What happened after I published my last post?

Nothing. I went to the kitchen, took my sandwich, went to the living area, took the sandwich that PK rejected before having his own made sandwiches, went to the bedroom, took a first bite of sandwich and started crying. Yes, in our whole fight this was first time I cried because I have rarely ever had my dinner alone & this time PK was showing how he doesn’t cares if I have my dinner or not. When you have only one person at home who shares dinner with you every night & he stops caring for you, it hurts. A lot!! Anyways after some crying I was eating my sandwiches when PK came to the bedroom & went to sleep.

Next morning, I found myself sleeping on PK’s arm which was gone numb so he was trying to move away and then we both were awake. Isn’t it cute that when we sleep with our loved ones we forget about all out misunderstandings and feel secure just by the touch of them?? I slept with my giant leg on PK’s waist whole night. 😛 hehehehe

But we were back to our fight again, I had my bournvita and he made his own tea. He did ask me if I want tea but because I had my bournvita already I said No. Now, the funniest thing ever – He comes and asks me “But what’s the reason? Why you are sad??”

This man who was not talking to me whole day yesterday is now asking me what’s the reason of me being sad?? I cannot tell you how angry I was. He was not talking to me whole day without knowing reason!!! I mean seriously???  See now, are these men complicated or not, OHW??

Anyways, I cooked lunch for both of us, we both ate together without talking. As always PK fed me first bite from his plate and so to take one step from my side I also fed him a bite of dal-chawal and his favorite bitter gourd from my plate. So, it was “understood” that we have patched up now. BIL came home as we were going for Navratri-Garba night that evening. When BIL came, PK & I were back to our normal self and were talking with each other as normal. We did have a small argument in the bathroom when PK came to help me with my Navratri outfit and that’s when he said “Sorry” FINALLY!!! He still says he was not screaming on me but he was talking loudly because he couldn’t hear me on phone. Liar!! 😛 😛

When we reached the auditorium, the place was jam-packed. The music, the voice of Atul Purohit singing his famous garbas was giving me goosebumps literally as we were walking inside. Before joining all our friends for garba, we quickly stuffed ourselves with Dabeli. We did rounds and rounds of Garba till our legs were shaky, played with babies, clicked lots of pics in our traditional outfits and also filmed videos. Come home if you want to see pics & videos of me & PK doing Garba 😛 😛

Later, PK & BIL ordered Chicken Biryani to pick up at 12.00 AM midnight!! Ya roll eyes!! They even order Veggie Biryani for me without asking me if I am going to eat at that time or not. We came home, changed and had biryani at about 1.30 AM!!! Ya, ya.. go ahead & roll eyes again.. I really can’t remember when I went to sleep but I only remember walking up with sore body and hurting legs. Guess what we did whole day?? Yes, lied on the sofa same like how buffaloes sit in water without moving. Oh and we also called in sick at work on Monday. I spent the afternoon with my neighbor, shopping and eating Sushi and PK went to run errands. And here I am again waiting for next weekend, feeling so sleepy at work 😦

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12 Responses to What happened after I published my last post?

  1. smdeea11 says:

    Hehe….very eventful weekend you had! Its good that you guys patched up before going out otherwise you couldn’t enjoy at all.
    Even PIC is like this, even if it is his mistake he will ask the reason for being sad.

  2. Baki sab par bad mein kahungi but for now I think they are so simple that they don’t even understand or remember the lame reasons of fights and arguments. 😉

  3. Smita says:

    Thank God you ate!! And as far as Men are concerned, the less said the better

  4. Praktan says:

    garba? abhi? before navratri?

  5. aarya says:

    first thing first, if I’ll ever visit your home, why will I see the pics and videos, you and PK will have to honor me by performing live garba. Promise me that, and I’ll think about visiting you 🙂
    And PK bechara, kabhi usko bhi roothne ka chance do yaar!!

    • If you promise me that you will come to my place I will organise a huge garba night, we will preform garba for you & even you will have to dance for us, okie?? 😛

      jab main ruthu tab hi kyu PK ko bhi ruthna hai?? 😦

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