Whenever PK takes the charge of cooking dinner he becomes over-excited. For example:
1) When he prepares any curry or even Mix Veg. rice he adds whole spices like cinnamon stick, whole black pepper corn, cloves etc in them to add extra flavor and I HATE strong flavor of whole spices.

2) He loves to drizzle olive oil on finished Pasta dishes or even on home-made pizzas but I HATE that raw olive oil taste.

3) He adds Egg Curry Masala to any Pulav he makes and I HATE that masala in Pulavs as it is very strong.

You got the drift?? He tries to do something special, add some special ingredient to his cooked dishes so that I enjoy eating that but many times due to whole spices & strong flavours I end up not eating those dishes.

Last night, as PK was fasting and had his onetime meal in the afternoon, it was only me for dinner. I did not know what to eat or cook just for myself so I cleaned the kitchen, loaded the dishwasher and came to sit next to him when he was busy with his second wife laptop. He being a husband who can’t see his wife sleeping hungry told me that he will cook something for me. And this is how the conversation went:

Kya khaoge jaanu?? (What would you like to eat , honey?)
Anything!! (Praying in mind that he doesn’t get up & prepare his special pulav with whole spices!!`)
Dal-Chawal ?
Dal-Chawal?? Now?? Just for me?? Isn’t it too late??
Yaa!! Usme kya hua!! (so what??)

After 15 minutes, when there were no signs of second wife letting my husband go away, I told PK – “Just make me a simple and fresh sandwich please.

PK: Ohh, you made my life easy, when did you learn to make such quick decisions??
(Yes he was correct actually, I cannot decide what I want to eat)
Me: Huh??? 😦
(He thought I will give him another option and I thought he is going to make me Dal-chawal)
Anyways.. so he went to the kitchen and started grilling frozen potato patty and cutting tomatoes and stuff.

Me(sniffing in the air) : oh my God, are you grilling a potato patty??
PK: ya..
Me: I told you I want simple sandwich only.. I don’t want potato patty in it.
PK: Aap khake toh dekho, acha lagega. (try, you will like it)
Me: No.. No.. No.. I told you I want simple sandwich, just give me cheese, tomato, salad leaves and sauce inside. Untoasted….freshhh, I said..

He still continues grilling patty. After few minutes…

Me: Arey yaar, I can smell egg in that potato patty. Does that patty has egg in it?? I told you I don’t want to eat a patty.. you always do whatever you like… “I” am going to eat that sandwich, “I” know what I want in that sandwich AND-I-DON’T-WANT-POTATO-PATTY-IN-MY-SANDWICH!!

Because PK was not listening to me, because I could smell something eggy, because I did not want to let PK’s efforts go in vain if I don’t like that sandwich, I was so angry that I was throwing my hands up and down in anger while sitting on the sofa and screaming at him. Suddenly, I hit my hand on my mobile that was lying next to me. The sound of my hand hitting the mobile screen was loud, as if someone got slapped. PK turned his head from kitchen to see if I slapped myself in anger!! 😀 Now.. while typing this I am laughing like a mad person but at that time my hand was gone red and it was hurting. Anger doubled.

Rather than appreciating my efforts you are trying to distract me and not at all being co-operative. At least try what I am making for you today. If you don’t like it, throw it away. Okie??? said PK.

He bought the sandwich. I wish I would have clicked the picture.

Mmmmmm… mmmmm… it’s very yummyyyyy…. I like it.. thank you… and I give kisses to PK.

I was feeling like jumping from 10th Floor!! You shake my brain in 5 minutes!! Phew!! – said PK.

Hahahahaha – yep that was me laughing while eating that yummy sandwich.

Ok I will accept now, I was totally being a brat and was throwing tantrums but I really did not want to eat something that I don’t like & then let PK feel bad that his efforts went in vain and I don’t like his cooked dishes. See, I am a nice girl too 🙂

Also note, that PK did not mess up the kitchen that I cleaned few minutes before and that’s why I will not complain about steamed-soggy salad leaves that he toasted in my sandwich. I will also not complain about the grater that he left in the fridge along with ginger because I love LOVE LoVe his tea every morning.His tea makes my mornings special literally. Oh and it’s totally fine if he forgets the milk can outside after making tea, this happens once in a year only so not a big deal yaar 🙂 🙂


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  1. Bikramjit says:

    All points DULY noted .. next time will make sure to Remind you …

  2. smdeea11 says:

    hehehe……..Yupp! You are not complaining 😀
    But atleast PK cooks, my partner cannot even boil water and just in case he does that, the kitchen looks like someone has made an elaborate dinner! Maggie and bread butter are his specialty!

    P.S. My reader did not show this post and my comment on your previous post is nowhere to be seen!

  3. Smita says:

    lol!!! He is sweet and banata to hai 😀

  4. greenboochi says:

    I could have written this post ditto TP. I can totally understand where you come from when you said you didnt want him to spend so much time and then you not liking it.

  5. Visha says:

    Haha..some people do that re..putting in whole spices and then picking them out while eating 😛

    but you should be happy PK makes something for you, all I have to contend is with burnt food and a messy kitchen area 😐

  6. aarya says:

    haha..good thing you liked it. I laughed so hard on that slap part. It was too much. 😀

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