Thank God June is over, looking forward to July now

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I calmed myself down and called my Mum’s phone, my sister (number 2) picked up the phone and before she even say “Hello” I could hear my brother murmuring in my sister’s ears – “Ssshh.. don’t tell her, don’t tell her, she will become sad” I was again shocked. When did they grew up so big to hide such things from me?? With tears in my eyes, I asked my sister what little brother is saying. I can feel the shiver in her voice while lying to me: “You know him naa, he is very naughty, he keeps fighting with me all the time” And then the phone went on hold. After few seconds she was on phone again but they were still snatching phone from each other, not listening to me, not replying me. Can you imagine all the drama they were doing to hide Mum’s health issue from me??

I was overwhelmed with so many emotions at that time, I screamed at my sister asking her why they are not taking things seriously, instead of talking to me they are playing and I hanged up the phone in anger. It was just overload of emotions at that time. I was scared of Mum’s health, I was angry on them for not informing me, I was shocked to hear how my little brother & sister wanted to keep me away from all the hard time they are going through, I was angry on them for not talking with me properly. I was just very disturbed.

I called my Dad next. I have never cried on phone with my Mum or Dad. So I calmed myself and first thing I asked my dad was how Mum’s health was. He understood that now I know everything. He explained what & how all happened. It so happened that my Mum felt heart pain while she was coming back from somewhere with my brother. They were in an auto rickshaw. My brother who is 14 years old was so confused to see my Mum sweating & not able to breathe. He told the rickshaw driver to turn the auto to our GP. Our GP saw Mum’s condition & asked my brother to take her to Heart hospital. They went to the heart hospital, where my dad also rushed on getting a call and Mum was admitted in ICU. I am so thankful for my brother’s quick decision to take the auto to the doctor directly rather than taking Mum home.

My sister’s father-in-law went and booked their tickets for same day. Her husband assured me that they will call me & update me on Mum’s health as soon as they reach there. I am so thankful to them for taking quick decisions. But when things like this happen I feel so guilty of living away very far from my parents. At that time, I wanted to just fly to India but again, I had just spend so much money during holidays, PK is in tensed condition, I can’t afford to take leave from work again. I know nothing is more important than parents but again I was so disturbed with so many things going on at that time.

Mum is doing well now, she was feeling weak for few days. Her Iron is very very low. I have couriered her some Iron supplements from here, hope she receive the courier soon. My sister was there for few days, she is returning to her home today. Infact, as I type this, she is sitting in the train.

At my work, there is a big move coming up. We are moving our office. As I came back from holidays, I got the news of my colleague expecting her first baby. She is not well, throwing up every hour. My manager had some stomach surgery which I have mentioned here before. Most of the staff are making excuses like health issues, work issues, project issues so now only I & another guy are left in our team to handle the move and believe me it is so stressful to handle all this along with the regular work.

My driving license was given for correction of spelling in India and guess what they made one more mistake in my license instead of correcting the previous one. I don’t think I will be able to drive here, not in this birth at least. I make deadlines for myself to get my license here and every time I am unsuccessful.

All in all June was not a good month for us & starting of July is also not looking promising so far but I know things will turn around, it’s just a testing phase which PK & I have to pass patiently . I am praying for PK’s job and Mum’s good health. Thank you all so much for your prayers. Your comments, love, hugs and prayers make my world go round.

Amidst all this, we got one good news but I will share that in upcoming posts. Hope I can write all happy posts now onwards.


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40 Responses to Thank God June is over, looking forward to July now

  1. Hope your mom gets better soon….staying far away from family during any emergency can be very stressful…..hope u get some promising news on PK’s job soon…..can’t wait to hear the good news…..

  2. greenboochi says:

    Good to know that Mom is doing ok now. I know how hard it is to stay away from parents, especially at times like these. Hugs TP.

  3. simple girl says:

    this will definitely pass.. stay strong dear…

  4. Things will get right soon TP, they have to…have faith. Both your parents and husbands needs your support during this phase and I know that you are doing it already!! take care of yourself too!!

  5. chipmunk says:

    happy that lil bro worked well… thinkiing on the hardest time needs a very big appreciation and he acted wisely… ask mom to take spinach a lot and pomograntes as well 🙂 she will be all fine don worry 🙂 Pk ji will set soon and happy time is going to start for u guys with no doubt trust me 🙂 🙂 keep smiling 🙂

  6. Bikramjit says:

    As I said in the previous comment testing times it will pass.. I know we think its going slowly but beleive me it is passing..

    Good to know your mom is doing good now.. she will be fine very very soon..and hey dont get angry at ur young sis and bro they are just trying to see you dont get upset. .
    The reason being you are so far away..and alone so they are thinking of you.. and since they are together they can look after each other.. unlike you so they are looking after their elder sis.. they all need a big hug..

    You take care and as june goes away .. so shall the little hiccups in life..

    If driving license is not rectified..just get a learners license and start from scratch..not sure how it works out there..but u shud be able to get a learners straightvaway and then give the test for full one.

    All the best on the job front to the both of you.. i hope the shifting goes fine..and take care..

    • I understand now what sis & bro were trying to do but just that the situation was so bad, now I feel guilty of shouting on them while living so far away from them 😦
      The thing with driver’s license here Bikram is that it takes 3 years to get full license, for these 3 years drive with red & green plates, drive under certain speed limit & too many restrictions and I don’t have that much patience. I just want to show them my Indian license and get full license immediately.

  7. Pepper says:

    Heartfelt wishes to you. I can totally relate to that terror you feel when you know your parent is sick and you are far away. Have been there. Thank God she is okay now. PK will soon get a job better than the one he previously had. Everything will be alright soon. It’s just a matter of time. Hang on.

  8. Hugs,TPL! Can totally understand the frustration of family hiding health stuff from you. Hoping that PK finds a job soon and all is good in your world again. Stay strong and supportive as you are.

  9. aarya says:

    Great things are just round the corner, TP. Auntie is getting better, your little sister and brother are growing up, you already have a good news to share. I am waiting ( and wishing that it comes soon) for the post titled ‘PK bagged a great job’. Sending you loads of good luck and hugs sweetie.

  10. Varsha says:

    You will definitely come out of this very soon. Will pray for your well being!

  11. Anon says:

    TP, so glad to hear that your mom is getting better. Not being able to reach our loved ones in times of need is extremely stressful..Will definitely pray for you guys and your mom.. Take Care

  12. sonja says:

    Aww, sweety, this too will pass. just stay strong. Once everything is settled here in Australia (which will be soon :)), you can then take a trip back to visit mommy dearest (who’ll be up and running by then :)). xoxo.

  13. Smita says:

    Am so glad that your little brother did not panic and had the presence of mind take your Mom to hospital without any delay!
    As far as the tough times are concerned, I am sure good days are just peeping from behind the door 🙂

  14. I can totally understand your pain when you hear your love done back home is in hospital . I am glad mom us feeling better by now. Sending loads of positive vibes on your way dear. I am sure PK will find a job soon. Stay positive .hugs!

  15. TPL, lots of hugs and lots or prayers. I know how it feels to stay far away and worry about family’ well being. I pray to God that everything should turn better soon 🙂

  16. suni says:

    I have been through this when my father was hospitalised and i was away in a situation that i could not travel back to India. Everyday i woke up with anxiety and used to call up as soon as it is morning time in India. Hang in there, things will be better soon. This is just a phase and it will also pass.

  17. magic says:

    Hugs TPL, this too shall pass…you will be out of this very soon also PK will get good and more better job then the previous one ….

    and parents what to say, God has sent them coz he cant come , thet are our angels….hope you mum is doing good now 🙂

    Take care

  18. Divya Deepak says:

    Hi.. with so much going on, no wonder you were so tense. Good to know your mom is doing better. Hope PK gets a better job soon. Do take care of your health as well. Don’t worry – good times are just around the corner.

  19. Titaxy says:

    hugs, dear. hope your mom feels better soon. job is just a job, i’m sure PK will find a much better one soon. you are in my thoughts. take care.

  20. Suma says:

    hi TPL, just was reading your blog after many days. I can totally relate to how you feel when parents are sick. Good to know your mom is doing better. I am sure PK will get a better job soon. Do take care of your health and PK health as well. Good times are just around the corner. (((Huggssss))))

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