The pocket of Sentiments

I usually clean my office hand-bag every month or whenever I am changing bags. I like to keep it de-cluttered & organized as much as I can to make things easy for me. Just to give you an example, I keep stuff in small pouches. I keep my make-up & accessories like comb, safety pins, hair-clips in one red pouch, all my keys like office keys, home keys, spare car keys, garage keys etc in another small black pouch, then a wallet for money & cards, a scarf to keep me warm, a small umbrella because you never know when it will rain in Sydney, then a lip-balm, hand sanitizer, mint, office access card & train ticket card in that pocket which is easily & quickly accessible anytime.

So.. I was cleaning my hand-bag few days back, I took out all the stuff & at the end I opened the small zipper that is inside the bag & I use it very rarely. This you can say is my “sentiments pocket” The things in this pocket are of no use to me but I keep them with me because I am emotionally attached with these things. Here are those things…

First of all, pictures of my Mum & Dad. The first & the third pic is of my Dad when he was in his mid twenties and the middle one is of my Mum & Dad’s wedding. Yes.. I stole it to bring it with me when I was coming to Australia first time after my wedding. This wedding picture of my Mum & Dad inspires me to make my married life as beautiful as theirs 🙂

Below is a picture of the very first gift that I send to PK from India after we got engaged. I attached this key-ring in a huge valentine’s day card for him. I had no idea at that time that I can send a courier to him, I was so dumb 5 years back that I thought I cannot send gifts abroad so I spend days and days in finding a perfect small gift that I can send him along with the greeting card. After wedding, when I saw PK is not taking care of it properly & it is lying here & there, I decided to keep it in my bag always 🙂

Third thing – Can you guess what this is?? I will tell you, wait… Back in August 2010, it was time to return to Australia after my first visit at my Mum’s place. I was crying a lot, I was heartbroken thinking of going back to Australia & waiting for another year to see my family again. My brother who was 9-10 years old then, was doing his homework, he couldn’t see me upset so he quickly made this small gift for me & gave it to me. Yes, this made me smile then & this makes me smile whenever I am sad 🙂

This is one of the many gifts that PK gave me on my first birthday here in Oz. I just Looooveee this smell. As you can see it is about to finish but I am so so attached with this body lotion, I just don’t want this to finish. I know I can buy another piece of same body lotion but I just don’t want to depart from this bottle. It was my first birthday with PK so I was very happy but also it was my first birthday alone, away from family. I was again on my crying session, missing my Mum & Dad, when PK opened this lotion & asked me see how the smell is, he helped me applying it on my hands & was just trying to divert my mind which he was successful in. This was also on 2010.

Last one, it’s just an iron ring. My Mum gave one of this to my sister & one to me during my last visit to India during sister’s wedding. As per my Mum, if you keep any small iron thing with you, it helps in keeping the evil eye away from you. Whether I believe in such superstitious things or not, is a different story but I just keep it in my bag, not that I think I have any evil-eye on me but just that this ring makes me feel safe, connected to my Mum and I don’t know.. I just like to keep it with me 🙂

Soo.. What about you girls?? Do you also keep any such things in your bag or it’s just me the weird one?? 🙂

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13 Responses to The pocket of Sentiments

  1. hehe looks like a girly post but enjoy reading the pics and its awesome:)
    Have a good day:)

  2. B. M. says:

    Ok I will not say anything .. as you said what about you girls 🙂 ???

  3. greenboochi says:

    Awwww I got so sentimental reading this post too 🙂 I have a ten rupee note thats beaten to death now – which was given by my dad to me when I first moved to B’lore. I have a nalipaint bottle thats completely dried up – first gift from S from our college days. There are lots of other junks that are too much for me to let go.

    During my first week in Bangalore, I got mugged at bus station and I lost my beautiful wallet which was a gift from sister. It had only some 300 odd rupees but the wallet was so heavy with all such senti stuff. I lost a huge chunk there and was sobbing so badly. Guess what Amma told me – be thankful that the pick pocketer didnt come searching back for you for having all non-sense stuff inside and no money 😀 😀

    • awww.. how sweet GB..
      Even I have the notes that my Dadaji gave to me on his 82nd birthday, I have written the date as well & kept it safe 🙂
      Ohhh.. so sad that the wallet was stolen but you can always make new memories from new things no 🙂

      btw.. when I saw your comment I was like why I am not getting any updates from you in my reader??? Guess what – I unfollowed you, I don’t know when & how 😦 😦

  4. Wow…your handbag not only seems organized but also has necessities, cosmetics and sentiments also..

    I pay very little attention to my handbag’s stuff. I carry a small wallet in my handbag then a diary and a mobile.Oh..yes..then I also see biscuit crumbs and chocolate wrappers in my handbag during weekends 🙂

  5. This was such an interesting post. We think everyone keeps different things in their bags / purse / wallets. It could be a diverse range of things. Your mom’s iron ring in your bag was most touching.

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