Day 9 – Volleyball with Visha

Rules of the tag:

  1. Answer all the questions. No ‘pass’ or ‘no idea’ type of answers.
  2. No cursing Visha if you found the tag to be difficult while attempting.

Here is the tag –

List all the ingredients which went into making the most interesting dish you ate today.

Potatoes, Fenugreek leaves, tomatoes, salt, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, coriander powder, green chilli and ofcourse oil. I am sure everyone will guess which dish I am talking about 🙂

What is the current wallpaper of your laptop/phone/tablet?

Me at the beach, the picture is atleast 3 years old. I am looking so slim in that pic 😦

How do you wear your hair when at home?

In a pony tail. If I am going to wash my hair next day then up in a fountain.

When you visit any restaurant, what is the first thing you search for, in the menu?

Chaat options if it is an Indian restaurant 😛 😛 😛
If it is Non-Indian restaurant I check how many vegetarian options thay have!!

What is the advertisement from your childhood that you recall even today?

Lizzat Papad ad with rabbit.. cadbury dairy milk girl running in cricket stadium.. and Nirma – Doodh ki safedi Nirma se aaye, rangeen kapda bhi khil khil jaaye 😀

Have you implemented a beauty tip/hack which you were told to, and been mortified by the results?

I can just remember of this worst experience in my life. I had just stepped into my teens at that time and wanted to start waxing arms and legs but my Mum did not allowed me to. A very close friend of mine told me about this soap that I can buy from medical shop which helps in removing hair from your body. I secretly bought that soap and I still remember the guy giving me weird look when I was buying that soap. Next morning, I used that soap, that small green colour soap(eew) and sat in the bathroom for 15 minutes waiting for that soap to work. My sister knocked the door from outside asking what I am doing as she can smell something weird from the bathroom. I hushed her away. She went and called Mum. The soap actually burnt my hair without giving me pain but leaving the bathroom stinking very badly. After that everyone who passed near the bathroom would ask, what is this smell? Mum scolded me for using weird products without asking her and then threw that soap away 😦

At your home, where do the newspapers find themselves to be the most useful?

We dont buy newspaper here, sometimes if PK buys on the weekend or if we get any magazines from Indian store, we let them sit on dining table for few days and then they go in recycle bin.

During a visit to any mall, what do you find yourself searching first?

Shops with big “Sale” sign 😀

This tag is over now. Explain your state of mind.

Satisfied that at least I managed to get one post ready. Happy that questions were interesting.

Thank you Visha for preparing this awesome tag and thank you Bingo’s Mum for requesting people to create a tag, now if only we all get to read answers to these questions from Visha!!

Likhegi kya Visha?? :-/

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Day 8 – Last Wednesday…

…again PK woke up at around 6.00 AM and complained about pain. He took his usual painkillers and waited for the pain to subside. After about 45 minutes, the pain instead of reducing, kept on increasing. Again he couldn’t stand, he couldn’t lie down, he couldn’t walk, he took another dose of painkillers but still the pain wouldn’t go away. Meanwhile I showered and got ready for work thinking as like before his pain will subside. It was almost couple of hours and pain had increased a lot. So, we took him to the emergency, informed my and his work that we won’t be able to come in. He was okay in the car but as soon as we reached the hospital, he again started crying and this time it was very bitter cry.

The nurse took him in immediately unlike before when I had to scream my lungs out to call the doctor. While the nurse was checking his blood pressure, PK started bawling in pain, his eyes had gone all red, he was requesting the nurse to give him something immediately. He was given painkillers and 3 doses of morphine injections, that’s when the pain subsided and he felt asleep. We were then moved to short stay unit and they were monitoring PK that whole day. Every time they asked PK how much was pain out of ten, he would say 4 or 5. Finally late evening he said his pain was now 2 out of 10 and that’s when they asked us to go home and rest. He has CT Kub next week Monday and Urologist appointment after that. I am praying his stone comes out naturally before that.

This morning as well he felt the pain again but the painkiller worked and he is at work now. I am not able to concentrate on my work today, after every few minutes I think of him and text him to check if he is alright. As I am typing this, he just sent me text saying he is going home as he is not feeling too well.

I have few topics to write on during this blogathon, in fact I have made a small list on my notes but current situation at my home is not helping in posting every day. I will try to finish 31 posts this month but cannot promise if I will be able to post every day.

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Day 7 – That painful stone!!

About three weeks ago, at about 10.30 at night, I saw PK holding his back and walking back & forth in our bed-room. We had just gone to sleep about an hour ago and just a couple of minutes ago I saw him going to the bathroom, I thought he will go back to sleep but he was still walking in the room. On asking, he said he is feeling pain in his back and stomach. I thought it must be acidity or gas. In couple of minutes I saw him sitting down on the floor in pain saying the pain is unbearable. I jumped out of the bed and started applying ointment on his back but he dint let me do that. I tried to help him to move to the bed to lie down but he couldn’t stand up. I panicked a lot, I had no idea what was happening to him, I have never seen him like this before. I thought of calling ambulance but as I checked the time, I thought our neighbor/friends must be still awake.

I called neighbor bhaiya and asked him to take out the car and drive us to emergency hospital. I still dont know how I changed my clothes, took keys for home, took my and PK’s wallet, helped PK change his clothes, all in 1 minute and rushed outside to open the door so that bhaiya can help me in supporting PK to walk to the car. The hospital is just 10-15 minutes away but seemed like 10 hours of drive. Here I was getting scared having all negative thoughts. Here PK had started crying in the car, sometimes feeling unconscious. I was praying and chanting Gayatri Mantra all the way to the hospital, wiping PK and my tears.

In the hospital, at the window, I had no patience and here the nurse just took PK’s name and asked us to wait. I was like – You have to call the doctor RIGHT NOW!! That idiot nurse saw PK rolling on the floor due to pain and asked me to ask him to sit on the chair. That was the time I lost my control, it was like something happened to me and I literally screamed at her – CAN’T YOU SEE HE IS IN PAIN, HE CANNOT SIT, HE CANNOT STAND, CALL THE DOCTOR RIGHT NOW, LIKE RIGHT NOW. DO YOU UNDERSTAND??? RIGHT NOW!!! My volume was hitting skies!!

Still I waited for couple of minutes to get water for PK from vending machine but what do you know, the machine was not working!! I was ready to bang their door if they would not have called us inside. Luckily they took us in and checked PK. With PK’s description of his pain, they understood it was kidney stone. He was given morphine injection immediately and given painkillers. The pain subsided very quickly due to very strong drugs and PK had fallen asleep. I was waiting there and thanking God and neighbor bhaiya. The blood & urine results also confirmed PK’s Kidney stone. At 3.00 AM, early morning, the doctor told us we can go home and get CT Scan done next morning.

PK was perfectly fine at that time, like nothing has happened. We came out of the hospital, looked for taxi but there was none. We walked a little bit to find taxi. While walking with PK’s reports in my one hand and holding PK’s hand with another, on the dark streets, I was thinking what a night we had.. when we slept we had no idea we will wake up to this nightmare, Life is so uncertain. Anything can happen, anytime.

PK did got pain again a couple of times during holidays but with just one painkiller the pain would go away. Until this Wednesday, when it happened again!!

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Day 6 – Finally they answered our call..

Do you guys remember about our Greek parents here in Australia?? The one who were PK’s neighbors during his University days.. The one who love us just like their son and daughter?? I have written bout them  here and here.

Actually, since we have moved to this new house, we have never got chance to meet them. Its been more than one and half years. Once we had planned also but they cancelled it last minute due to Greek Dad’s unwell health. After that we tried calling them so many times but they never answered our calls. When they don’t answer our phone, I get worried if their health is okay or not. The thing is they have their relatives from Greece living here so every morning they leave for their place, plan outings together and spend their time with them, hence no answering landline and mobile.

Since we were not able to catch hold of them since many months, we called one of PK’s friends to check about them. He is like their another son too. He told us to call them on their mobile but call them using “private number”. It sounded weird to us but yesterday we thought we will give it a try. I rang on their landline, no one answered. Then PK called them on mobile hiding his mobile number, Mummi answered the phone in one ring and asked us to call on their landline again. We both were so surprised.

This time I spoke first, I wanted to share my pregnancy news with her. After the Hi-Hello, first thing she asked – “Tell me, you have some news for me??” I laughed and said yes. And then the conversation started like their was no gap of few months. I love how she keeps saying “I love you” to both me & PK.

Watching PK talking to them is just so priceless. His accent changes to Greek accent. His English changes to the way they speak, like using main words only and not using any grammar in their sentences. He has learned few funny Greek words from them, he makes sure to use them when he is talking with them.

They are coming home tomorrow. I cannot wait to meet them, show them our house and give Greek dad a big giant bear hug. Oh he is so adorable with his big belly and white curly hair. Finishing this post with few sentences from PK & Greek Mummi’s conversation yesterday on phone, try to read in Greek accent.

PK: Ellaa.. Mummi.. (Hello Mummi)
Mummi: Whose this?
PK: Ella Mummi, guess who..
Mummi: hahaha I know whose this.. my cheeky boy (She calls PK cheeky boy as she cannot pronounce his name)
PK: Mummi, where have you been? You no miss me…
Mummi: You son.. Woola(her sister) went to Greece, brother got cancer.. on the neck.. no good.. I go to her place everyday..
PK: Mummi.. we calleth you so manny times.. mobbile.. landline.. saturday..sunday.. you no answer my phone
Mummi: I love you my son..
PK: Sa Ga Po Mummi.. (I love you in Greek)

I will write more after we meet them tomorrow. I am so excited 🙂

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Day 5 – PK & I are not one!!

Since last year, I am not on talking terms with the in-laws but PK is. Of course he will talk with them, they are his parents. He regularly calls them every weekend. I don’t mind him calling them to check on their health and have general conversations. But when the topic changes to “TP and baby” I get very annoyed. Every weekend during their phone talks MIL has to inquire something about me –

“Did you guys went to the doctor after we last spoke? If you go, inform us”
“What does TP likes to eat? If she is eating spicy that means its a boy, if she likes to eat sweet that means its a girl”
“Has TP’s skin colour lightened?? If yes, this means you are having a boy. If TP’s complexion has darkened that means you are having a girl”
“Ask TP to drink coconut water every day, the baby’s complexion will be fair”
“Ask TP not to drink or eat anything cold, its very harmful for the baby”
“Ask TP not to wear any heels”
“What all foods TP is craving to eat?”
“In Australia, they will tell you if its a boy or a girl but you guys don’t ask. We don’t need to know”
“We don’t do any shopping for baby beforehand its not considered good” (indirectly asking us not to do any shopping for baby)
“I am having this intuition that you are having twins!!”
“You don’t know but babies just love me. Our neighbor’s baby runs behind me whenever she sees me, she is crazy for me!!”
“What date TP will go on maternity leave? For how long?”

MIL has considered 3rd date of every month as my pregnancy month completion date as we announced the news on 3rd date. On every 3rd date, she counts – “Ok.. so today 4th month completed, 5th started”

Last weekend, she said the same thing to PK. So now, 5th month completed and 6th started. (Its not correct actually, I am 5 months 2 weeks actually) PK said I dont know, we count in weeks. Ya, ya I know you count in weeks, but I am keeping the track properly in months – said MIL.

Then she asked – When is TP’s Mum coming to Australia? Her whole family is coming or only her Mum? PK said – I don’t know, we will see (“I dont know” is best reply PK gives to her never ending questions). MIL – “How come you dont know yet??” Her tone was like PK knows but he is hiding from them. PK told them that we will check with doctor and let TP’s parents know. MIL – “Ya they will have to buy tickets and do their visa work so decide soon”

Seriously, sometimes all this is too much for me. Why is she taking tension for my parents visa and tickets. I am very very sure that day is not far when she will ask PK who has paid for my parents visa & tickets!!

Some days I just let it go thinking she is concerned. Some days I think maybe she is curious to know about all detailed changes in me hence she asks questions to his son. But some days I get extremely annoyed, I feel like –

1) They are not talking to me, they dint even congratulated me on baby’s news, they dont even want to solve any issues then what are they trying to prove by asking PK all these questions about me??

2) Or they are trying to show me that see even though you are not talking to us, our son is talking with us and he will give all your information to us, whatever we ask him and that too in front of you!! We dont care about you, we only want our son to talk with us and keep giving us all updates about your lives.

3) Sometimes I feel like screaming to PK while he is still on phone that No need to give all information about me to them. I dont know.. sometimes I can ignore them, sometimes I just cannot 😦

The other day also, FIL called PK and said – they need some sign from India house owner’s wife on some documents and since TP is not here, Is it ok if I or your Mummy sign the documents instead of TP as second owner of the house? PK said yes to him as we had no other option. FIL said – Ask TP if she is okay with it. PK replied – “ya ya we dont have any other option now, just sign it”. Usually I dont care about all this stuff, what difference will a sign make?? But for this one I was bit upset with PK. I would have not said no but at least he could have asked me just for the sake of asking and just to show his parents that unlike them he do care for me and that he treats me as equally important as his parents.

I feel like in his parents eyes, PK & I are not one, we are not a team. His parents think and act like PK is more concerned about them and he doesn’t cares as much for me. And that saddens me a lot 😦

Feeling bit lighter typing this out.

PS: I know I am far behind other bloggers in blogathon, I will try and catch up with the posts this weekend. Hopefully.

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Day 4 – Weekend Food Pics

Sorry, I did not got chance to publish this post yesterday. After a lot of cooking, cleaning and preparing for working week, I was so tired that while having dinner I was literally falling off the chair due to sleepiness. I did not even helped PK in cleaning the dining table and winding up the kitchen. Anyways.. I am at work now, not feeling very good here. My very good friend & colleague is gone on maternity leave, I am missing her a lot. Another close friend of mine was made redundant in November. Even though we have other staff in office but I am feeling bit lonely. Luckily I have only 3 months to work now before I go on maternity leave.

Here are the delicacies(lol) that I prepared during the weekend.


Simple cucumber & tomato sandwiches with butter, coriander & mint chutney & chaat masala. Reminded me of sandwiches I used to buy in movie theatres in India 🙂


PK made these lamb cutlets for himself, please excuse the poor presentation. PK was too hungry to wait for me to clean the oil on the plate and then click picture.


While PK was relishing his lamb cutlets, I enjoyed my palak-aloo sabji and rotis.


For the first time in my life, I prepared Dabeli. It turned out pretty good. PK & I bought some leftover dabelis to work today for breakfast 🙂 mmmm… I followed Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipe from YouTube.

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Day 3 – A Saturday well spent

After a very long time, we had a very relaxing yet productive Saturday today. The usual Saturdays after working week are so tiring. Along with house hold chores & grocery shopping there is always one or other gathering which we have to attend which makes the Saturday tiring as hell. I had holidays last week as well, which means I was nicely relaxed. PK worked last whole week but he says whenever he sees me relaxed and in happy mood his all tiredness and tensions disappear.

I woke up at around 5.30 in the morning without any reason. Whatsapp-ed with sister & a friend in India. Ate some leftover Khichdi from last night, tried to wake up PK to accompany me as I was not able to go back to sleep but he couldn’t wake up. After watching making of some bollywood dance numbers I was drifted back to sleep & woke up at 10.30 AM with the smell of hot-hot Methi Theplas & tea that PK was preparing for breakfast. Talking about Khichdi, I don’t know how to get PK to eat Khichdi?? Each and every time I say lets eat Khichdi, he frowns and cancels the plan. Last night I made khichdi jabardasti, I think in our 5.5 years of marriage this was the third time I made khichdi at home!! Thankfully he ate it, no second serving though.


I had to garnish the khichdi with grated paneer so that there is no excuse left for PK to not finish it or not eat it.

Coming back to today, I used my skin polishing cream that I bought from India last year. I know its little too much information but really I never get chance to just sit and scrub my legs for 10 minutes to remove those ugly ingrown hair, forget about skin polishing!! Even now my skin feels so soft and smooth.

We went for grocery shopping later. I was thinking I will have to go to few places to buy whatever I want but luckily I found everything under one roof. From milk, eggs, bread, tissues to veggies like spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, baby carrots to even Indian veggies like Bottle gourd and Bitter gourd. So much time saved ehh?? And guess what, I even went to nearby store and bought 4 maternity formal wear tops!! I love unplanned shopping 😀

After keeping away the groceries and doing little fashion show for PK with all the new bought clothes, PK & I both prepared yummy dinner of Aloo palak, rotis and lamb cutlets for PK. PK’s friends went gaga over his prepared lamb cutlets when  he prepared them during BBQ. Let me know if you want recipe for those lamb cutlets.

We are now watching movie “Happy Ending” such an apt title for our well spent Saturday. So many things we did today, cooking & shopping & little pamper session and not to forget the little gossip time with the neighbor, watering the lawn session with PK, hanging the laundry out etc etc.. yet I am so relaxed, not at all tired. I love days like this.

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