Life Update!!

Hello.. hello everybody!! How are you guys? Looong time, no see… ehh? I can’t believe it’s been more than a year since I last blogged. After a long, long time I have got some spare time on hand and I thought there is no better way to utilize this time than blogging and updating you guys on what’s going on. Lots and lots has happened, I will try to jot it down briefly so that this post is not very long and tiring to read.

  • My son, what do I call him on the blog? Lolu? That’s what his maasi calls him. Hehehe..yaa I think Lolu is a good name, any other suggestion, please let me know. He has grown into a beautiful 18 months old toddler, with big curly hair, big twinkling eyes with long eyelashes, his beautiful smile showing his front 8 teeth. When we look at him, PK & I still cannot believe that we have made this beautiful little boy. He has started speaking one letter words like Mumma, Paapa, Milk, Horse, Light, More, Peas, Peach, Nana for Banana and he can make all animal sounds. You name the animal and he will make the sound. I think horse is his favourite animal. He loves reading books, He LOVES dancing. He loves our family meal times. He eats almost everything but I think fish and eggs are his least favourite while pasta, spaghetti, peas and any rice and curry are his favourites. Going out for dinners has become so easy now that he eats on his own and can eat mostly everything that we order, be it in any Thai restaurant, Italian or Indian. His hugs are the best. When he puts his arms around my neck and says hugggg, it melts my heart, it is the warmest hug I have ever got. His kisses are so precious.. He has now started expressing his love through hugs & kisses. ahh now I am tearing up already, that’s why I don’t want to write about him. No words are enough to describe these feelings and what I feel for him. I would rather put a picture of him for you all.



  • I think you all know that my Mum was here for Lolu’s birth. After 3 months, my dad, my brother and my sister also came here for a month. We had the best time of our lives. I might write more on this later.


  • After few months, We went to India for holidays and to introduce Lolu to our family members. PK stayed for 4 weeks and I extended my stay for couple more months. Before going to India, the fights between me & MIL were sorted, she apologized and accepted her mistakes. The long phase of not talking to each other which started even before my pregnancy till Lolu was few months old was over. India trip was as always lot of fun, seeing Lolu play with my family was the best sight ever. Also, attended one of my cousins wedding but missed PK a lot as he was not able to attend this wedding.


  • After returning from India, in couple of months, my sister – the one who is married, came to Sydney for holidays with her husband. Ahh, the fun times that we had. This was like the first time after my marriage, we sisters got to spend a lot of time with each other. The late night gossip sessions, cooking new dishes together, showing her the places where I have been to, Lolu had become like her own son, he wanted to eat same thing that his maasi is eating, he wants tea if maasi is having tea, he will go and jump in her lap and make funny faces with her. Lolu and his maasi are still connected with each other through skype sessions.


  • After she left, I was feeling very lonely. I spend whole of my maternity leave with my family. I had such an awesome time. The reality started hitting now. Somewhere in my heart, I was feeling unhappy. Unhappy about being lonely, unhappy because it was time to start Lolu’s childcare, unhappy because I had to return to work, unhappy because I will not get to spend whole day with Lolu. But I couldn’t delay these things. I was preparing myself to be mentally strong. Also, I decided to invite in-laws here, to give us all second chance, MIL had been hinting that they wanted to see our house & wanted to spend time with Lolu. They happily accepted the invite and they were here in 3 weeks just after my sister had left.


  • Lolu started his childcare on 25th July, when he had just turned 15 months old. It was difficult phase for him and for me too. I returned to work in the middle of August, went for couple of days and then Lolu fell sick with Gastro & ear infection back to back so I was on leave again for few days. MIL got severe leg pain as soon as she landed here, she was bedridden not even able to walk to use the bathroom. I was juggling between getting back to working schedule, Lolu’s childcare& his health, taking care of MIL’s leg pain, cooking and cleaning for them and trying to come out of the guilt of how bad mom I was, leaving my little child in childcare & making him sick. As if this all was not enough, I was made redundant from my workplace. I started looking for another job. The In-Laws decided to go back to India as MIL was not recovering well & she was not able to bear the cold here. Their plan was to stay for a year atleast but they went back in a month only. It was sad but because there were a lot of things going on, we also thought that was the right thing to do in this situation.


  • Meanwhile I also took my driving seriously. VERY seriously!! I should write a whole post on how I got my license!! I am bit embarrassed to say this but I took more than 30 driving lessons and only cleared the test in 5th Beat that!!! As if this was not expensive enough, I used Ubers & Taxis to pick up Lolu from childcare for whole of that month. Someone should give me an award for wasting money like this!! Ah well, now I have got a full license, I am able to pick up Lolu on time, so the money wasted on taxis or the sleep time lost during weekends for my driving lessons is all worth it.


  • .in a month or so I found a new job, which is where I am sitting right now & typing this post away. People here are nice, my role & pay is good, biggest plus point is that it’s closer to home so I can pick up Lolu early in the evenings. Lolu has started loving his childcare & his caretakers. He enjoys his painting, colouring, reading, dancing, playing in sands-pit, playdough activities there. PK is also doing well at his work place. Household chores also have become bit easy. We have started calling cleaners every 3 weeks for our house cleaning & giving PK’s formal wear to the laundary for ironing. We cook 4-5 types of sabji/curries/sauces on Sunday evenings so that our weekday dinners quick and easy to prepare. So, all in all, we all are in good space right now, touchwood.


Please do comment and update me on how you are doing, I do read blogs whenever I get time but haven’t commented in long long time.


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It’s a boy for TP and PK :-)

Announcing arrival of our little prince, on 25th April 2015 at 3.43 pm. 

Bub is doing well. PK and I are stoked.

Sharing his just born clicks😊

PS: Sorry for not updating this space since last few weeks. Thank you for all your emails and messages. 

Last few weeks of pregnancy were really hard. It was impossible to think about anything else than baby and my health but now, when I look at this precious little thing smiling in my lap, I forget about those hard days. 

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Day 14 – Happiness is…

…. when your colleagues go and buy Aloo parathas and minted yoghurt for you during lunch break. I was very hungry but very tired to walk to the food court and also very busy with work at the same time.

….eating Cornetto ice-cream cone with PK while walking to the car park after returning from work. I felt like a small kid with bag-pack, eating ice-cream & walking to her home 🙂

….finally been able to cook dinner with proper salt & spice last night. Since last 2-3 evenings I was cooking disasters for dinner. Some dishes with lot of salt and some with lot of green chillies. We ended up eating cornflakes for those 2 nights. I dont know what has happened to my spice judgement level.

….finally be able to eat proper dinner rather than eating cornflakes and going to sleep. Poori and Aloo ki sabji was on the menu last night 🙂

….when for the first time husband agrees to take that one person’s leftover dinner for lunch next day. Usually if it is leftovers for one person only, he forces me to take it for lunch and I feel guilty eating that. But today for the first time he took that Poori-Sabji for lunch. Small thing but I am feeling very happy for him.

….seeing the husband at his happiest. After his studies PK bought a house in India and VERY VERY proudly I would like to share this news with you all that that bunglow is now loan free. PK’s one of the major goals achieved 🙂

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Day 13 – Just like My Mum & Dad…

I don’t think I have eaten that many parathas during my entire life before pregnancy as many as I have eaten during my pregnancy till now.. Mostly every evening after work PK has kneaded the dough and made hot-hot parathas for me. With little bit ghee on top, just like how my Mum would have made for me.

With the last paratha, he sometimes prepares the sugar, ghee roll just like how my Mum would have made for me. (We eat half-half of that roll)

It was hard to carry my heavy handbag to work that is filled with umbrella, wallet, keys, lunch, snacks, coconut water, chocolate milk, plain water etc so PK bought me a bag-pack so that I can walk comfortably with my growing belly. Just like how my Dad bought me new school bag with broad shoulder straps when he saw my bag was overloaded with books and stuff 🙂

Sometimes PK gives me head massage. He sitting on the sofa, me sitting down on the floor and enjoying the oil-maalish. aah such a bliss. Just like how my Mum used to do it every Sunday evening for me. Sometimes, when I open my eyes after oil massage, I feel that when I will turn around I will see my Mum sitting behind me, giving me empty bowl of oil which she used to warm up the oil..

I had this craving to eat vegetable grilled sandwich last weekend. Although it was raining very heavily, PK drove me to the Indian restaurant 45 minutes far from our place. Same like how my Dad would have done. He also cannot say No. I ordered what I was craving – noodles and sandwich and faluda. Although I was happy to share with him, I asked him to order something that he would like to eat, we have came so far for Indian fast food, I was sure he would also like to order something special for him. But he, same like my dad, was happy to order, pay and bring plates, tissues, water etc but he did not wanted to order for himself. “No.. no.. you eat, I dont want to eat anything” Pk said this and ate few bites from my each plate!! Same.. Ditto like Dad!!

When I scratch myself because of itchines, PK asks me to not to scratch but slowly pat the hands on effected area so that I dont get rashes. When I am not able to stop scratching myself with my nails, he moves my hands away and he starts rubbing my feet & hands slowly. Same to same.. Ditto like how my Mum used to do it for me when I got skin infection during school times. When I told this to PK, he started laughing and then started talking to me like how my Mum talks to me. Calling me by same name as my Mum calls me. This guy.. I tell you!!! 😀

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Day 12 – Positives of being awake at night

Of course I don’t like to stay awake at night but I have no choice left with all these symptoms. So that PK’s sleep is not disturbed, I come to the living room and lie down on the lounge. I feel comfortable resting there. While I am relaxing –

  1. I read all the blogs. Everytime I refresh wordpress reader on my phone I get to read a new post. Thanks to the blogathon 🙂 Sorry I don’t comment but I do read all the posts. Sachi…
  2. Everyone in India is free at that time as its night time in India. So I get to whatsapp with my sister and friends.
  3. My cousin’s wedding is coming up next month so I get all the updates from family regarding their shopping and preparations.
  4. I get to see daily soaps on TV without any disturbance from PK 😛
  5. I get to do google research on PK’s kidney stone and my pregnancy symptoms. Google baba ki jai ho!!
  6. I check out all the sales going on on baby stuff, become aware of their prices, make list of what we will need to buy and what we can hold on buying for few months.
  7. Do research on my Parent’s visa.
  8. Of course PK can sleep peacefully knowing his wife is awake, lights are on and there are no chances of robbery 😀 😀
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Day 11 – Zombie state

I am literally living in a Zombie state since last 2-3 weeks. The reasons are plenty.

  1. Sleepless nights
  2. Acid reflux
  3. Trip to bathroom every 5 minutes
  4. Terrible Itchiness
  5. Hungry in the middle of night

All the reasons are inter-related. When I go to bed I get acid-reflux, even if I have eaten my dinner 3 hours ago. It burns my throat horribly. I sip on some water. The reflux goes down. I then try to sleep on couple of pillows to keep my head elevated so that the reflux doesn’t comes up again but it does!! Again I sip some water.

Now that I am drinking water every 2 minutes to settle down the reflux, I go to the bathroom also, every 2 minutes. I come back from bathroom, drink water and again go back to the bathroom. This cycle just goes on and on. I try to go to sleep, ignoring the urge to go to the loo but as soon as I make myself comfortable on bed I feel pressure on my bladder. Why? Because baby has started kicking on my bladder, sometimes on my cervix!! Yesterday on ultrasound we saw the baby, he/she was doing handstand!! Literally, the doctor said babies hands are down and head up!! Tell me how I will not run to the bathroom every 2 minutes when he/she is dancing on my bladder!! 🙂

Then, after all this exercise for couple of hours, I feel so tired, I start feeling sleepy. I sleep for maybe an hour or so and then around 3.00 PM I wake up again because of hunger. I go to the kitchen, eat some oats or leftover dinner or drink some milk, come back to the room. Again bathroom trip and before I go back to sleep I start feeling itchy. Terribly itchy on my hands & legs. Doctor & my blood results are saying I have Obstetric Cholestasis and hence this itchiness. Will have to start medication soon.

I apply calamine lotion on my body to calm down the itchiness and then try to go to sleep again. Before I even go into deep sleep, its time to wake up to get ready for work.

And this is why I am in Zombie state literally whole day!!

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Day 10 – A pic to treasure

Couldn’t stop myself from sharing this pic here. My 87 years old Dadaji enjoying my favorite dish. He never eats chaats outside (he prefers home-made chaats only) and that too from a laari-wala and on top of that in full winters. I am amazed to see him literally standing in front of Pani-puri stall with paper plate in his hands 😀 I remember we had to drive far away from home and showroom to eat Panipuri from laari wala so that he doesn’t find us eating on the roadside 🙂


Now I am missing him so much!!

PS: Just came to know from the sister, The pic is from yesterday when the panipuri wala was called at our home after Uttarayan celebration. This is our ground floor usually used for parking.

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Day 9 – Volleyball with Visha

Rules of the tag:

  1. Answer all the questions. No ‘pass’ or ‘no idea’ type of answers.
  2. No cursing Visha if you found the tag to be difficult while attempting.

Here is the tag –

List all the ingredients which went into making the most interesting dish you ate today.

Potatoes, Fenugreek leaves, tomatoes, salt, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, coriander powder, green chilli and ofcourse oil. I am sure everyone will guess which dish I am talking about 🙂

What is the current wallpaper of your laptop/phone/tablet?

Me at the beach, the picture is atleast 3 years old. I am looking so slim in that pic 😦

How do you wear your hair when at home?

In a pony tail. If I am going to wash my hair next day then up in a fountain.

When you visit any restaurant, what is the first thing you search for, in the menu?

Chaat options if it is an Indian restaurant 😛 😛 😛
If it is Non-Indian restaurant I check how many vegetarian options thay have!!

What is the advertisement from your childhood that you recall even today?

Lizzat Papad ad with rabbit.. cadbury dairy milk girl running in cricket stadium.. and Nirma – Doodh ki safedi Nirma se aaye, rangeen kapda bhi khil khil jaaye 😀

Have you implemented a beauty tip/hack which you were told to, and been mortified by the results?

I can just remember of this worst experience in my life. I had just stepped into my teens at that time and wanted to start waxing arms and legs but my Mum did not allowed me to. A very close friend of mine told me about this soap that I can buy from medical shop which helps in removing hair from your body. I secretly bought that soap and I still remember the guy giving me weird look when I was buying that soap. Next morning, I used that soap, that small green colour soap(eew) and sat in the bathroom for 15 minutes waiting for that soap to work. My sister knocked the door from outside asking what I am doing as she can smell something weird from the bathroom. I hushed her away. She went and called Mum. The soap actually burnt my hair without giving me pain but leaving the bathroom stinking very badly. After that everyone who passed near the bathroom would ask, what is this smell? Mum scolded me for using weird products without asking her and then threw that soap away 😦

At your home, where do the newspapers find themselves to be the most useful?

We dont buy newspaper here, sometimes if PK buys on the weekend or if we get any magazines from Indian store, we let them sit on dining table for few days and then they go in recycle bin.

During a visit to any mall, what do you find yourself searching first?

Shops with big “Sale” sign 😀

This tag is over now. Explain your state of mind.

Satisfied that at least I managed to get one post ready. Happy that questions were interesting.

Thank you Visha for preparing this awesome tag and thank you Bingo’s Mum for requesting people to create a tag, now if only we all get to read answers to these questions from Visha!!

Likhegi kya Visha?? :-/

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Day 8 – Last Wednesday…

…again PK woke up at around 6.00 AM and complained about pain. He took his usual painkillers and waited for the pain to subside. After about 45 minutes, the pain instead of reducing, kept on increasing. Again he couldn’t stand, he couldn’t lie down, he couldn’t walk, he took another dose of painkillers but still the pain wouldn’t go away. Meanwhile I showered and got ready for work thinking as like before his pain will subside. It was almost couple of hours and pain had increased a lot. So, we took him to the emergency, informed my and his work that we won’t be able to come in. He was okay in the car but as soon as we reached the hospital, he again started crying and this time it was very bitter cry.

The nurse took him in immediately unlike before when I had to scream my lungs out to call the doctor. While the nurse was checking his blood pressure, PK started bawling in pain, his eyes had gone all red, he was requesting the nurse to give him something immediately. He was given painkillers and 3 doses of morphine injections, that’s when the pain subsided and he felt asleep. We were then moved to short stay unit and they were monitoring PK that whole day. Every time they asked PK how much was pain out of ten, he would say 4 or 5. Finally late evening he said his pain was now 2 out of 10 and that’s when they asked us to go home and rest. He has CT Kub next week Monday and Urologist appointment after that. I am praying his stone comes out naturally before that.

This morning as well he felt the pain again but the painkiller worked and he is at work now. I am not able to concentrate on my work today, after every few minutes I think of him and text him to check if he is alright. As I am typing this, he just sent me text saying he is going home as he is not feeling too well.

I have few topics to write on during this blogathon, in fact I have made a small list on my notes but current situation at my home is not helping in posting every day. I will try to finish 31 posts this month but cannot promise if I will be able to post every day.

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Day 7 – That painful stone!!

About three weeks ago, at about 10.30 at night, I saw PK holding his back and walking back & forth in our bed-room. We had just gone to sleep about an hour ago and just a couple of minutes ago I saw him going to the bathroom, I thought he will go back to sleep but he was still walking in the room. On asking, he said he is feeling pain in his back and stomach. I thought it must be acidity or gas. In couple of minutes I saw him sitting down on the floor in pain saying the pain is unbearable. I jumped out of the bed and started applying ointment on his back but he dint let me do that. I tried to help him to move to the bed to lie down but he couldn’t stand up. I panicked a lot, I had no idea what was happening to him, I have never seen him like this before. I thought of calling ambulance but as I checked the time, I thought our neighbor/friends must be still awake.

I called neighbor bhaiya and asked him to take out the car and drive us to emergency hospital. I still dont know how I changed my clothes, took keys for home, took my and PK’s wallet, helped PK change his clothes, all in 1 minute and rushed outside to open the door so that bhaiya can help me in supporting PK to walk to the car. The hospital is just 10-15 minutes away but seemed like 10 hours of drive. Here I was getting scared having all negative thoughts. Here PK had started crying in the car, sometimes feeling unconscious. I was praying and chanting Gayatri Mantra all the way to the hospital, wiping PK and my tears.

In the hospital, at the window, I had no patience and here the nurse just took PK’s name and asked us to wait. I was like – You have to call the doctor RIGHT NOW!! That idiot nurse saw PK rolling on the floor due to pain and asked me to ask him to sit on the chair. That was the time I lost my control, it was like something happened to me and I literally screamed at her – CAN’T YOU SEE HE IS IN PAIN, HE CANNOT SIT, HE CANNOT STAND, CALL THE DOCTOR RIGHT NOW, LIKE RIGHT NOW. DO YOU UNDERSTAND??? RIGHT NOW!!! My volume was hitting skies!!

Still I waited for couple of minutes to get water for PK from vending machine but what do you know, the machine was not working!! I was ready to bang their door if they would not have called us inside. Luckily they took us in and checked PK. With PK’s description of his pain, they understood it was kidney stone. He was given morphine injection immediately and given painkillers. The pain subsided very quickly due to very strong drugs and PK had fallen asleep. I was waiting there and thanking God and neighbor bhaiya. The blood & urine results also confirmed PK’s Kidney stone. At 3.00 AM, early morning, the doctor told us we can go home and get CT Scan done next morning.

PK was perfectly fine at that time, like nothing has happened. We came out of the hospital, looked for taxi but there was none. We walked a little bit to find taxi. While walking with PK’s reports in my one hand and holding PK’s hand with another, on the dark streets, I was thinking what a night we had.. when we slept we had no idea we will wake up to this nightmare, Life is so uncertain. Anything can happen, anytime.

PK did got pain again a couple of times during holidays but with just one painkiller the pain would go away. Until this Wednesday, when it happened again!!

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