The scary game

PK has always been a very strong person. As you all know, he motivates me, supports me, helps me whenever I am stuck, if I can’t do anything I have one solution that is PK. I have never seen him scared or weak.

The other day, I think it was Sunday or Saturday, I told PK that I am going to take shower and I walked in our bedroom. He told me that he is also going for a bath. Just so that you can imagine the scene, PK uses main bathroom & I use our bedroom one. When I came in the room, I became lazy to take shower, so I took Neem face pack, applied that on my face & lied on the bed watching youtube videos. After few minutes, I heard PK turning off his shower & closing his bathroom door. I knew he was done with his shower & was coming in the bedroom. I don’t know why I thought like hiding behind the door.

As soon as he entered the bedroom, I jumped out from behind the door & “Boo-ed” him. OMG.. you should have seen his face, he was so damn scared and teh scream that he let out, I have never heard that voice, that shaky scream from PK. I was able to see his heart pumping so hard from his bare chest. I got scared first to see him like that but later we both laughed till our tummy ached.

1) He got scared because I boo-ed him very loudly.

2) More than that he was scared to see my face with half dried green face pack. 😀

It was so much fun to scare him, I was waiting for one more chance which I got on Monday after work. So, we returned home after work, parked our car in garage & got off. As usual, instead of coming inside the home he went out to shower some love to his garden, driveway & letterbox. I was waiting for him to come in so that I can close the door but you know his outdoor love right?? So, I just slide the door & waited there without making noise. I heard him coming inside, the garage door was rolling down & slowly it became dark in the garage. As soon as PK opened the sliding door, I boo-ed him AGAIN. YES AGAIN I scared the hell out of him. 😀 😀

Although this has become a fun game for me but PK is eagerly waiting for the opportunity to scare me. He knows I can get scared very easily but he doesn’t know that now that I know, that he is going to scare me anytime, I am prepared & I will not get scared at all. Woo-hoo.. ha..ha..ha.. (insert cunning laugh) 😀 😀 😀

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8 Responses to The scary game

  1. aarya says:

    Hahaha…I do this all the time and it is fun. Every single time. Bruhaahha (that’s my cunning laugh)

  2. Visha says:

    hehe, ye kya naya game khoj nikala N 😆

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