Driver’s license & Palm trees

So, this week is also almost over and I haven’t published a single post, I know, too bad!! It’s just that the seating arrangement in our new office is making it difficult for me to open wordpress. Day light savings time has also begun since last week. Even though it’s bright & nice when we reach home, still I feel lazy to blog after cooking & eating. Bunch of things happening right now, I literally have scattered mind these days.

Couple of weeks ago I cleared my learner’s test. Yes, FINALLY!!! I was so scared to sit in the test that I postponed it to next week one time. Shows how much I hate exams. But I cleared this test in 10 minutes and got my learner’s license. I am starting driving lessons from tomorrow. It’s a 2 hour driving lesson and I don’t know if I will be able to sit in that driving seat for straight 2 hours. Hope I learn to drive in 4-5 classes.

After a lot of research & lot of Bunnings visits, we finally found PK’s favorite palm trees and bought 4 of them for our house. I was not very excited for these trees but PK always wanted to see palms trees from our window when we are sitting in the living room. He loves that resort like, tropical feeling in the house. Even while selecting hotels for our holidays he checks if they have palm trees visible from the balcony. This is how we found the palm trees of PK’s choice. The first tree we found in someone’s shopping trolley in Bunnings. The tree was so beautiful, lush green and exactly how PK wanted and much much cheaper than what we expected. We went to find the same tree in garden section but they not had even a single tree. So, we went back to the trolley & it looked abandoned. After staring at the trolley & that palm tree for 15 minutes, when there was no one to claim it, PK literally ran & hugged the palm tree & we rushed to the check out register, paid for one tree & ran towards our car before someone run behind us saying – “Heyy that is my tree”!! You should have seen the smile & happiness on PK’s face when he was driving with the palm tree on his back seat. He even agreed to buy me Krispy Kreme Cookies & Crème Donut which he usually doesn’t let me eat due to its high calories 😛 Then we went to Bunnings again after couple of weeks to look for outdoor seating and luckily we found same palm trees in bulk. We forgot about the outdoor seating & bought 3 more palm trees. They are now well placed outside our 2 big windows in our living room and really giving us relaxing resort like feeling when we are at home 🙂

On separate topic, my brother’s passport is still not issued. There is some document that is stuck in the court & until and unless it is not stamped by the court, we cannot go ahead with his passport. You know how Indian courts work!! It’s already mid October & I am getting this feeling that this might not happen this year & maybe I won’t be able to see my family here in December. I cannot tell you how heartbreaking even this thought is. The timing so perfect if they all come here in December. PK & I will have holidays, we can take them around & have fun with them before we start our own family, even my brother & sister can make it, my another sister & her husband can make it for their first wedding anniversary, they will be able to see the Christmas & new year celebrations too. Everything is in its place except my brother’s passport. Why some things are not in our hands?? 😦

It was BIL’s birthday on Wednesday. We went to a restaurant to celebrate it but unfortunately it was the worst, WORST restaurant we have ever visited. The food, oh my God, OH MY GOD, don’t even think to go there. Disgusting, smelly, made from ready to eat packet, hot and sour soup served in disgusting, yucky, sticky, unwashed plastic soup bowls with sticky, unwashed spoons.. When I complained,the waiter told me rudely that they never use packets to make soup & I can go and check in their kitchen. Does he think I have never had Hot & Sour soup in my life?? Don’t even ask about their oil dripping, hard as rock, tennis ball sized dry Manchurian and frozen fried coin size potato cutlets served as vegetable cutlets!! I don’t even want to write about our mains!! So, so, disappointing. If you live in Sydney, do yourself a favour & never ever step in “Celebrations” restaurant near Harris Park. Never!! Thankfully, yummy black forest cake from “The cheesecake shop” as dessert helped us fill our tummies.

I haven’t shared the blinds story also with you all. So we got our blinds done couple of months ago. We absolutely love our blinds in all bedrooms but the living room ones didn’t look as beautiful as we expected. After living with those blinds for couple of months we went ahead & booked new blinds for our living room. Of course there was dent in our pocket but the new blinds are looking so cool, making our living room look bigger and matching with the walls. And finally the electrician will come this Sunday to fix new chandeliers & LED lights all over in our house. So, finally like after one year our house will be complete. We can do the décor after that which is my favorite part. Can’t wait to decorate our empty walls with paintings, the corners of living room with huge flower vases and our photos on the wall..

That’s all for now guys. We have busy weekend ahead of us with my driving lessons & lighting work. I will come back next week as early as I can to catch up with you guys 🙂

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10 Responses to Driver’s license & Palm trees

  1. Put pictures na of Palm trees and blinds whenever you have time.

  2. smdeea11 says:

    Congrats on driver’s license test.
    Men can be kids too:-D but no pictures, why?

  3. Praktan says:

    Wht abt PK’s Job? we r waiting for tht gud news 🙂

  4. aarya says:

    good luck for your bro’s passport issues. I hope everything sorts out soon and you get to celebrate Christmas with your family. Share the pictures of your home once you are done with decor, okay?

  5. wow congrats TP for your driving license enjoy safe driving, your brothers passport issue really heartbreaking but this is how indian courts work 😦 post some pics of the blinds done na will wait for it and last but not least a very happy and prosperous diwali to you and both sides of your family…. lots of love.

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