*dancing like a maniac*

As you all know, I LOVE shopping. It’s like therapy to me. Before I went to India, I shopped like crazy here. I shopped for myself, shopped for my sister and for everyone. From cosmetics to hair-tools to shoes to dresses to luggage bags to handbags and what not. When I was in India, I shopped there again, yes, like crazy…

With “this” much shopping –

I blew up all our savings pretty much 😦

I had a lot of things/clothes/accessories to use up before buying even a single item 😦

I had no space in my walk-in wardrobe so I had to shift half of my clothes to another wardrobe in a spare bed-room.

With 2 wardrobes in 2 bedrooms, I always have to run in both the bedrooms to decide what I am going to wear, which is such a hassle when I am in hurry and at the end I leave both the bedrooms & bathroom in a very messy state and on top of that I am always late running here & there while getting ready. When PK sees this he makes fun of me 😦

I promised myself that I will not shop for at least 6 months so that I can use up most of my stuff. The good news is I can confirm now that it’s been 4 months and I have not shopped at all( as far as I remember :P). I am so proud of myself.. Also, it has saved me money, energy, wardrobe space plus saved me from the embarrassment when PK says – “Oh no.. again you shopped??” when he sees me returning from work with shopping bags.

Now the thing is, when I shopped in December, I only shopped for casual and party wear stuff, I did not shopped for any formals.. The result is, I have used up all my formal wear, have worn them all repeatedly over these past 4 months and also I was wearing these before also, not that these were new formals. So, all my formals are now worn out, literally. I can go shopping now.. Yay!!!

Can you guess who the happiest person is right now?? Hehehehehe.. Also, winters have started here, I am so excited to buy new winter formals & jackets, yay!! yay!! yay!! Oh and you know, I did not bought new winter coat last year as well so that I use up my old ones. Can’t wait to go shopping this weekend.. la lala la la..  la lala la la.. Does this justifies the title?? 😀

PS: This is my 200th post, another reason to dance like a maniac??? 😀

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8 Responses to *dancing like a maniac*

  1. Jay says:

    You go girl! 😀

  2. Enjoyed this one. It reminds me of the last trip to India where I was on a shopping spree, movies, books, clothes and I end up paying 26 k to emirates counter for excess..we are family settled out of India right now and whenever I go no stopping me, u name it u get it, tea bags, coffee. Shampoo made in India and what’s not!

    • ohh God 26 K really???
      Well.. I have paid upto 13K the highest..
      but then after that my Dad sends me all the left over stuff via courier 😀
      I think 2 years ago my Dad sent me 52 KG courier of my shoes & clothes that I shopped during my India trip & PK was very upset with me 😦

  3. B. M. says:

    yes yes yes .. it justifies rather more than justifies ..
    congrats on the 200th post and HAppy SHopppingggggggggggggggg 🙂

  4. Visha says:

    I love shopping too, provided I have the money, which usually gets over in the first few days of getting salary he he he. Thus for me, I look forward to festivals, cause that is the time I shop in bulk 🙂

    200th post..YAY

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