Life Update!!

Hello.. hello everybody!! How are you guys? Looong time, no see… ehh? I can’t believe it’s been more than a year since I last blogged. After a long, long time I have got some spare time on hand and I thought there is no better way to utilize this time than blogging and updating you guys on what’s going on. Lots and lots has happened, I will try to jot it down briefly so that this post is not very long and tiring to read.

  • My son, what do I call him on the blog? Lolu? That’s what his maasi calls him. Hehehe..yaa I think Lolu is a good name, any other suggestion, please let me know. He has grown into a beautiful 18 months old toddler, with big curly hair, big twinkling eyes with long eyelashes, his beautiful smile showing his front 8 teeth. When we look at him, PK & I still cannot believe that we have made this beautiful little boy. He has started speaking one letter words like Mumma, Paapa, Milk, Horse, Light, More, Peas, Peach, Nana for Banana and he can make all animal sounds. You name the animal and he will make the sound. I think horse is his favourite animal. He loves reading books, He LOVES dancing. He loves our family meal times. He eats almost everything but I think fish and eggs are his least favourite while pasta, spaghetti, peas and any rice and curry are his favourites. Going out for dinners has become so easy now that he eats on his own and can eat mostly everything that we order, be it in any Thai restaurant, Italian or Indian. His hugs are the best. When he puts his arms around my neck and says hugggg, it melts my heart, it is the warmest hug I have ever got. His kisses are so precious.. He has now started expressing his love through hugs & kisses. ahh now I am tearing up already, that’s why I don’t want to write about him. No words are enough to describe these feelings and what I feel for him. I would rather put a picture of him for you all.



  • I think you all know that my Mum was here for Lolu’s birth. After 3 months, my dad, my brother and my sister also came here for a month. We had the best time of our lives. I might write more on this later.


  • After few months, We went to India for holidays and to introduce Lolu to our family members. PK stayed for 4 weeks and I extended my stay for couple more months. Before going to India, the fights between me & MIL were sorted, she apologized and accepted her mistakes. The long phase of not talking to each other which started even before my pregnancy till Lolu was few months old was over. India trip was as always lot of fun, seeing Lolu play with my family was the best sight ever. Also, attended one of my cousins wedding but missed PK a lot as he was not able to attend this wedding.


  • After returning from India, in couple of months, my sister – the one who is married, came to Sydney for holidays with her husband. Ahh, the fun times that we had. This was like the first time after my marriage, we sisters got to spend a lot of time with each other. The late night gossip sessions, cooking new dishes together, showing her the places where I have been to, Lolu had become like her own son, he wanted to eat same thing that his maasi is eating, he wants tea if maasi is having tea, he will go and jump in her lap and make funny faces with her. Lolu and his maasi are still connected with each other through skype sessions.


  • After she left, I was feeling very lonely. I spend whole of my maternity leave with my family. I had such an awesome time. The reality started hitting now. Somewhere in my heart, I was feeling unhappy. Unhappy about being lonely, unhappy because it was time to start Lolu’s childcare, unhappy because I had to return to work, unhappy because I will not get to spend whole day with Lolu. But I couldn’t delay these things. I was preparing myself to be mentally strong. Also, I decided to invite in-laws here, to give us all second chance, MIL had been hinting that they wanted to see our house & wanted to spend time with Lolu. They happily accepted the invite and they were here in 3 weeks just after my sister had left.


  • Lolu started his childcare on 25th July, when he had just turned 15 months old. It was difficult phase for him and for me too. I returned to work in the middle of August, went for couple of days and then Lolu fell sick with Gastro & ear infection back to back so I was on leave again for few days. MIL got severe leg pain as soon as she landed here, she was bedridden not even able to walk to use the bathroom. I was juggling between getting back to working schedule, Lolu’s childcare& his health, taking care of MIL’s leg pain, cooking and cleaning for them and trying to come out of the guilt of how bad mom I was, leaving my little child in childcare & making him sick. As if this all was not enough, I was made redundant from my workplace. I started looking for another job. The In-Laws decided to go back to India as MIL was not recovering well & she was not able to bear the cold here. Their plan was to stay for a year atleast but they went back in a month only. It was sad but because there were a lot of things going on, we also thought that was the right thing to do in this situation.


  • Meanwhile I also took my driving seriously. VERY seriously!! I should write a whole post on how I got my license!! I am bit embarrassed to say this but I took more than 30 driving lessons and only cleared the test in 5th Beat that!!! As if this was not expensive enough, I used Ubers & Taxis to pick up Lolu from childcare for whole of that month. Someone should give me an award for wasting money like this!! Ah well, now I have got a full license, I am able to pick up Lolu on time, so the money wasted on taxis or the sleep time lost during weekends for my driving lessons is all worth it.


  • .in a month or so I found a new job, which is where I am sitting right now & typing this post away. People here are nice, my role & pay is good, biggest plus point is that it’s closer to home so I can pick up Lolu early in the evenings. Lolu has started loving his childcare & his caretakers. He enjoys his painting, colouring, reading, dancing, playing in sands-pit, playdough activities there. PK is also doing well at his work place. Household chores also have become bit easy. We have started calling cleaners every 3 weeks for our house cleaning & giving PK’s formal wear to the laundary for ironing. We cook 4-5 types of sabji/curries/sauces on Sunday evenings so that our weekday dinners quick and easy to prepare. So, all in all, we all are in good space right now, touchwood.


Please do comment and update me on how you are doing, I do read blogs whenever I get time but haven’t commented in long long time.


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19 Responses to Life Update!!

  1. shiviphoenix says:

    Sooooooooo good to see you… I’m was delighted when I saw your post in my reader.. welcome back… I must say, lolu is adorable.. such a cutie pie.. muaah.. seeing him makes me to recall the time when I used to read your post about your pregnancy and here is lolu.. 18 months old… Time flies.. it does.. loads of love to lolu… God bless you and your cute lil family..

  2. Glad that things worked out between you and MIL plus on the job front. Lolu is so cute and your post on him warmed the heart, showering love on your baby boy:)

  3. Hi TP !! It’s so nice to read about all the good updates after such a long gap … Lolu is gorgeous!! Love his bright eyes and curly hair 😘😘!! I’m so glad you are in a nice happy and content space right now… Touchwood indeed !! Keep writing!!

  4. anisnest says:

    Welcome back TDPL.. Lolu looks damn cute.. Like you mentioned his eyes and curly hair are very attractive.. Glad to hear that you have sorted out your daily schedule.. It needs a lot of planning and prep work.. Keep writing more..

  5. Jennifer says:

    OMG look who is back I cant express my feeling as how happy I am to see you back.
    Lolu is indeed a handsome kid 🙂 lots of love and hugs….

  6. Sonja says:

    welcome back! glad to know that’s you’re doing well 🙂

  7. Garima says:

    Hey tp so good to see you back…i frequently bisit your blog and pk’s for new post and here you are with so many updates…. ur kiddo is really sweet ,loads of muah to him and big hi fi to u and ur mil for the patch up..good going tp

    • Aww that’s so nice of you.. I will come and update this space whenever I will get chance but PK.. I don’t know when he will write next..I will remind him tonight hehehehe
      Thank you for lovely comment. Hope you are doing good 🙂

  8. Smita says:

    I was bloghopping and saw a blog name which reminded me of your blog so decided to visit this space expecting no updates but was pleasantly surprised.

    Good to see updates from you and glad to know that you and your in law are in a better space right now. *touchwood*

    You son is too cute, pass on a kiss to him from me 🙂

  9. Sadhuvi says:

    Welcome back !!!! I have been reading your blog since you started and I love the way you write…..Lolu is so cute…

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