Family Reactions – Part 1

I spent hours and hours on google searching innovative ideas to make “the announcement” to our families.

1) Sending baby’s first ultrasound picture on whatsapp.
2) Getting the cards printed with baby’s picture and sending across to family in India.
3) Customized T-Shirts or Mugs for everyone saying – Grandma/Grandpa/Mausi/Maama etc.

I don’t even remember half of the ideas now. Skype was an option too but with MIL & I not on talking terms, I was feeling uncomfortable going on skype. We could have told my family on skype and in-laws on phone but then that also did not sound good option as we wanted to tell both parents in same way. Finally, we thought phone call will be the best mode as we will be able to hear their first reactions.

The first call was made to my Mum. PK & Mum had general conversation first few minutes when Mum said they all were celebrating “Tulsi Vivah” It’s the day when Tulsi got married to Krishna. Story behind this festival is very interesting, you should read this link to know more about this festival. So coming back to the phone call, as Mum said they all were celebrating festival, PK told her – “There is one more reason to celebrate – you are going to become Naani-Maa soon” Mum’s reaction was priceless. She was over the moon. Then I came on the line, Mum & I, we both had tears, we both were crying but trying to hide it on the phone. Its weird how we both always manage to hide our tears on phone, be it sad tears or happy tears but the shaken voice gives it all away..

My little brother & sister2 were sitting there too with Mum, they kind of understood what the news is. I could hear my brother asking my Mum – “Mum.. mum.. I will whatsapp sister1 in Indore to give her the good news” I heard that & asked my Mum to let me speak with him. Again new set of tears started when I told him – “R, you are going to become a Maama, chottu Maama” His reply was- “Really?? Really??” I was already in future, imagining my brother with my baby. How things change no.. He was feeling like he has become a big boy now..

Then, I the spoke with my sister2 as well. She was happy too and already making list of chocolates & cakes she will make for the baby. She loves making chocolates & baking cakes. While we are talking about her, let me tell you few things about her. She has broken all the records in our house in studies. No one can beat her in studies in our house, all cousins have given up. Getting 99 or 100 out of 100 in Maths, Statistics & Accounts is like a game for her. She will be watching TV a day before her exam & still manage to bring the report card with full marks. I don’t know how she does that. She can finish bowls and bowls of Maggie watching TV, she can throw a big tantrum at 10.30 PM asking Papa to buy Pav-Bhaji for her. When she gets ready now a days for going to college, Mum sends me whatsapp message saying – your sister2 is becoming like a girl now a days. Hahaha.. She was not at all into dressing up, shopping etc until she came in college. I think I should do a post about all my cousins & siblings. We have all different items at home.

So coming back to the announcement reaction, next we called my Dad. As before, PK was the one who told my Dad about the news. After the Badhaai ho and all that, PK gave the phone to me. I don’t know how to describe Dad & my conversation in one word. He was shocked, feeling shy talking to me(?) but was VERY happy. So happy that he was not able to finish his words while talking to me.. This is how we spoke –

Me: Hello Papa..
Dad: H…l…….. T……… Kai….s… tabiy……………………
(If you dint understood, he was trying to say – Hello TP, kaisi hai? Tabiyat thik hai??)
Me: Haan Papa, main bilkul thik hu..
Dad: ………………………………..
Me: hello papa????? Helloooo….
Dad: haan haan..
Me: Haan papa, congratulations aap sach me Naanaji banne wale ho…hehehe
Dad: haan thank you same to you
Me: same to you??? ROFL…
Me: Yes Papa, everything is ok, its been 3 months, we got the big scans & tests done, no need to worry. We even saw the baby..
Dad: acha..
Me: Haan papa, the baby was jumping like a monkey lol
Dad: acha…
Me: Book the tickets soon, I want all of you here in December
Dad: No no.. We will come in April-May..
Me: But papa, I want to show you Christmas celebrations & lights & shopping sales and all that here..
Dad: We cannot come 2 times so quickly & now seeing the baby is more important to us than seeing Christmas lights..

Ahhh… Dads!!

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19 Responses to Family Reactions – Part 1

  1. magic says:

    Wow it would have been so exciting na to tell your parents…

    congrats again to u and PK
    one more congrats for PK for his job offer… 🙂

  2. Tears rolling down, recalling the way I shared the news with family 🙂

  3. amita says:

    Very touching to read this conversation. Remembering the conversation I had. Similar to your Dad, my Dad was also very shy and short for words. For our Dads, life has come a full circle. 🙂
    Eagerly awaiting your next post dear.

    • You know Amita because I live so far, I was like maybe I will not be able to meet my Dad during my whole pregnancy and him being shy he wont talk with me on phone about anything related to “pregnancy” that’s why I only started the conversation with him regarding ultrasound and all that 🙂

  4. garima says:

    Uncle ka reply in last line is to heartwarming…..btw my dob is 29th may 🙂

  5. Visha says:

    My papa thought I was joking when I told him over phone 😀 He said “what, are you serious” 😆

    dads are awesome 🙂

  6. awww that is so wonderful! Congrats by the way! I told my mom in an email, then realized how bad that was I called her before she could read it. The excitement is just so intense!

  7. lovely…are they coming in december fir?? as in now??

    • nahi Pop.. Dad said Seeing the baby is more important not than seeing christmas lights and they cannot travel in December & then again in April-may.. so Mum coming in April & Dad coming after the baby is born 🙂

  8. Neeli says:

    Awwwwwwwww…. TP, your dad made me nostalgic! So sweet ! See, how wheels of time moves! Til yesterday we were lil daughters and today we are whittled be mothers! Kuch toh difference aaega naa! N poor dads are not able to see us likes that! So they are shy !)
    Love u TP… hearty congratulations

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