Dreaming with open eyes!!

It was long shopping day in Sydney. People are shopping for Christmas, there are huge sales everywhere. We had been to shopping at Sydney’s biggest mall. After whole day shopping, we decided to take Mummi, Papa, sister1 and her husband-AK, sister 2 and my little brother to one of the drinking places at the top level of that mall as it was happy hour going on. 5$ Beers & 7$ Wines. Such a good deal eh?? As soon as the waitress saw eight of us approaching the bar, she rushed to prepare a huge table for all of us, gave us the menu card and left.

PK was explaining different wines and beers to Papa & AK, I was asking Mummi & sister1 to try this wine or that ladies beer. Oh and I also asked my sister2 and brother to have some juice or ice-cream soda, they are not allowed to have alcohol at this age. Well, sister2 can technically have alcohol as she is 18 now but brother will feel bad that he is having juice and everyone else is trying new drinks. We also ordered few tomato ruschettas and Parmesan stuffed olives for us. Yumm!!

I saw Indian take away place nearby so I asked Papa if he would like to have some Samosas along with his drinks?? PK was not feeling comfortable bringing Samosas from outside and have in the bar, it doesn’t looks good. In few minutes, a couple came in the bar with a plate of Samosas to have with their drinks. I told PK – “See, they have brought in Samosas” And I rushed outside to buy Samosas for us 😀

The waitress who was serving us drinks had half head of long black hair & half head of very short, colored hair. Though it is common here and not new for me & PK but out of everyone I am sure, sister1 will react as soon as the waitress will leave. And as soon as waitress left, sister1 reacted – “yaar..aise kaise baal rakhe hai!!!” And we all start laughing.

I was having this dream with my open eyes yesterday while having wine with PK. I even narrated the whole dream to him & acted like sister1 and we both had a good laugh. As you can see, I can’t wait for my whole family to be here in December. Anywhere I go, I tell PK that we have to bring them all here. Anytime, I cook something special, I tell PK to make a list so that we do not forget to prepare this when my family is here. We are waiting for my little, naughty brother’s passport so that we can apply for visa for everyone. I have blackmailed my Papa whole year that they have to visit me this December, no excuses. I have not let them travel locally when they were planning for Kashmir and Vaishno-devi holidays just so that they save all that money and use it when they are here. It’s been 5 years that I am in Sydney, I have entertained all my friend’s parents, my in-laws and even other visitors from India. Even they are coming for their second, third visits and asking me when my parents are coming here. Now it’s high time, they have to come here. Please pray for me that this dream of mine comes true this year and there are no visa or any other issues.

Leaving you all with a pic of ice-cream that I had for dinner yesterday, yes I can have ice-cream for dinner and my first wine that I had after months!! Have a good weekend you all 🙂


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20 Responses to Dreaming with open eyes!!

  1. Omg such a big plan, you never mentioned this earlier. I hope hope hope all goes smoothly and the whole family gathers in December. It would be amazing. All the best TP.

    P.S I am drooling over that icecream even I can have icecreams at any time of the day or night 😉

    • Yeah its a big plan but I want this to happen so badly. Keeping my fingers crossed & praying.. Yday it was brother’s appointment at passport office but they are now asking for some certificate/affidavit.. phir break lag gaya!! kuch smoothly hota hi nahi hai 😦

      Inch-Pinch on ice-cream 😀

  2. Visha says:

    all your dreams will come true 🙂

    December is not far away, we are already into September now..

  3. Ohh TP I thought your parents are there actully I wish your dream come true dear and you have a blast this chrismas.

  4. Loved reading this…. I hope your dream comes true very soon and we get to read all about their visits…. And also drool over the photos of the yummy food that u prepare 🙂

  5. Ramesh says:

    Here’s hoping that your whole family visit you in Sydney this December ! You deserve that bit happiness !

  6. Smita says:

    Amen to your dream!!! It will surely all happen as you want 🙂

  7. Bikramjit says:

    MY WISHES ALWAYS.. and YES I understand the feeling and this dream you dreamt GOD WILLING it will get fulfilled sooon … and then you can put a article of did you manage to do all this 🙂

    and Happy hour I remember those me and my brother in law were sure to be there DOT ON TIME 🙂 he he he he
    but I did not find the pub culture in OZ that good for that YOU and PK need to come on a holiday to UK sometime .. I will take you for a PROPER pub.. ..

  8. magic says:

    Sure your dream will come true…:)

    God bless

  9. vaidehi says:

    I am sure your dream will come true.I enjoyed reading your post.

  10. smdeea11 says:

    This was not a dream, it was just a trailer of what might happen in December! Stay positive and it will definitely come true

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