Day 7 – That painful stone!!

About three weeks ago, at about 10.30 at night, I saw PK holding his back and walking back & forth in our bed-room. We had just gone to sleep about an hour ago and just a couple of minutes ago I saw him going to the bathroom, I thought he will go back to sleep but he was still walking in the room. On asking, he said he is feeling pain in his back and stomach. I thought it must be acidity or gas. In couple of minutes I saw him sitting down on the floor in pain saying the pain is unbearable. I jumped out of the bed and started applying ointment on his back but he dint let me do that. I tried to help him to move to the bed to lie down but he couldn’t stand up. I panicked a lot, I had no idea what was happening to him, I have never seen him like this before. I thought of calling ambulance but as I checked the time, I thought our neighbor/friends must be still awake.

I called neighbor bhaiya and asked him to take out the car and drive us to emergency hospital. I still dont know how I changed my clothes, took keys for home, took my and PK’s wallet, helped PK change his clothes, all in 1 minute and rushed outside to open the door so that bhaiya can help me in supporting PK to walk to the car. The hospital is just 10-15 minutes away but seemed like 10 hours of drive. Here I was getting scared having all negative thoughts. Here PK had started crying in the car, sometimes feeling unconscious. I was praying and chanting Gayatri Mantra all the way to the hospital, wiping PK and my tears.

In the hospital, at the window, I had no patience and here the nurse just took PK’s name and asked us to wait. I was like – You have to call the doctor RIGHT NOW!! That idiot nurse saw PK rolling on the floor due to pain and asked me to ask him to sit on the chair. That was the time I lost my control, it was like something happened to me and I literally screamed at her – CAN’T YOU SEE HE IS IN PAIN, HE CANNOT SIT, HE CANNOT STAND, CALL THE DOCTOR RIGHT NOW, LIKE RIGHT NOW. DO YOU UNDERSTAND??? RIGHT NOW!!! My volume was hitting skies!!

Still I waited for couple of minutes to get water for PK from vending machine but what do you know, the machine was not working!! I was ready to bang their door if they would not have called us inside. Luckily they took us in and checked PK. With PK’s description of his pain, they understood it was kidney stone. He was given morphine injection immediately and given painkillers. The pain subsided very quickly due to very strong drugs and PK had fallen asleep. I was waiting there and thanking God and neighbor bhaiya. The blood & urine results also confirmed PK’s Kidney stone. At 3.00 AM, early morning, the doctor told us we can go home and get CT Scan done next morning.

PK was perfectly fine at that time, like nothing has happened. We came out of the hospital, looked for taxi but there was none. We walked a little bit to find taxi. While walking with PK’s reports in my one hand and holding PK’s hand with another, on the dark streets, I was thinking what a night we had.. when we slept we had no idea we will wake up to this nightmare, Life is so uncertain. Anything can happen, anytime.

PK did got pain again a couple of times during holidays but with just one painkiller the pain would go away. Until this Wednesday, when it happened again!!

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8 Responses to Day 7 – That painful stone!!

  1. Deboshree says:

    Anything can indeed happen, anytime.Take care. I am sure things will soon be all right.

  2. Visha says:

    The SIL suffers a lot from kidney stones, time and again…I can so understand your anxiety 😦

  3. Bikramjit says:

    OH NO…

    and hey good you are in OZ here in UK it is a 5 hour PLUS wait in A&E on average .. I really shudder what if i need to go to A&E .

    and on a lighter note morphine is the best thing invented beleive me.. it is bliss especially if one is in pain, I know 🙂

  4. OMG !! I hope he is fine now…. Does he need a surgery ?? Do keep us posted…

  5. A colleague’s husband had stone and he is on medication. Hope PK gets well soon and the force be with you. Some of those idiots lack the faculty uttering such nonsense and they are medical personnel.

  6. aarya says:

    aiyooo…I hope he is well now. I remember my Dad wriggling with pain when I was like 6-7 years old. I remember how my Mom was crying while a doctor checked Papa and how all my neighbors were there and the bhaiyas and didis took us out so that we don’t have to see him like that. I had a shiver down my spine just thinking about it.
    I can relate to what you went through that night. Stay healthy and well, all of you. My wishes.

  7. Ayoo that was crazy Tp. I hope he feels better soon, real soon.

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