Day 6 – Finally they answered our call..

Do you guys remember about our Greek parents here in Australia?? The one who were PK’s neighbors during his University days.. The one who love us just like their son and daughter?? I have written bout them  here and here.

Actually, since we have moved to this new house, we have never got chance to meet them. Its been more than one and half years. Once we had planned also but they cancelled it last minute due to Greek Dad’s unwell health. After that we tried calling them so many times but they never answered our calls. When they don’t answer our phone, I get worried if their health is okay or not. The thing is they have their relatives from Greece living here so every morning they leave for their place, plan outings together and spend their time with them, hence no answering landline and mobile.

Since we were not able to catch hold of them since many months, we called one of PK’s friends to check about them. He is like their another son too. He told us to call them on their mobile but call them using “private number”. It sounded weird to us but yesterday we thought we will give it a try. I rang on their landline, no one answered. Then PK called them on mobile hiding his mobile number, Mummi answered the phone in one ring and asked us to call on their landline again. We both were so surprised.

This time I spoke first, I wanted to share my pregnancy news with her. After the Hi-Hello, first thing she asked – “Tell me, you have some news for me??” I laughed and said yes. And then the conversation started like their was no gap of few months. I love how she keeps saying “I love you” to both me & PK.

Watching PK talking to them is just so priceless. His accent changes to Greek accent. His English changes to the way they speak, like using main words only and not using any grammar in their sentences. He has learned few funny Greek words from them, he makes sure to use them when he is talking with them.

They are coming home tomorrow. I cannot wait to meet them, show them our house and give Greek dad a big giant bear hug. Oh he is so adorable with his big belly and white curly hair. Finishing this post with few sentences from PK & Greek Mummi’s conversation yesterday on phone, try to read in Greek accent.

PK: Ellaa.. Mummi.. (Hello Mummi)
Mummi: Whose this?
PK: Ella Mummi, guess who..
Mummi: hahaha I know whose this.. my cheeky boy (She calls PK cheeky boy as she cannot pronounce his name)
PK: Mummi, where have you been? You no miss me…
Mummi: You son.. Woola(her sister) went to Greece, brother got cancer.. on the neck.. no good.. I go to her place everyday..
PK: Mummi.. we calleth you so manny times.. mobbile.. landline.. saturday..sunday.. you no answer my phone
Mummi: I love you my son..
PK: Sa Ga Po Mummi.. (I love you in Greek)

I will write more after we meet them tomorrow. I am so excited 🙂

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3 Responses to Day 6 – Finally they answered our call..

  1. Deboshree says:

    An absolutely delightful post. Some relationships are amazing in the way they affect and delight us. 🙂

  2. Visha says:

    Waiting to read about the happy times 🙂

  3. Bikramjit says:

    Ah bless.. reading this post makes me nostalgic.
    You both have a good heart be like that always.and god bless. .

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