Chipkoo Chikoo

Before you read any further please try saying “Chipkoo Chikoo” continuously 15 times 😀

Ok, back to the topic. If you will ask PK what is his favorite fruit, he will reply in a micro second – “Chikoooooo” If you don’t know then google it, it’s also called ‘sapodilla’ which sounds very funny to me, as if it’s some loose snake’s name in hindi 😀 Oh and you know if you will ask him his favorite vegetable, he will say “Bitter-gourd” I know.. such weird taste ehh..

When we were in India last time, that is during my sister’s wedding, Chikoos were in full season. Whenever my Mum spotted any Chikoo-wala on road, she used to scream “Stop” “Stop” & my Dad used to be shocked like what happened?? Why are you screaming?? Mum used be like – Oh I saw nice Chikoos with that Chikoo-wala, we have to buy for PK. PK used to feel so shy.. I think we ate Chikoo almost every day either in the form of Chikoo shake or just a cut fruit. I had a pic as well of PK eating his plate of Chikoo but couldn’t find it on my phone, maybe I lost it 😦

Oh and you remember Mum and Dad sent us parcel from India for our birthdays, my Mum sent us a packet of Chikoo shake but in dry form. We haven’t tried it yet, I don’t think any powder mixed with milk can taste like Chikoo shake but Mum said she has tried it & she liked it that’s why she has sent it to us. Okie Mum, we will give it a try soon 🙂

The other day PK was craving for his Chikoo shake, he bought frozen Chikoo from Indian store & decided to make it. The drink looked so lovely with ice crushed in it, he served the shake in big beer mugs. As soon as I had one sip I felt something weird. I asked PK how is he liking his drink?? Because he had made it, he was like – ya ya its very nice, it’s refreshing & bla bla bla.. After 2-3 minutes I took the mug for another sip & I felt like my lips were stuck with each other, I could not open my mouth. I saw PK from the corner of my eye, he was also struggling with drinking it.. His lips had some white stuff on it & his lips were also sticking with each other. I went to the bathroom & saw in the mirror my lips also had glue like sticky white thing on my lips which was making my lips stick with each other. I washed my lips like 2-3 times with soap & then only the sticky stuff went away leaving very dry lips of mine 😦

Even though we were laughing a lot on what was happening, we were curious to know why did that happened?? I googled stuffs like – “Sticky glue on lips after drinking” “Mugs not washed properly & that’s why sticky glue on our lips??” and so many idiotic things. While PK, sitting next to me just googled – “Sticky lips after drinking Chickoo shake” & we found the answer. Duhh.. Actually in the pack of frozen Chikoos, there was a raw chikoo as well, that was frozen & raw Chikoos have latex in it which came to our lips when we drank that chikoo shake. What a fail of Chikoo Shake it was but we learnt something new and also had unexpected laughter session…


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12 Responses to Chipkoo Chikoo

  1. chipmunk says:

    I love this juice. This s one of the finest and healthy juice in the entire fruit family dear. . . Certainly this fruit family let a smell which s New and many of them don like t. When ever we get an opportunity to eat this fruit i ll have a feast.

  2. Hehe loved the title, so apt !!! Chikoo is still okay but bitter gourd !!! I love it too but won’t consider it as my favorite :P. And that is one insight a midst the fun incident, never knew this. I am also having loads of chikoo shake this summers to complete my daily milk quota 🙂

  3. B. M. says:

    a post on chikooo one of my favourites too.. brought some memories of back home .. my grand dad was very fond of fruits so in the back yard we had trees of manoges-leeche – chikoo – guava..

    and yes the white stuff its so gummy … 🙂 good old days those were

  4. Lol😀😀 I loved the post and especially your title…

  5. I said it! Chipkoo Chipkoo! Once a friend in college was teasing her gf, Chikoo, coz of her love for ur post and so much fun reading it.
    Have a good weekend

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