The weekend with burnt cupcakes and Vivid Sydney

It was Saturday afternoon. We finished our weekend chores and PK went to the bedroom for his nap. I cannot take naps I don’t know why so I was watching videos on Youtube & stumbled upon a 5 ingredients cake recipe. I decided to bake heart shaped cupcakes instead of big cake for PK, just to surprise him when he will wake up from his nap. So, I gathered the ingredients and started mixing & baking vanilla cupcakes with chocolate chips on the top. I even arranged chocolate chips in letter “P” on one of the cupcakes. Keeping the cupcakes in oven, I went to get ready to go for Sydney Vivid Show.

PK woke up from his nap before the cupcakes were ready, so the surprise was already gone. After few minutes he came in the bathroom where I was getting ready asking me how long for the cupcakes to bake?? We opened the oven, took out the cupcakes and they were burnt. Like literally burnt & dry. I was using the timer of 45 minutes to bake cupcakes but actually it takes 45 minutes to bake a whole cake & 15-20 minutes for cupcakes. Leaving the cupcakes on the bench top, we left home for Vivid show. Next morning the cupcakes turned into a hard stone 😀


Burnt Cupcakes!!

The show was beautiful. No words absolutely. Here are some pictures that we clicked while eating our gourmet wraps that we bought from nearby food stall. Enjoy!!



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26 Responses to The weekend with burnt cupcakes and Vivid Sydney

  1. We were there Saturday too 🙂

  2. Did you day the cupcakes were burned ? I don’t see it girl !

    Love the pictures from the show . It is beautiful !

  3. The show pics are amazing. Love your heart shaped mold for cupcakes.. And it is the thought that matters:) thanks for showing the 5 ingredients too

  4. Smita says:

    wow lovely images!!! And Cupcakes are easy to make but never been my cup of tea!!! I always end up spoiling them!!!

  5. greenboochi says:

    Wow!! So beautiful 🙂

  6. Bikramjit says:

    ooops on the burnt cup cakes

    and the Opera house WOWO it looks so beautiful at night.. Reminded me of the great times I had in OZ.. you know there is that yellow boat ride the speed boat, we took right there and it stopped suddenly and my cousin actually flew OUT 🙂 and fell , although he had all the life jacket etc and everything he was safe but all we could hear was SHARK SHARK .. we did not know whether to laugh or help him he he he he

    My sis keeps asking me to visit again and these pic are making my decisions to go again to Oz easier 🙂

    You had a good time .. so when you baking the cup cakes again ..

    • ya ya Jet boating, my God Bikram!! so scary.. Poor your cousin, I would have died in the water that very second just because of shock 😦
      This reminds me of one incident when my dad took everyone for banana boat ride and the banana literally turned upside down and everyone fell in the water including our neighbor’s daughter!! I should write a post about it!!!

      ya ya please visit Sydney again, it will be fun, we will get to meet, PK & you will be able to compete on who drinks more & I will achieve my dream of making tandoori chicken for a Punjabi adn get compliments on how good I cook even though I don’t eat it 😛 😛

      Now that your second sister is also inviting you to OZ, I am sure you will not delay your trip 😉 😉

      • Bikramjit says:

        Yeah it was scary but , we had lots of fun in oz, and did a lot of activities.. went for sky diving tooo 🙂

        and oh yes God willing surly visit and what more can a punjabi ask for a mate to drink with and Chicken 🙂

        God bless

  7. Ada says:

    The show looks amazing! And the remedy for burnt cakes- scrape off the blackish parts and crumble the rest into some not-so-firm ice cream. Yumm…

  8. Gosh it happens ya..guess the show made u forget the cup cakes..still it looks yum! Hope next tym there won’t be untoward surprise.

  9. susmitha says:

    My sister also went to same show TPP :)..she is pretty new to sydney 🙂 i was talking abt your blog to her 🙂

  10. aarya says:

    Wow yaar…the pics are lovely…spectacular show this must be. And i am sure your next attempt with cupcakes will work; you know what went wrong na so just remember that next time.

  11. susmitha says:

    thanks TPP..wll ask her to pucca..

  12. Divya Deepak says:

    Great pics- the musical show was so beautiful. Is this an annual event in Sydney?

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