Past weekends!!! Specially the one with 1.5 years old kid!!

Past few weekends have been so busy. Each weekend starts & ends within a blink of an eye. No.. seriously. My neighbor has started texting me every weekend saying – “Hope no more appointments this weekend” and every time I reply her – I am busy with my appointments!! Appointments as in uninvited visitors!!

Every other weekend BIL comes home Friday evening and then leaves on Sunday evening. So that whole weekend we don’t get chance to relax properly. You know what I mean!! Then, there was one week when PK was doing a contract job in city. So we both were traveling together in the train. It reminded me of those days when we both used to travel together to & from work, 2 years back. Such a blissful time that was. But this time, that whole week we left home at 7.15 AM instead of 8.00 AM just to get a parking space. The whole 45 minutes early schedule was just to find a parking spot. By the time we return home, we used to be dog tired. Our house was mess because of us throwing our clothes, towels, bags, shoes, socks, dirty dishes here and there. We would eat for the sake of eating & then go to bed early to wake up early again next day. This winter was not helping either in waking up so early. So after that hectic week, we were so looking forward to the relaxing weekend but that weekend turned out to be hectic as well.

We cleaned up the messy house, de-weeded the garden & stocked up the groceries on Saturday morning thinking we will take rest during rest of the weekend. Health wise also I was not fully recovered at that time was resting was the only thing on our mind. But one of our not very close friends decided to come home in the afternoon with their 1.5 years old son. First of all, their plan was to meet other friends who live close to us but because they were not at home they decided to meet us as their second option. Also their plan was to wait for those friends to come back from shopping. Secondly, the shopping-gone-friends were so smart, when they came to know that they are waiting at our place they decided to shop till the supermarkets close, that is till 5.00 PM.

I fried some Samosas and Kachoris to serve them along with some other dry snacks. Boys had their beer and friend’s Mum asked for tea. Ya, Aunty also came with the couple and the kid. So we all ladies had tea and after that the wait game started. Waiting waiting waiting for shopping-gone-friends!!

This is what we did while waiting:

1) The 1.5 year old kid was literally bursting with energy as if he has drank some 15-20 red-bulls(energy drink)  in one sip. He ran, ran and ran all over in the house. We all were running behind him taking turns to see he doesn’t get hurt.

2) The kid started crushing the biscuits on the sofa, as soon as I cleaned the sofa, PK found him throwing the wafers in alfresco.

3) As soon as PK was done picking up the wafers so that it doesn’t comes in anyone’s feet, I again found him taking one bite from each Samosa and Kachori & mixing it with other fresh ones.His Mum took those eaten Samosas & said she will eat those!!

4) The kid then ran towards wires and cables near the TV, his dad ran after him to save him from electric-shock.

5) Then I found him throwing away our small & big photo frames that were lying under TV cabinet. As I collected all the photo frames & kept them in hidden corner, he ran to pick up knick-knacks like showpieces & flower vases.

6) Don’t even ask about the TV remote, Indian TV remote, Foxtel remote, Music system remote, my mobile and PK’s mobile. Pick up one from ground, he will throw away another one. Pick up another one, he will run away taking another one inhis hands.

7) He was bursting with energy. So, we all went to the backyard so that he can run around in open & burn his energy. After few minutes of playing, he was like “I had enough of this”. He started banging the alfresco doors to let him inside the house.

8) The house was already mess so we decided to take him to our community playground. He played and played there. We all took turns to run behind him to see he doesn’t fell down. From one slide to other, from one swing to other he kept running like a headless chook. It was good time for his Mum to feed him while he was playing. He wouldn’t let his Mum feed him. So I took his mixed fruits puree and started running behind him. Sometimes I climbed the slides with him to feed him, sometimes PK held him tight so that he doesn’t run away before eating. Oh and the Aunty, that is my friend’s Mum was like –“I look after him from Monday to Friday, weekends I am on holiday let his parents take care of him!!”

9) PK was sweating a lot because of running. I was feeling so tired but the parents were totally normal. They said the kid has trained them enough!! 😀
By the time we all came home, it was evening. No phone call from the friends who have gone shopping. I was feeling bad that they all are here since 12.30PM, they must be hungry as they have not had lunch. Aunty went to sleep in the guest bed-room. The kid was so over worked up that now he was not able to sleep, so his Mum & Dad decided to take him for short drive so that he goes to sleep in the car. PK & I made quick lunch/dinner of Veg. Biryaani and Kadhi. The kid went to sleep, Aunty was still sleeping and that’s when we four were able to eat our lunch/dinner at 6.30 PM. When the kid woke up, he was looking so adorable & so innocent. No one could say he was the same kid who has shaken my whole house and my brain for the whole day.

Finally PK called shopping-gone-friends to check if they are back? They were back!! They did not bother to inform us that they were back and here we all were just waiting 😦 Anyways.. Along with those friends we also went to shopping-gone-friend’s house to say goodbye to their Mum who was returning to India next morning. After tea session at their place, PK & I decided to leave. The friends with the baby then remembered that they have forgotton baby’s cap at our home and so they decided to come back to our house with us. You know how it is when you start saying your goodbyes to friends, it takes half an hour more to finish the goodbye session!! After they left, as soon as we closed the door, we couldnt see anything other than our beloved bed. When we woke up next morning, it was already 10.30 AM. The legs were hurting as if we  have just returned from Mount Everest run.

Then our last weekend was spent shopping black shoes for PK which is an another post in itself because I cannot write “shopping & PK” in one sentence. There has to be a long story behind PK shopping for anything!! We also caught up with our friends for Dal-Baati, Aloo-mattar sabji, Corn pakoda and green chutney lunch.  Then dinner of Dal Makhani, Paneer tava masala, Bhindi masala and tandoori roti with other friends.

Now tell me when do I breathe on the weekends???

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21 Responses to Past weekends!!! Specially the one with 1.5 years old kid!!

  1. Visha says:

    Reading what all the kiddo did is making me gasping for breath!! You guys had a good workout exercise eh 😀 😆

  2. Smita says:

    Aiyyoo!!! Such a hectic life…but you know what I loved about the post? No where you cribbed about the baby! The fact that he is hyper active, has been stated as matter of fact otherwise I have seen people things about kids!!! 🙂

    And what kind of friends do you have? Shirking the responsibilities of their own guests?

    • We had good time with the kiddo Smita.
      PK & I were actually loving that bhagam-bhag with the kiddo. These busy weekends really helped me coming out of my sadness so I am not complaining 🙂 🙂

      I was kind of angry on both friends but really couldn’t decide whom to blame.
      One side, they had gone shopping before their Mum leave for India, maybe they were busy packing at home that’s why they didn’t inform us when they returned?? I don’t know….
      On other side, those friends still decided to become our uninvited guests for whole day.
      Kya kare Smita.. chalta rehta hai 🙂 🙂

  3. Bikramjit says:

    right now i know for sure about samose and kachori’s when i come he he he 🙂

    what a pallava .. with the cap 🙂

    I promise I will be well behaved and not run around but just concentrate on the FOOOOOD and then GO .. and my good byes wont be half hour .. quick one TILL THE NEXT TIME 🙂 oooopssssssssssssssss he he he he

  4. Awww thats bad some weekends are really tiring but the next one is coming soon i wish you enjoy that one…

  5. Know what you mean about not being able to relax with BIL visits. Try to do bare minimum though . Oh man , the food mentions in the last para have me drooling!!
    Omg.. I am amazed at the kid’s energy. Maybe its because I have a girl but such behavior is totally surprising to me at 18 months. Why can’t the parents discipline? We would pick up Bandar and leave if she did even 5 % of this somewhere. I am also giggling at the grandma ‘s attitude towards weekend childcare duties. From what you have written I am also wondering why the kid didn’t have an afternoon nap and get some rest. Oh well, to each his own!

  6. So the ques is you both loved the little kid or were bothered by his over activity and parents not reacting? I want bunny to be naughty wala Baccha but not to the level that he stops listening to us or bother others.

    • When the kid went to sleep, we were really missing him, the house was so quiet. When he woke up, I wanted him to start his masti again but he was quiet for half an hour and PK & I didn’t like that… so yes we both loved his over activity 😉 🙂
      His parents were not like completely ignoring him, they were controlling him but the kid was excited to explore our house I guess 🙂
      Bunny ko toh Sinchan jaisa banana hai, let him grow up a bit then see how I spoil him 😀 😀 😀

  7. Ada says:

    This post left me breathless!!! *whew*
    What fun, kids are the best workout machines ever. I used to live with my uncle with five hyper children, that was my slimmest period ever! There’s nothing like a full weekend to take your mind of things. Have fun! 🙂

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