The day of Miracle – My ultrasound results

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Next day was my ultrasound appointment.. It was at 9.00 in the morning so PK & I called our work and informed them that we will be about an hour late. Also, this time we booked our scan in private hospital. We both were in no mood to go in public hospital and play the waiting game. I was scared how I will react when the sonologist will confirm our bad news. It was just PK & I in the radiology area at that time so we were called quickly for my scan. The sonologist, who was a young Aussie guy, asked me few questions before starting the scan. The questions were so hard to answer. The reference letter from my doctor said – “confirming miscarriage” hence all difficult questions from sonologist!!

The sonologist applied gel on my tummy & started the scan. PK was sitting next to me holding my hand and wiping the tears that were running down to my ears while I was lying down.

The sonologist asked – “So, why does your doctor think this is a miscarriage??” “Because the blood results were not good, the HCG numbers were not doubling” – PK replied to him.

The sonologist said – “Well.. I can see a healthy baby here with healthy heartbeat”

No words, absolutely no words I have to describe PK & my reaction to his words.

“WHAT?? Can you please double check??” PK was like pouncing on his screen to see the baby and I was gone blind with the dam of tears in my eyes. The sonologist confirmed and said our baby is 6 weeks 5 days old. He has a healthy heartbeat of 157 bpm and here is the first picture of your baby. He gave baby’s picture in my hands and asked me to empty my bladder as I was bursting with all that water I had drank before the ultrasound.

Before going to the washroom, I remember I was so happy that I told the sonologist that I am feeling like giving him a tight hug. He laughed, congratulated us & left the room. PK & I gave each other a tight hug, not saying a word, just expressing everything through our hug. When I went to the washroom, I still had baby’s picture in my hand. Sitting on the toilet seat, with baby’s pic in my hand I was crying and sobbing, thanking God for showing such a big miracle to us. PK & I called our work and informed them we won’t be able to come in that day. We called our doctor and gave him the news. Even he was so shocked and happy, he asked us to visit him immediately.

We could see the doctor very happy, he has worked a lot on us. He has given me such a special care & attention, I will never forget that. The main mistake was of those people who gave me incorrect blood results. But the doctor said – “Now we have seen baby’s heartbeat, we don’t have to do any blood test. Start thinking about which hospital, which doctor and all that” It was like within few minutes our whole situation changed. From being in the darkest period of our lives, we were now on cloud nine. I couldn’t sleep that whole night.

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21 Responses to The day of Miracle – My ultrasound results

  1. simple girl says:

    Omg .. lotsa hugs to you ….

  2. D says:

    Many congratulations once again TP! God bless you and the baby..:)

  3. Yazhini says:

    good luck.. i also had happy tears while reading this.. God bless and stay blessed always..

  4. Smita says:

    😀 I am grinning!!!! You have gone through so much, you needed this sunshine!

    Just take good care of yourself

  5. My Era says:

    It must have been real horror 😦 I can totally understand the emotional turmoil you both underwent because not very long ago, I have gone through something very similar.
    Sending loads of prayers, positive vibes and good wishes to you and the baby *Hugs*
    Take care dear 🙂

  6. wow TP I can imagine the situation and it feels so good na to have a life inside you god bless you and your baby wait wait PK too…lots of love

  7. liliputs says:

    Damn you guys 😥 you brought the hell out of me in your last post 😦 😦 tears flowing on reading this happy post 🙂

  8. liliputs says:

    between the lines 🙂 is it a boy 😉 I just wanna squeeze you 🙂

  9. Jay says:

    TPPL, you have no idea how happy I am to hear the news! I was all smiles till my colleague had to ask what’s the good news! 😀

  10. I am so happy and thankful for that little miracle . You and PK deserve this joy and more.

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  12. Bhavani says:

    I am very happy for you…..congraats and enjoy your pregnancy…..hope the baby is enjoying all the yummy pani puris in your tummy :-))


  13. Deepika says:

    I am in tears here…
    OMG OMG!!!
    Hugs TPP!!
    God bless 🙂 Take care honey

  14. Visha says:

    You have put down your emotions so beautifully. Loads and loads of hugs to you 🙂

    P.S Just finished through reading your recent posts. I liked the image announcing the baby 😛

  15. Pattu says:

    Aww i got it! Congrats! 🙂

  16. Kalyani says:

    Congratulations! Big hug!

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