Life has changed it’s role

Life before –

Don’t wake me up early in the morning – OK.

I want Khaman & Aloo-Puri for breakfast – OK.

I want to see my friend – OK go.

I want to go for a movie – OK go.

I want to do shopping – OK go.

I want a bike – OK let’s buy it.

I want to eat sev-puri – OK go.

I want to go to Nani-ghar – OK go.

I don’t want to go to school today – OK don’t go.

I don’t want to shower today – OK.

I want to eat at Chinese restaurant tonight – OK lets go.

I want new earrings today – OK come to the shop in the evening.

I will not buy any groceries, no matter how urgently you want – OK don’t go.

I will not do any dusting today – OK don’t do it.

I want to work as a teacher – Ok go for it.

I want a new dress for every Saturday parents-teacher meeting – OK.

Not only material things but even the wishes like –

I want to top in fashion designing – I achieved it.

I want to be friends with someone & un-friend with someone – It happened.

I want to be the best dressed amongst all my friends in the party – Yes, I was.

I want compliments on my new heels and my nail-paint – Got plenty of them.

I want this boy to run behind me for my attention & I will not give a damn to him – Not only him but his friends also ran behind me!!!

I will prepare a dish & everyone will love it – Everyone licked their fingers.

All my small-small wishes and wants were always fulfilled as if God and my parents were there “only” to make me happy.

Life Now –Β 

I have wishes & wants but not all of them are fulfilled.

I don’t want to work – I HAVE to for our financial security and my mental balance.

I want my family here with me always – Not possible.

I want my childhood friends here – Not possible.

I want my in-laws to live with me, “happily” – Not possible.

I want PK to find a job that he desires – Still struggling.

I want to fly to India every 6 months at least – Not possible.

I want to shop whenever/whatever I want – Not possible.

I want to drive – stupid driver’s license has become a headache.

Take any of the example from my life before – Not possible.

heck..not even a single Sev-Puri wish can be fulfilled as easily as before!!

Life has become so unpredictable now unlike before, when I used to think about something and it used to be in my hands before I even ask about it.

Isn’t it my parents mistake that they dint made me experience any hardships of life?? They dint made me realize that there are always ups AND downs TOGETHER in life, life is not always about ups & ups. That’s why now if I am told “NO” for anything I just cannot take it, I feel angry, I feel like that’s not possible, I have always got what I want, how can I be denied of something??

July month is also over. With lots of ups & downs last couple of months, I am hoping and praying for happy and healthy start of August. Haaah.. whom I am kidding. Remember I prayed for happy July also but see what happened?? I am seriously scared of life, it has changed the role and now only knows how to throw challenges in front of me. Life has forgotten that TP was so much used to of playing in love, pamper, success and happiness that she doesn’t knows how to handle these tough challenges.


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18 Responses to Life has changed it’s role

  1. I am not sure if it is the real TP whom I know through her blog, wrote the above post from Life Now on wards. If yes, it is only that her thoughts are influenced by the unfavorable circumstances and she will be back soon with a lot of positive energy. Please have a look on her previous posts and you all know how strong, bubbly and positive she is.

    In fact TP, you are so lucky to have your parents who never spoiled you, but gave you everything that you wished for. So you know how to give to others especially the support that you are giving to PK these time.

    Did you see anyone’s life without any challenges? Life gives you challenges and also teaches you how to face them too!!..take care and do not give up hopes at any cost..:)

  2. D says:

    he he…babes..chill!! this too shall pass…:) believe me …life is all about good and bad phases and neither of them last forever. When happy times come ..make the most of them…when bad times come…just wait patiently for them to pass….Moving to Australia was a choice you made…you always knew that friends and family would never be around with you in this country. You are not counting the social security and material comforts you get being in Australia as opposed to the sad state of law and order in India, where female security has become a thank God for that and just give it time… Everything else you mentioned above will also fall in place with time…this is just a bad phase…have patience!..

  3. Ramesh says:

    TPPL , looks like both of you are going through tough times. But I am sure that you will negotiate these times and come out good.

    Regarding Parents, that is the one ‘negative’ ( if it can be said so) thing about Indian parents, To protect their children from the outside world/harsh reality till as long as possible.

    I am sure you have seen in Australia, in the Western word, children have to start doing part time work even before graduating and learn some harsh realities early on.

    In the end, it all evens out …so problems there. Good Luck !

  4. Rr says:

    Aww sweety many hugs!
    I am a silent reader and this post and the previous post made me to write.

    Did my parents pamper me too much- this statement really hit hard on me. I was always told make life tough at young age and u will be geared up for the future. I try to follow the same with my daughter by saying no for things which are genuinely not required and making her understand that life is not an easy slide.

    Hang in there my friend!
    Take care

  5. I felt like giving you a big hug after reading this TP. This is a part of growing up and being an adult-you can’t always get what you want, life doesn’t work like that sadly. However, do trust in faith or some other power to get you through this and believe that whatever happens there is a reason for it. I am going through some personal disappointments myself as I write this so really this message applies to all of us.
    So do be hopeful and positive about August. Hope is eternal and the only thing that keeps us going when the going is tough. hugs!

  6. You expressed what I always ponder on and how the f**** life has changed from carefree days to serious things. The thing bout job and flying to India so true in my life, too. I am also very angry with life.
    Btw, got back to old office and it doesn’t look very very promising but at least, I have something in hand. Gotta try something better. Wish your hubby more success on the job front.
    Btw, I completed the UBC Blogging challenge and did a novella. If you have time, do check it:

  7. Visha says:

    Things will get better soon. Hang in there πŸ™‚

  8. Ada says:

    Hi TP, stay strong and keep calm. Every challenge we surpass in life only serves to make us stronger. A few months from now you will look back at this period and laugh by God’s grace. Hang in there, it will definitely get better. *big hug*

  9. Pepper says:

    Honey, big hugs to you. Let it be known that what you’re facing is just what we call ‘life’. Things will pick up. Don’t lose heart.

    While my parents didn’t seem as indulgent as yours, the sister and I have been largely treated like princesses too. (Though things like skipping school without reason and not buying groceries when requested would not be taken nicely). Other than that, the parents gave us a fabulous childhood and we rarely found a desire that had not been fulfilled.

    Growing up is a different story. I can assure you, almost every individual has a whole bucketful of unmet desires. I for example wanted my parents to live with me in our cosy home in Cailfornia forever. Knowing it was not possible, I moved back to India to live close to them. Yet, sometimes I feel like going back to Cali and also having my parents live with me. I know that is not possible. I want my company to be the topmost in our field. I know it will be a struggle to get to the top. I want to own a fairly big house (not a flat), I know it is not possible. I want to travel to both domestic and international destinations every 3 months, I know it is not possible.

    All of us will have a long list. So it isn’t just you. I think we need to know how to live happily despite all the confines and limitations. And I know you know that too. This seems like a tough period for you, but believe me, things will pick up. Hugs once again!

  10. Bikramjit says:

    Take care girl.. all will be fine .. Pakka .. foreign land will take time to settle and when all this is over then you will forget all this hardship for sure

    just be strong and Bring it on …

    All the best always

  11. Hey TP god bless you dear it’s been 2 weeks I have started reading your blogs and cant stop myself reading it even if I have an eye pain due to continuously reading I feel so connected to you even if I have not seen you but there is a picture of you in my mind that you must be very beautiful like your heart. This weekend I went for shopping and as soon as I took the first pani puri in my hand I remembered you and said cheers TP in my heart. Love you a lot dear.

  12. magic says:

    Hugs TP,

    Just hang in there everything will be fine.

  13. aarya says:

    Hey TP nominated you for Liebster Award. Now get out of that broody corner, smile and get to it.
    Hugs sweetie…I know you’ll emerge a winner πŸ™‚

  14. Neeli says:

    ** knock knock…!!!!!

    ++ can I meet TP?

    ** Yes, I’m TP 😦

    ++ I’m looking for TP, the happy, full of life, lovely bubbly girl. Have you seen her?

    ** I’m the same TP!

    ++ ohh… glad to meet you TP but what has made you so demotivated? Life is a roller coaster ride. Ups & downs are part of it. I know life is teaching you this in a hard way but don’t loose hope n courage! you are God’s dearest baby! things will fall in place! always remember, God loves u so much….

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