Family Reactions – Part 2

Next call went to sister1 in Indore. We wanted to call her quickly otherwise my naughty brother would have informed her via whatsapp. It was like a race who will inform the sister1 first. Her first reaction to the news was a very loud – “Arey Wahhhhh!!!!” and both I & PK started laughing. She was complaining to me that even though we chat everyday why I did not inform her before.

Now it was turn to call “The In-laws” Why we dint call them first you must be thinking. The reason is MIL is so impatient if she will know that we haven’t yet informed my parents & we are calling her first – 1) she will call them before we even contact them to show off how they don’t know the big news & they already know before them. 2) She will feel that my parents are less important to me (I know her nature and I don’t want to give her this false impression) 3) Calling her first, even when we are not on talking terms will again give her false impression. So…

We called them and unlike as usual MIL did not answer the phone first, luckily it was FIL who answered the phone which VERY rarely happens. You know.. MIL is the boss, she doesn’t let FIL answer any calls. Even though he is also not talking with me, I was so happy that FIL was the one to get the news first from my in-laws side. Yes, he was happy. Very happy. And soon MIL realized that she is missing out on something big, she took the phone from FIL and asked PK to repeat everything again. She was also very happy, she said – “I was waiting for this news since months. Our prayers have been answered, we don’t mind if the baby is a girl or a boy but we are very happy that God has listened to us” and she started crying, as usual. She then told PK that they will call me but as you all can guess, it’s been over a month since we informed them & they have never called me or congratulated me, not even once. Yes I did receive FIL’s email that started with “Respected Mrs. TP” which feels like an official email or email from some stranger.

One thing that PK told me is that it’s good that they are not calling me, less stress to deal with, which is totally true. But they keep asking all the information regarding me from PK. What does she eat? Anything she likes to eat more? Is she still working? Have you informed TP’s parents? How many times you have seen the doctor up-till now? Is the appointment every 4 weeks? If today is 2nd November that means you will go to the doctor on 2nd December next, correct? Then on 2nd December, at night, PK receives call from MIL which normally doesn’t happen. This is what MIL says when PK asks what happen, what’s the reason for her call? “I couldn’t sleep whole night because of tension thinking today is TP’s doctor appointment, I was tensed if everything will be ok, If the baby will be Ok, what did the doctor say? Is everything ok?? When is your next appointment now? 3rd January? I was so pissed off listening to negative comments that I told PK not to tell her the date for next appointment. PK told her we will make the appointment later so we don’t know when exactly appointment is. I really don’t want anyone having negative thoughts while we are seeing doctor.

From PK’s family no one, literally NO ONE has called us till now. PK was saying probably all his Uncles, Aunties, Maama, Maamis & even Cousins, they all are scared of MIL that if they will call me specially to congratulate me, MIL will be angry with them. Isn’t it funny??

Next call – BIL. He was jumping up & down, he was that happy. He promised us that he will visit us over the weekend but our few weekends after that were so busy that we couldn’t meet him. It was just last week when he came home with sweets to celebrate and we all went to a newly opened South-Indian restaurant for dinner.

While PK was on phone with MIL, FIL & BIL, my Mum had already started calling my Naanaji & Naani, Maamas & Maamis, she went to my 3 Bhabhis who live on different levels in same house to share the news and here PK & my phone started ringing back to back. While we were talking with someone there were calls waiting and phone vibrating on our ears because the family & cousins group were already celebrating on whatsapp.

Bhabhi2 toh started crying saying – “What will you do if you crave for something to eat? Who will make that food for you? You come here for some time, spend time with us, we will take care of you”

Bhabhi1 was dancing while on phone saying – “I am going to become chotti Naani… Naani for the first time in my life”

I could hear my 2 cousins, 9 & 6 years old singing – “Main chotti-chotti maasi ban ne wali hu” and then giggling away.

Other 5 cousins who are now like grown up men of 16 to 19 years with light beards & moustaches were also sending me whatsapp messages saying – Thank you for upgrading our standards, there will be someone to call us Maama. Yay!! We are waiting to meet the baby. PK & I were laughing reading their messages.

PK & I went to sleep with big smile on our faces. We could now feel the real happiness after sharing with the news with our family. Next morning we woke up to very special whatsapp messages & photos from my home & my Naanaji’s home. It was like Diwali celebration at home the previous evening.

Oh I forgot to add my Bhaiya’s reaction. All 3 bhaiyas(Uncles) are so shy, they did not came on phone to talk with me. So I asked my Bhabhi1, what was Bhaiya’s reaction?
Bhaiya said – “Which TP?? Our TP??
To which Bhabhi replied – “How many TP’s we have in our family?? Yes.. yes.. our TP. Our TP is expecting!!! hehehehe

Yes, our happiness multiplied millions of times just after sharing. Thank you to all of you for all the lovely comments & wishes & prayers. First I was thinking of keeping this news under the covers till baby is here but I thought I won’t be able to do that. I need everyone’s blessings, best wishes and tips of course during this special journey. PK says thank you as well to all of you for congratulating him on his new job. His new workplace doesn’t allow him any internet access, they are too strict but I will push him to blog at least once a week from home so that we all can read his experience as a new Dad.

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29 Responses to Family Reactions – Part 2

  1. Seema says:

    Im feeling so emotional reading about the reactions of ur family. You are so blessed TP. And like I told you, let me know all that u crave to eat. Will make and get them for u 😘

  2. Jennifer says:

    OH thats great TP that you have so many loving and caring people arround god bless you and your family with happiness and togetherness throughout touchwood and may alll the good wishes and blessings come to your way, arrey ha I told my mamma about your news as well she was happy indeed and blessed you 🙂

  3. Very very happy for you TP 🙂 Stay blessed and wish you happy times 🙂 God Bless!!!!

  4. greenboochi says:

    So true TP, happiness multiplies when shared. I am so happy to read all this 🙂 Forget your MIL and her reactions. As PK said, its good you dont have to deal with her calls. Stay happy and take care 🙂

  5. spoorthy says:

    congrats TP!!

  6. D says:

    stay happy..stay blessed..always!! nice to read such happy reactions from family…:)..all the best!

  7. Deepika says:

    Such a sweet post TPP!! Lots of love and wishes to both of you 🙂 Prayers , Good wishes and hugs 🙂 Take care MOMMY-TO-BE 🙂

  8. wow, so shocked your MIL still hasnt congratulatedyou. Yes, no need to share exact dates of doc apptments with them. Lovely to read your family’s reactions

  9. Ann says:

    So nice to hear all this :). I remember the day we told at home. Abt MIL, please dont get me wrong but her asking about u and having sleepless nights is just her way of showing affection. Do not take that in negative way. Our families also were same way u knw asking every small detail when n where, how etc. But i guess that is because we stay so far away that they get worried. Would you have preferred if she had not inquired at all?
    She might be genuinely happy n concerned for you this time around and all the negativity might be stemming from the fact that you do not like her that much. And to be honest to me it sounds like you want to turn everything she says into a negative way.

  10. So happy for you both, bless 🙂

  11. Wow everyone in the family is so happy 🙂 Dont worry about MIL..that is the concern she might have for you…her way of ensuring is all is well with you.Take good care of yourself.

  12. How are you going TP? I can’t wait to see your bump. What are you craving to eat ?

    • Good thanks LiFi, just waiting for holidays so that I can sleep till late in the mornings 😀
      First three months I only ate Parathas, PK was the paratha chef and you will not believe we finished 10 kg flour in 3 months eating parathas & parathas only day & night 🙂 That craving has subsided now though 🙂

  13. Divya Deepak says:

    Hi TP, Just seeing the Sydney hostage situation on Tv. hope you guys are safe. Take care,

  14. Visha says:

    Loved your family reactions, you have a great family!! 10kg flour to sab theek hai, but ye batao panipuri to regular hai na 😀

  15. amitasingh10 says:

    Hi TP

    Please take care. Lots of love and good wishes.

  16. Neeli says:

    I’m so so soooooooooo happy for you n PK……may God bless you, pk and baby! So take care of yourself. God bless

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