I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders.

Hi Guys, Before anything else, let me say a BIG thank you to all of you for all your prayers, love, support, hugs and Anniversary wishes. Thank you so much for your emails. Your messages really made me strong in this tough time. Believe it or not, each time I saw a comment, email, tweet message or whatapp message I was thanking God for giving me friends whom I have never met but they really care for me, the friends who make me strong when I am weak, the friends who motivate me to find my way out when I am lost. I just can’t thank you enough friends.

The June month did not started on good note. Things are still not good but I feel I owe an update here on what’s going on & why I left this space. PK was having very tough time at work. Two of his bosses were made redundant in May. His new Boss was playing mind games with PK, trying to find performance issues in him and showing everyone that the person junior than PK is capable of taking PK’s role and that he was doing better job than PK. I know all the details, I know how much PK was trying to prove himself in front of his new Boss but because of his mind games & manipulative nature, PK couldn’t bear it more.

The situation turned so bad, PK was very disturbed, he couldn’t concentrate on his work or personal life. Finally in first week of June PK was forced to resign. Today is PK’s last day at work. He has tried VERY hard to find another one but no success. He has applied for more than 500 jobs, given so many interviews but we don’t know why it is so tough to get success. I am worried for him as he is not a kind of person who likes to sit idle. Even when he is sick, he prefers to go to work rather than staying at home. Also, he is worried about our financial commitments. I just don’t want his confidence to go down.

Today, when he was leaving for work, I asked him to celebrate his last day in that tensed environment and be happy that he will never see those people again but deep in my heart, I know it is going to be hard for him today. His words – “I joined that place with my pride and I am leaving that place with my pride and head up high. I am happy that before they kick me out in insulting manner, I decided to resign” I am so proud of him. Good luck my boy, I am always with you, no matter what. I will always support you in whatever situation we are in. I will try my best to cheer you up as I have done last whole month.

We left for our Cairns holidays without any enthusiasm. We packed our luggage in 10 minutes. Usually on holidays we do not carry our laptops but this time we did so that PK can apply for jobs. When you know you are going to be jobless in few days, no matter how much rich you are there will be tension on your mind. The time was to find the job, be secured financially and save as much as we can for upcoming tough time but here we were going on holidays to spend more!! We had no other option. As I said our bookings were done long ago.

I must say Cairns is a very expensive city. I mean VERY expensive. Just breakfast of eggs & toast with juice or coffee will cost you not a dollar less than 40-50 AUD. There are lots of activities to do but the prices are total rip off. I was telling PK we could have gone for overseas holidays spending the same amount. Well, tourists attraction places are always rip off but at that point of time, PK & I would have definitely loved to keep those savings with us.

On our Anniversary day, Mum & Dad called us to wish at 7.00 AM India time. PK & I were bit surprised that they woke up so early. PK felt my Mum’s voice was not normal. On asking, my Mum said it has become cold & it was raining and then they have just woke up that’s why change in her voice. Also, they did not talk with us for more than 2 minutes. It was all strange. Next day, when we reached Sydney, we found a big courier from India waiting for us. Full of Anniversary gifts, clothes, long boots for me, Jewellery and the best of all yummy-yummy sweets made by Mum.

I texted my Dad informing him that we have received the Anniversary courier gift. Then I texted my sister (the one who just got married in December) to catch-up with her. After the formal Hi-hello, pahonch gaye and all, she shared the news that Mum was not well, she was hospitalized and was in ICU for one night. Imagine the earthquake I felt at that time. I literally felt so dizzy.

Even while typing this my eyes are welling up. My Mum was in ICU when she wished me for our Anniversary. My Dad was with her in ICU for few minutes just to talk with us & then he was asked to wait outside. They did not sleep that whole night and that’s why they called us very early in the morning. They did not want to give us any tension on our anniversary day and so they were hiding such big thing from us.

I just don’t have any words for my parents. They are simply great. How tough is it to be a parent eh?? How much our parents care for us?? I feel like no matter what I do for them it will never be equal to what they have done for me. I can never become like them in my life. Never. They are literally living angels for me.

I will write more in next part.


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45 Responses to I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders.

  1. Smita says:

    Hugs TP!!!!! I am sure that PK will find a job soon…I can imagine how tough it must be for you guys!!

    And what happened to your Mom? Why in ICU? Pass on my get well soon wishes to her!!!

    And once more a biiiiig hug!! Tough days don’t last my dear!! 🙂

  2. greenboochi says:

    Hugs hugs and more hugs TP. I really really wish things settle for you and PK very soon. I will keep you in my prayers. Dont lose hope and keep PK in good spirits. I am sure he will find something very very soon.

    And parents, what can we say about them?! Why do they have to be so loving and so sacrificing, putting our needs infront of their own. God bless them. Hope mom is okay now.

    Hugs again TP.

  3. Hugs! I hope everything turns out well for you and your family. Hope your Mom is doing fine now.

  4. simple girl says:

    I read your posts often and do not comment by .. difficult things have been really difficult for you.. A bit of warm wishes and hugs from my end.. stay strong .. the phase will pass..

  5. raji says:

    I have read all your blo posts but I have never commented… i have to say i missed you and i hope and pray God gives your mum good health and PK a good job! hang in there! you are in our prayers! most of may classmates are in Aussie land, i dont know what jobs PK is looking for , but if it is IT related, drop me a note and I might be able to circulate CV to a few of my friends.
    PS: please tell PK i have read all his posts too 🙂
    Lots of love

  6. sahasra says:

    Stay strong TPL. Everything will go back to normal and you will be happy again.
    Infact, tough times show us what we really are capable of. So, just keep going and do your best as always.

  7. Jazz says:

    Oh my God TP that is awful.. 😞 Lots of hugs dear.. Hold on things will definitely get better.. And prayers for your dear Mum, I hope she is better now.. And don’t lose hope.. Take care

  8. Hey, happy anniversary and wish the husband best. I know how it is to sit at home for months..been doing that for 10 months when my department closed and was shifted to a new dept. I resigned due to bad politics. But, since I need money I am joining at the same place but since there is a new owner, I am giving it a shot. Met the new guy and he is a gentleman. Let’s see how things unfurl…fingers crossed. Waiting for a confirmation.

    • It makes so much difference when the owner or boss changes, wishing you all the very best Vishal. Hope there will be no politics at that place now because working in such atmosphere can only give stress. I have seen PK under so much stress, I am praying for him as well to find a job at a place where there is no politics.
      Did you got the confirmation ??

      • Not yet, he is working something for me. I was very frank with him how things were bad, too much bad blood going which led me to leave on a question of ethics. It’s been one year where I’ve been struggling with money but one thing, I can sleep well for not compromising the principles. I can understand what PK must have gone through. Will let u in the loop.

      • I am sure something will workout for you very soon. It’s been one week Pk is at home, I can imagine how tough must be this past one year for you. All the best Vishal, I will keep you in my prayers. Hope you and PK get a very exciting role very soon.

  9. Hugs to u TP …..hang in there….. I know u guys are probably overwhelmed with stress right now but have faith…..everything will get better soon….. How is ur mum doing now??

  10. ramaniyam says:

    I have been reading your blog for some days now…Though I don’t know you I really know the pain you are currently going through as my husband and I were in the same situation exactly during this time last year. The worst thing was that both of us did not have jobs as we had made some plans when we quit our respective jobs but unfortunately our plans did not materialize so we were left jobless with decent savings in the bank but the tension was too much to take.
    But things change,trust me on this..I had given up last year and my husband is like your PK,cannot sit idle and he was going through hell too. And all of a sudden by July 2nd week last year things started falling in place and within no time things were back to normal and here I am today happy and proud of myself and my husband for having braved that storm and for managing without taking help from anyone. Things will change and will become better. Till then hold on and just try to be confident and give confidence to your husband.All the best!!!!

  11. Snow says:

    Take care dear! Everything will be fine soon 🙂

  12. Kalyani says:

    Hang in there! Sending positive thoughts your way…

  13. aarya says:

    It is unbelievable how selfless mummy-papa can be. I have similar tale of my Dad going in for kidney stones operation and telling me after he was done and discharged. And once my mom sprained her ankle and I was talking to her while she was at the hospital getting x-rays done but she didn’t tell me about it until she got the news that all was well and only few days of rest and physiotherapy was required.
    All the best to you guys for these hard times. I wish and hope PK soon finds a job much better than what he had to leave behind.
    Also, wish your mom speedy recovery. Hope all is well with her now.
    Hugs, TP. Stay strong you guys and this shall too pass.

  14. TP and PK this is just one of those challenges life is throwing at you. I am very proud the way PK handled the situation , I would have probably done the same . I cannot work for a boss or organization if they don’t trust me.the dark cloud will move eventually . Stay positive . I wish him all the good luck to get a job ASAP.

    Also you had plans to start a business rt. sometimes when we are busy with regular job we don’t get to think abt such good opportunities . I hope he is able chase his passion. Hugs to both of you !

  15. TPL, hope mom is better and fine now. So touched just reading about the anniversary gift box !! How sweet

  16. Bikramjit says:

    hmmmm I hope your mom is fine .. and doing good.

    I know that feeling, because I am in the same situation , my mom is in india and the uk embassy has denied visa .. dont know what to do myself ..

    I feel so sad that parents who did so much to me , I am unable to do anythingggggggggggggg … makes me sick..

    You take care .. I hope the job hunting goes well , have you guys heard anything on that front ..

    hugs your way .. all the best to the Two of you .. all will be fine .. these are hard time, testing times.. and will pass sooon ..

  17. Thisisme says:

    omg! You know i understand what ur goin throigh completely…esp PK!
    In jan this month, i came very close to loosing my job and i somehow, just by stroke of luck or whatever, managed to retain it and am actually doing well. But at the same time, because of the bitter taste that episode left in my mouth..i am trying everything to switch and inspite of great qualifications and great resume…i am just not getting the right break! 2014 has been extremely unstable for me..and though i am trying to be all cheerful and great abt it…its easier said than done! i can soo understand how PK and u must be feeling about all this! but my friend said one thing to me..and it has been struck in my head n heart-> that sometimes things take a while just so we can sit back and analyse all the pros n cons and then actually take the right decision and not rush through stuff! I hope thats true for me and for you n PK too 🙂

    as for ur mom…OMG! thats actually scary but ur parents are soo strong n yet sooo sweet…they didnt inform you about all this! u must have felt soo ..i dunno whats the word also…when you came to know about ur mom’s health! but I really wish good health to ur mom and hope she recovers verrryyy soon with absolutely no side effects and is back happy in her home 🙂
    take care!

  18. yaadayaada says:

    Good Luck and best wishes to you and your family!!

  19. Munni says:

    Hugs…things will turn around very soon and you all will be merry as usual.

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  21. I totally understand your stress. My husband is also resigning his job at end of month because of same work drama, no job yet and we are movin across country. Try to stay postive better things will come. I wish you good luck. I am so sorry to hear your mom is ill, I hope she recovers soon. I hope writing all the stress down helped you.

  22. chattywren says:

    Have been a lurker here, TPL. I can empathise with your situation, and I hope things turn around soon for you and your family. Best wishes and prayers your way, stay strong.

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