’t help laughing at “Dedh Shaani” 😀

    Well good that you have taken out the frustration!!! This baby business is something that is beyond me. Why can people not leave others in peace is beyond me… does change after you have a baby but then one should learn to balance everything and most importantly it is totally unnecessary to stress on same things again & again. But if people start understanding these things won’t life be too easy??? 🙂 So chill!! When someone says something that you don’t want to hear just zone out…..count mentally till they are done & then smile and move ahead 🙂


    • haan bilkul sahi.. exactly what I am trying to say..
      If one person says something, I can ignore & zone out but when this comes from too many people every other day it becomes so frustrating Smita 😦

  4. Thisisme says:

    arre baap re!! now that was some ranting there !!


    we are all entitled to it and i so understand ur frustation!
    yeh babies wale friends bahut irrirtating hote hai! u know i m in my 30s n not married yet and i have friends who have kids, and they behave as if life has gone completely differnt. they wont pick up fones for days together and blame it all on the baby and i m supposed to be all-understanding…which i even pretend to! coz i dont really have a choice!

    ah..about the good news..its babies for me..n its marriage for me..every1 asks me..shaadi kab kar rahe the i bluntly answer..i m not interested in marriage..kthanxbye :P!! that shocks n shuts them up also..n then i talk about cool n independent my life is..jyst to make them jealous!! i do wanna get married n have kids n all that..but i dont want these stupid comments n jibes!

    n that chugalkhor in office…aiso se bachkar rehna :))))
    whew..look at my comment..sooo longgggg!!

  5. Jazz says:

    The most annoying are your friends, I feel angry reading how they are passing comments, that birthday party one was so rude, next time don’t keep mum TP, say something effective.

  6. Bikramjit says:

    oh yesssss, the first one.. Anyone i call in india .. they all have the same .. “You called after a long time”.. I mean its me calling , you never even CALLED…

    🙂 and new clothes you should say “NO , I wore this yesterday too, DID you not see “.. each time , that person will soon shutup ..

    and now calm down and chill.. weekend is here 🙂

  7. You are getting questions from people for the good news. Here I get similar questions from desi gang asking when is Chcuky getting a sibling. They don’t even ask if we are Lungi dance!
    On you friend who is a new mom, I think all new moms even dads go through that where they feel their kids are divas. R and I used to talk a lot abt Chucky, later we realized others may not enjoy it as much as we do. So these days we talk abt her only when asked 🙂

    R and I were not invited for several kids parties before Chucky days and we used to feel bad. Because we both love kids and look forward to meet them.

    That friend is mean to talk to baby like that. What are they teaching their kids at young age. C’mon you cannot meet or talk to all your friends on daily basis . You have a life of your own. Ignore such people TP, you will be much better without such friends.

    • That’s what I don’t understand Lifi, inst it a “couple’s choice” when they want to have a child??
      LOL on Lungi dance!!
      Ok, I understand that all new parents go through that phase where their focus in on their baby only but why to forget the relationships that they had with their friends before baby? I, as a friend, feel ignored, neglected & at some point of time I also feel “used” by my friends. Maybe its just my frustration & this will change.. Its not that I don’t like kids or I don’t want to talk about them but there were other topics as well on which we used to talk before kids..
      🙂 🙂

  8. Devi says:

    Hello.. Been following your blog for a while and love ur posts.. Thought of commenting since i cud so much relate to your post today.

  9. Neeli says:

    awwwwwwwwwwww… i understand ur irritation TP.. calm down.. people are too good to give free ka gyan to others.. chilll maaro n dont pay heed to their nonsense talks.. 🙂

  10. Dedh Shane log… Keep calm TP. 🙂

  11. Monkey Mind says:

    Big big hugs TPPL! Regarding the ‘good news’ wala part- it never stops dear. I face it for marriage; you face it for baby; someone with a baby might face it for second baby and someone much older might be facing it for a house or their child’s marriage.
    I guess the best is to try and not take it to heart and mull over it. It does us no good and we end up being irritated 🙂

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