The No-Talk Friday

This is my first post that I am typing from my mobile. I just had to. Dil jo halka karna hai!!!

I am in my bedroom and PK is enjoying his Better Homes and Gardens serial on TV in the living room. You know why we are sitting in separate rooms?? Because I am so so pissed off on him right now.

In the morning it was all good till he dropped me to train station. As soon as I caught the train he called me as usual. In between chat we saw message from BIL and that single message led to the argument. PK raised his voice a bit and that is like worst thing ever for me. I cant tolerate him talking with me in raised voice. Period.

And this was early in the morning. I was so pissed off I just hanged up his call. He knows how I cant tolerate his high volume when arguing. He tried calling once after that which I obviously did not answer but after that no efforts at all to talk with me!!! Ok fine, he sent me one text later saying – itna gussa?? Bas, that’s it.

No phone call whole day at work, no message during lunch break, no message before leaving, no call asking me where I am, in which train I am, what time I will reach?? Nothing!! 😦

And even now, I grilled the sandwiches that I did not ate during lunch, he returned the plate to kitchen bench-top without eating!! Instead he made his own sandwiches and enjoyed them while watching his serial.

Oh and listen, He made tea for both of us and gave one mug to me. But if he did not ate my sandwich why should I touch his tea?? No you tell me!!!

I am sitting here since last couple of hours without eating/drinking/talking and this man doesn’t cares at all.. I was wrong yesterday when I said he doesn’t lets me sleep hungry.

Every time I hear raindrops on the window I feel like PK is coming to me with the plate of sandwich. Any small noise, I feel like PK is coming to talk with me but no. He is still watching his better……. Ya you know what!!

Tell me, Who was angry in the first place?? Me. Who has to manaao me?? PK. But the scene has become opposite here!! Now I have to go and talk to him??? No way. Its total total atyaachaar!! How do I tell my patthar-dil husband that I am hungry, I want to eat, I want to talk. Why these men are so complicated?? Ufff…

Ok I think I am done complaining, go now enjoy and have a good weekend 😊

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25 Responses to The No-Talk Friday

  1. greenboochi says:

    Go talk to him TP πŸ™‚ As much as he seems patthar-dil, I am sure he has the thoughts running in his mind right now.

    I can say the pretty much same happens with us too. S does something that blows me off and then goes on being mum and then its my turn to tell him its ok. I mean how unfair is that?! After we have patched up, I open a fresh argument on this πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. greenboochi says:

    Did my comment get posted or not?!

  3. Smita says:

    Sheesh!!! Gussa is apni jagah why torturing your stomach and health. Gussa insaan pe nikalo khaane pe nahin! CHill!

  4. Awww thats bad I can understand your pain dear guys are always like that no wonders….

  5. Aawwe u are too cute….I’am sure PK is sitting in the next room thinking you are going to walk in and talk to him…. We had something like this on Wednesday and when hubby called I disconnected but after that sat with the phone and hoped he would keep calling πŸ˜€….

  6. mydesilove says:

    Men and their gussa………..for nothing?!

  7. smdeea11 says:

    Okay, first things first! I am typing this reply from my phone πŸ˜› πŸ˜›
    And you need not manao him, he must have read whatever you are feeling from his blog, so don’t worry! He will come and feed you with truck loads of potato patty sandwich πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  8. Men complicated? Please don’t say that. It only us who complicate matters. Chalo go now ang hug him tight and demand a apology. Sath mein kuch khao, its weekend yar. Have fun guys.

  9. Pooja says:

    Calm down sister. Please dont mind me saying this but you are being unreasonable today. He raised his voice which was wrong but he tried to mend the fence. Now its your turn. And about the sandwich /T argument i will ust say LOL since its very childish. You should try and talk to him.

    p.s. Have the sandwich and T as well. PK ka gussa khane pe kyu?

  10. Hope you guys made up before you went to bed. I too hate the husbadoo raising his voice in an argument. The fight immediately becomes huge after that. Off late, I too have been apologizing when it isn’t my fault but only because I think life it too short to keep extending the fight and I am happiest when we are friends. So why not make myself happy? Hopefully you ate some dinner too:)

  11. Neeli says:

    Awwwwwwww! Sho cute wala gussa hai!
    Kisne manaya? Kuchh kha lo

  12. vaidehi says:

    I do the same thing.I don’t talk ,no msgs, and when we are at home he (hubby) completely ignores me.So I start to cry and he says sorry and everything is fine after some time.

  13. aarya says:

    ohh ho nakhre!! πŸ˜€

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