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Dus baatein :-)

1) PK has invented 2 new types of kisses. Pea kiss and Potato kiss. Pea kiss – small, quick 1 second kiss, when you are in hurry or when there are people around you. Potato kiss – loud, long kiss … Continue reading

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Few recipes – On public demand :-)

Cream Toast – Until I got married, I have always eaten this toast made by my Mum but now I have to make it myself. The kind of emotional person that I am, I get teary eyed every time I … Continue reading

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Happiness is……

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What happened after I published my last post?

Nothing. I went to the kitchen, took my sandwich, went to the living area, took the sandwich that PK rejected before having his own made sandwiches, went to the bedroom, took a first bite of sandwich and started crying. Yes, … Continue reading

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The No-Talk Friday

This is my first post that I am typing from my mobile. I just had to. Dil jo halka karna hai!!! I am in my bedroom and PK is enjoying his Better Homes and Gardens serial on TV in the … Continue reading

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Whenever PK takes the charge of cooking dinner he becomes over-excited. For example:1) When he prepares any curry or even Mix Veg. rice he adds whole spices like cinnamon stick, whole black pepper corn, cloves etc in them to add … Continue reading

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