PK called few of the private obstetrician’s rooms to inquire about their process, appointments and fee structure and all that stuff. We booked with the one we have heard & read a lot about. Our first appointment with Ob was after a week and a half. Although we were happy & relieved seeing the little floating and jumping monkey/monkey-ni?? (lol) during first ultrasound, we were not being over excited. We were just taking every day as it comes.

Meanwhile we got our first surprise. PK was offered a very good job in a huge company, exactly what he was looking for, exactly what I was praying for him and what we wanted to happen for his career progress. We were feeling like happy days were here again.

Soon we visited our Ob for first appointment. There we got another surprise. After all the initial check up and health history questions, Ob did the scan. As per the initial ultrasound, I should have been 8 weeks pregnant on that day but when the Ob did the scan, he said – “The baby looks bigger than 8 weeks. Baby has got hands & feet and this is definitely bigger than 8 weeks, let me measure the baby” After measuring the baby he said – “The baby is 9 weeks and 5 days old”

Wow!! So I was almost 10 weeks but I was thinking I was only 8 weeks pregnant. That means in another 2 weeks I will complete my first trimester. At that time, PK & I were like – what’s going on in our lives?? It was like our lives were fast forwarded in front of our eyes.

In next 2 weeks, we had NT scan appointment. I was nervous as this scan confirms if the baby has any down syndrome but with the grace of God, it all went well, the scan results came out good with very low risks. We had celebratory Mexican lunch after the appointment.

We completed our first trimester on 3rd of November and on that day, we decided to inform both of our families to start preparing for their first grandchild’s arrival in May 2015. I will write about everyone’s reaction to the news in separate post.

In these three months, we celebrated Navratri and I danced my heart out as I did not know about our baby at that time. After we found out, every weekend or even on week days there were lots of things happening. Like we celebrated BIL’s birthday, celebrated Navratri, entertained a whole lot of guests, celebrated Diwali, celebrated neighbor’s baby’s first birthday, I traveled to Canberra for work..phew!!!

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34 Responses to Surprises…

  1. Your post is so full of happiness !! I can almost see ur smile in every word…. I was having such a crappy day but ur post gave me hope and made me smile…. Thanks TP !!!

  2. vaidehi says:

    I am so happy for you friend .Happy wala dance.
    God bless u and yr family.

  3. D says:

    touch wood!!..hope the good days stay long!!…:)

  4. So glad to read your happy news TP. take care of yourself and enjoy the pregnancy. All the best.

  5. Smita says:

    So happy for u n P.K. Your post gives hopes that after bad days there are good days waiting 🙂

    Take care

  6. Smitha says:

    So happy for you dear. Looking forward to see a lot of happy posts soon…..

  7. greenboochi says:

    I love happy posts and your post has definitely made my morning better 🙂 lots of hugs TP 🙂

  8. 🙂 Cannot wait to hear more. Have a great day.

  9. simple girl says:

    As I read the post, I felt how happy you are ..Stay happy and healthy 🙂 ..
    lots of hugs to you .. waiting for your future posts ..

  10. loving this series TPL. So glad PK got the job he wanted. Stay happy and healthy through the next few months and enjoy this time together.

  11. Ada says:

    Miracles do happen. Most trying periods always have the most beautiful endings….so happy for you and PK. Huuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggeeeeeeeee hug!!!

  12. My Era says:

    *Hugs* dear TPP 🙂
    Congratulations to you & PK on his new job. So glad to know that after a trying phase happy times are back for your family. Take good care of yourself & have a good time!!

  13. sjscribbles says:

    Happy post TP ! Keep smiling always !

    I’m eager to read about the reactions – let us know 🙂

  14. oye hoye lots of good news ek saath good hai touchwood and all the best.

  15. aarya says:

    You are on a roll, babes. So so sooo happy for you three😊 Double congratulations to you and PK. I can’t get this smile off my face, I can totally imagine your family’s reactions. One tight hug to you and a zordaar kissi for the little monkey/monkey-ni 😘

  16. Visha says:

    I would say the baby is ushering in happiness from all sides..good things coming in abundance is always cherishable 🙂 🙂 Hugs N!!

  17. Yay 🙂 I am so happy reading both the updates 🙂 when is the actual due date?

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