The reality of fakeness

In the girls only party, we were surprised to see one of our friends in trousers & shirt. She always wears skirts, frocks & girly dresses only, never wears jeans/ shorts/ capris/ pyjamas or anything from pant category. She was looking pretty but you know when we get used to seeing someone in particular outfits & when that person change her/his looks, we can’t stop but comment. So, I told this girl jokingly – Ohh, how come you are wearing trousers today, as far as I know you never even wear jeans!! Her reply was – “Jeans toh gareeb log pehente hai!!” Translating to – “Poor people wear jeans” I was so shocked to hear this comment. This comment is still playing in my mind, how can people think like this??

We again met on Monday & caught up for lunch as she was having a day off. Now, this was the first time we were meeting one on one. We have always met in groups. During that catch-up I had few heart attacks literally.

I got first stroke when she asked me – “Which girl you liked the most on our girls only party??” I was like huh???? Do we even have to think about this after we make bunch of new friends?? Do we really have to select the favorite one?? I had no reply for this question.

Second stroke I got when while buying our Mexican lunch she said – “You know, I take these complimentary chopped coriander leaves, chopped onions & jalapenos in big container & use in cooking at home, sometimes I also take tooth picks from here, its free hehehehe” I was like – What the heck!!

I asked her if she wants drink, she said no but while having lunch she was like wish we would have got a bottle of water. I insisted to buy one to which she reply “No, no if you buy water with meal than only its 1$ otherwise it will be 3$” I was like that’s fine naa, we are thirsty, we need water, I will buy it, what difference does 2-3 dollars make?” Her reply – “Arey paas me hi toh toilet hai wahin se pi lungi” Translating to –I will drink from nearby toilet” OMG!!! I literally choked on my burrito that I was eating & felt so disgusted. Yes that was third heart attack & a massive one. How on earth a person can think like this?? You know she saw me making yucky face & choking on my food and said – “hehehe.. no no..I am just saying there is a toilet nearby, I will not go & drink water from there!!” I just had to ignore her comment!!

We went to buy coffee & I asked for skimmed Mocha. She was like you should drink full cream or A2 milk, it’s good for you & blah blah blah.. I honestly told her I am cutting off coffees, dairy products & stuff from my diet because of my cholesterol but just to give her company I am buying a small skimmed coffee. From that her advises started, she became my teacher, my daadi-amma or my tutor. Eat Chia seeds, eat cinnamon, eat this, eat that, drink this, drink that, go to this fitness gym, go to that gym..oh God!! Did I asked for her free advise??

And from there she reached on the topic of what formula milk she gives to her toddler. When I said that I have not heard about that, she said – “How will you know, you don’t interact with me or new mums!!!”

That was it, I had enough of her. Our thinking, our basics, our mentalities, everything are totally different. I quickly said bye to her & ran back to work. I wish I was bit quick witted to reply her to her idiotic comments. I always get replies in my mind after the topic is already over or the person is already gone.

1) I never had an idea that jeans or any other clothing item can be classified in the category of clothes for poor people and clothes for rich people. It sounds so disgusting even just thinking about this classification.

2) Who on earth thinks if that outfit is for poor people or for rich before buying it??

3) Is this the way to judge other person’s status?? May be that girl only judges people like that. But then in her eyes we all are poor!!! Because mostly everyone wears jeans only she is the odd one out. I LOVE my denim to the extent that I just cannot live without it.

4) Oh & picking up favorite new friend from a bunch, taking free coriander and onions home to make Rajma, drinking water from toilet to save just 3 dollars eeewwww.. just thinking about all this is giving me shivers, yucks!!! Oh did I mentioned the way she took 3 leftover corn chips & put in her bag??

How can a person show-off she is very high standard/status girl by never wearing jeans but do all the most idiotic stuff to save a dollar???? Such shallow thinking!!! If you are going to judge people with what they are wearing, how will you know, how they actually as a person are?? If you will only show off & pretend, how will people know who you actually are?? Isn’t it a waste of our precious life in being something else & pretending to be something else??


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21 Responses to The reality of fakeness

  1. Visha says:

    Two faced, thats the right word for such people 😦

  2. Deepa says:

    Stay away from such friends. She sounds like a cheapo and fake. I met someone like this in US many years ago, this girl only wanted to be friends with folks who had their own home, a nice looking car and had a green card, can you believe it?? She was studying associates degree at some community college, when I had had enough of her fakeness, I asked her what she was studying and where, she lied saying that she was doing Masters at some good uni (one where I was doing my Masters in the same program), i caught her red handed and told her that I knew about her truth and she didn’t have to lie to me. I also told her in the end that I was a topper and was accepted at this uni without a GMAT as I was a uni topper. I don’t give a shit for status, I only value true friendship and I walked off. She immediately found another Desi girl who drove a benz.

    I met her 10 years after this incident and found out that she did not graduate and still lived in an apartment.

  3. magic says:

    such people exist in this world , once we come to know about them just ignore them.

    “Arey paas me hi toh toilet hai wahin se pi lungi” Translating to –I will drink from nearby toilet” this made go eeewww gross.

    and yeh many times I too think I should have given back to that person immediately, but I get the replies only when I done with that person sigh 🙂

  4. The jeans comments made no sense to me. What is it supposed to mean? So weird!
    The taking stuff from restaurants bit I know people do. I grab straws myself sometimes especially when we are traveling for our little one! Does that make me cheap? I dunno…lazy too I guess as I don’t have to make another it stop for .guess to each her own. Some folks don’t want to spend the $3 on water but might not have said it so frankly to a friend

    • It means she doesn’t wear jeans because jeans are for poor people(according to her) & she doesn’t want to look poor!!
      Okie, I can understand toothpicks, straw, tissue etc but chopped onions & chopped coriander to make curry at home?? I think its bit too much..

      If she would have said frankly she doesn’t want to spend 3 dollars on water bottle, I would have understood, that’s fine but the thing that gross me out is she can drink water from public toilet to save those 3$, she is not a person who cannot spend 3$.. anyways more than that I was amused at her dual personality – she will not wear jeans because that makes her look poor but she will save 3$ & not drink water if she is really thirsty, instead go to public toilet for water!!

      • Achha..I understood it as she is now ‘poor’ hence wearing jeans and trying to save money!Drinking bathroom water from the tap is gross..I thought maybe some water cooler/fountain outside bathroom like in some restaurants here. Anyways, guess you wont be hanging out with her much after the incident:)

  5. Pooja says:

    OMG. Just ditch her babe. Also if she reads this than for her info there are public drinking water fountains and free too. mebbe she should sell few dresses on ebay and save the money to buy water :)). I knw I sound soooo mean here but I have no other way to say it.

  6. chipmunk says:

    I am laughing out so loud on this 🙂 this person is quite interesting 😀 😀 😀 he he he when i day dream about her entire activity of taking coriander or drinking water from toilet i couldn’t do anything but simply laugh 🙂 this shows her status.. she doesn’t want to wear jeans just coz its a poor man wear… I wish no heroin or hero hears her statement 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. aprawriter says:

    Hello! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now :-D. I too have met my share of such people who have really strange notions about things!
    Keep writing! It’s fun reading your posts!

  8. Oye, where are you? Missing reading your updates !!! Jaldi aao.

  9. B. M. says:

    I am so pooor.. I only wear jeans 😦 …

    and taking food from a place now now that is a good idea, I have always fancied the salad in pizza hut , next time taking a container from home 🙂

    and you know this time when i was in india i felt that , I too have a friend who was more interested to know , which one is my favourite friend and somehow wanted me to be with him all the time , just ot show others that I was more closer to them ..

  10. Gosh! That’s scary n she seems to be a weirdo, though I hate generalizing…but, yeah, I can’t take an attack on jeans coz I love them to death. But, then, we meet all kind people in this world.

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