PK’s birthday – 29th March 2014 – Part 2

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What actually happened :
On 29th March, early morning 8.00 AM, we went to the doctor to collect my reports also to confirm if everything was OK. After lot of waiting time, the doctor called us in his cabin at about 10.15-10.30 AM. We were like we will come out in 5 minutes to start our day. But the doctor said the reports are not good. 1) I have PCOS 2) My liver function is not normal 3) My Vitamin D is very low 4) My Cholesterol is VERY high – so high that I am at risk of having stroke in future or maybe I have some heart disease.

PK & I were shocked. I don’t eat meat how can my cholesterol be so high?? The doctor even said that he has never seen this high cholesterol in any of his patients. His actions were showing us its very serious matter. He quickly checked my blood pressure, it was normal. He checked my weight, my height, my eyes, my pulse, all was ok but he was still shocked to see my cholesterol level. I was in more shock when he called the Nurse & asked her to send the ECG machine. In minutes I was on table & my heart beats were checked, the ECG results were also not good. The line that goes up was actually going down. I was asked my family history, if I have felt pain in my heart, if I have been lost of breathe any time, my replies were not supporting the question why my cholesterol is high.

The doctor went to bring the tablets and at that time I had a complete breakdown. This was not what I was expecting. I know my PCOS problem, my vitamin D problem & liver elevated results as well but from when did this high cholesterol thing happen?? The doctor came in, gave me medicine to try for one week, the diet chart to follow and also asked me get some heart scans & ultrasounds done. This all took an hour in his cabin.

I was calm on the way back home but as soon as I reached home I was totally confused, I was crying, PK was worried & stressed out, we both were completely lost. We were in total disbelief of what just happened at the doctor’s clinic. But we had to support each other & move on with our day. My plan was to make him his favorite Eggs Benedict for breakfast but with all this on my mind, my head was just blasting so PK took over & made some parathas (without ghee ofcourse!!) with yoghurt. I was on mobile constantly looking up what are the reasons for elevated cholesterol levels & what the tests mean that doctor has asked to do. We passed our whole afternoon in this. Unfortunately, with all this happening we were not in mood to go to city or go for dinner. I cancelled the dinner booking with very heavy heart, feeling very very guilty.

PK said he will go out & do lawn-mowing, I also gathered myself & joined him in mowing our lawn. It was such a stress buster. We made some coffee & cuddled up with each other. At 8.30 PM, PK asked me to get ready to go for dinner. There is nothing much we can do apart from taking care of our health, eating healthy and exercising. I was also feeling that his birthday has been spoiled in all this, last year also his birthday was not good & this time as well. We got ready & went to the Thai restaurant nearby.

The ambiance of the restaurant, the environment, the crowd, the food, refreshing coconut water did helped in changing our moods. Sometimes I was having flash backs of doctor taking my ECG & all that, sometimes I was feeling pain in my eyes due to crying whole afternoon but I was trying my best to divert my mind. Did I mention their food was literally to die for??? Oh My God, the flavours were so fresh & powerful, you just can’t stop eating. Here is what all we ordered:

  1. Veg Spring Rolls for me & Crispy Quail for PK
  2. Raw Papaya Salad for me only 😉
  3. Veg Tom Yum soup for me, which I couldn’t finish so took half of it home for next day’s lunch 🙂
  4. Roasted Duck curry with steamed rice for PK
  5. Pandan Creme Brulee for dessert to share
  6. Coconut water for both of us

Veg Spring rolls for me & Crispy Quail for PK



PS: I have written this post last week, when I was still waiting for Saturday, to go to the doctor & get my heart Scan & liver ultrasounds results. Well, the reports came out clear. Thank God for that. I don’t have any heart issues, no blockage or anything. You cannot imagine what a big relief it was to get clear results. PCOS is giving hard time to liver & liver in turn is increasing my cholesterol in blood. Actually, the whole thing is connected. So, hopefully all will be good after few months of medication, diet & exercise.


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43 Responses to PK’s birthday – 29th March 2014 – Part 2

  1. Glad nothing serious. Take care of your health gal as you know without it, we can’t be normal.

  2. Jazz says:

    OMG take very good care of yourself dear, don’t take any other stresses, focus on health.. And thank God reports are clear , I can imagine your guys relief..

  3. omg this is all you went through that day !!! What a relief that heart reports came out clean. Thank god for that. I had this sunken feeling with all the details at the doctor’s and the afternoon post that but I have to say the tempting food pictures cheered me up :). Glad PK took you out of home and you stuck to all healthy options.

    As you mentioned exercise, healthy food habits and a little modification in lifestyle is all that is needed. I know you have already started, way to go girl. In few months this will be all in past. All the best with the new resolution. And don’t worry next year both of your birthdays will be a blast 🙂

  4. Oh dear my heart are was increasing as I read the post. There is a bit of relief towards the end but I am still nervous to read your cholesterol levels. Please do take care. Eat healthy and do excercise. At home R is having his cholesterol levels high and I am worried too.

  5. chipmunk says:

    I am letting a big relief breath on reading your PS… you scared me like hell…. hugs for you dear.. I know how scary it will be to hear all these details… you know what… mikku vit D is also too low… she has only 6 😦 you guys need to walk a lot in early sun and evening time I say.. if you were here, i would have pulled you both out for walking!!! but still do walk… cholesterol is a real thingy that is found in lot of ppl of our age.. it can be brought down through medication.. use very less of oil and ghee… you will be super fine 🙂 🙂 hugs for u 🙂 🙂 now go and enjoy your life shredding these thoughts far behind 🙂 ismile 🙂

    • Ohh Mikku’s is 6 only?? Mine was 8 before then I started taking vitamin D tablets, now it is 29 but still it should be more than 50..
      I have bought cholesterol free olive oil now for cooking, no ghee for me..
      Thank you Chipmunk..

  6. Relieved to know the reports are clear. And I am sure, since you have changed your routine, you will bring the levels under control. And most importantly, do not worry about anything – because that will also affect your body. Stay happy TP 🙂

  7. Pepper says:

    Gosh, TPPL, that must have been so stressful to deal with. I know how that feels. When we did our annual health check up, we discovered my sister has high cholesterol too. She is a tiny, skinny, mini vegetarian 21 year old. How her cholesterol is high absolutely baffles us. She still doesn’t watch her diet or exercise. Sigh.

    My sugar is high too and I can’t come to terms with the idea of being a diabetic. :/ My ECG is not normal too, but the doc said they were very small fluctuations, so there was no need to get additional scans done now, we will monitor it in a few months. I still feel very unsure though.

    I really am going to start including exercise in my regime now, once things settle down in my end. If possible, please do share your exercise routine and your diet here. Good luck to you and I am sure you will emerge healthier soon.

    • Yes it was very stressful Pepper, specially because I felt/knew that I was perfectly fine & suddenly going through heart scans & ECGs was so scary and as like you I wasn’t coming to terms with being a heart patient 😦
      You know my colleague is also very skinny, looks after what she eats still she has high cholesterol..
      Your little sister, she is just 21 yaar, we cannot expect her to totally change her diet, neither we can force her to eat this & not to eat this, thodi mature ho jaayegi then she will take care of her diet apne aap 🙂
      I have changed my diet and included long walks in my routine, hopefully this will work.

  8. Rrmom says:

    One of the reason could be stress. Cholesterol increases when you are stressed out. Stress produces cortisone that converts what you eat to cholesterol. Avoid all situations that gives you stress. I know you have been stressed out because of your email and phone to your in-laws. Keep them out of your mind till the cholesterol comes down.

    This happened to me when my in-laws stressed me out. The doctor was shocked to see my cholesterol level and I was stunned because I always watch what I eat. I kept the people who stressed me out of my life and within three months everything was within normal range. Have been careful ever since not to let stress take over my health.

    Take care girl. Your health is more important than anything else.

    • Is it?? Oh God!!! Then main reason of my high cholesterol should be stress only!! But now that I have cleared up everything with them on my email, I am very much relieved & less stressed out.
      Thank you so much Rrmom for the advise 🙂

  9. OMG…..this post was so shocking ….I’m glad things are better now and you are trying to change your lifestyle….do take care and keep us posted….

  10. Visha says:

    from the comments I read that you have a changed routine these days, all the best N, patience and hard work always pays off 🙂

    Try to include yoga into your exercise routine, my dad is a yoga guru and he says yoga never shows instant results, but in the long run it is the way to go for a healthy body 🙂

  11. Divya Deepak says:

    hi TP – good to know your reports were normal. do stick to the diet and hopefully you will see better results next time. Also all animal products have cholesterol – milk, butter, cheese, yogurt etc. Reduce or eliminate these from your diet and see if it helps with cholesterol. Good luck!

    • Thank you so much for advise Divya. I can & I am living without eating yogurt, cheese & butter but milk is teh thing I cannot live without, I have to have milk in the morning, at least half cup, though I have changed it to low fat milk. I am thinking to switching to soy milk or almond milk but again I dont know if I will bale to adopt the taste 😦

  12. Chinmayi says:

    take care of yourself, glad that the reports are clear. Hope you will be all good soon.

  13. magic says:

    Glad to know nothing serious,
    I too have pcos/pcod and pcod is directly related to liver problems… only healthy food and exercise can make our lifes normal and better… don’t worry u ll be fine with just diet and exercise/yoga…
    also pcod/pcos is caused due to too much of stress, so just don’t worry and stress yourself, u ll be fine…take care

  14. Smitha R says:

    Take care TPPL. Did you have your thyroid checked ? My mom had the same rise in cholestrol issue which was identified as hypothyroid later. Also, google to see if green tea is good for u. It works like magic for some I know.
    And do watch the ghee and oil . Try baking… a lot of the fried foods taste good (well not as good , but adjustable 🙂 ) if u bake them instead of frying…

    • yes Smitha, my thyroid reports are also normal.
      You know, I very rarely take out my kadhaai to deep fry stuff.. don’t eat ghee as I dont like it and use very less oil in veggies.. so still not sure what to do, but I have bought 0 cholesterol olive oil now, hopefully it will make difference..

  15. Satori says:

    Love your blog, though don’t comment much! Maybe you could include oats in your diet as it is very well known to reduce cholesterol. In fact, you can even drink what is available as oat milk here (check in Coles)…

    Take care of your health!!

  16. mamata says:

    Oh TPP you scared me let me tell, nothing is impossible with little diet change and little change in your routine excercise you can reverse anything. Modify your lifestyle eating healthy is the key to healthy lifestyle dear, everytime my daughter is home for vacation this is the only lecture she gets from me keep yourself active always….. See within 3 months all your levels with come back to normal.

    • I have started eating healthy, avoiding junk food, cheese, sweets etc, taking long walks during lunch breaks & in the evening after I get home & trying to be active.. hopefully it will make some difference..
      Thank you so much for advise mamata 🙂

  17. Deepa says:

    Hugs to you girl. I had a similar experience when I was in Bangalore last year. I got my blood work done as I was 36, my hubby and I both got it done. My cholesterol as high too. I don’t eat meat, yet, I had to face this. I immediately decided that I have to get my life in control. I cut down rice, substituted with a cup of quaker oats. I make upma/fried rice/pulav from oats, add lots of veggies. I also started exercising like a maniac (kickboxing, kettlebells, weight training, running). I was also overweight by 20 lbs. As of now, I have lost 7 lbs, have 13 more to go. I plan to get my cholesterol check done in 3 months time. I joined weight watchers at work, go to these meetings with my colleagues, we are jointly losing weight and gaining confidence and better health hopefully. My doc said that I need to stop eating fried food, I love chips, now, I substitute that air popped chips which are about 120 calories for 23 chips. I normally have no more than 5-6. I also eat finger millet balls in the night. These are high in calcium and zero fat, these fill you up fast. Try googling “Ragi Mudde” for recipe. I am seeing results, I have more energy, I am able to devote more time to my 2 kids and husband. Hope this helps. Take care.

    • Thank you so much for your advise Deepa.. I will google the recipe for “Ragi Mudde” 🙂
      And kudos to you for working out so hard & controlling the diet.. I am sure your next cholesterol results will come out normal.. take care 🙂

  18. Hey TP, take care of your health. Avoid all junk and fast food. You can try meditation to reduce stress if it is the reason.

  19. Smita says:

    Aiyyo!!! What a shocker!!! *hugs*

    Take care of yourself and follow whatever the doctor says. ok??

  20. Tpl, have heard lifestyle changes are the only solution. Extremely clean diet and exercise will help but guess it is easier said than done:(
    So my husband tested high on cholesterol too 6 months ago and he is 29. We eat the exact same diet and I was okay but in his case it is probably genetic. The doctor was shocked at his results too and we have made some lifestyle changes but are not as strict as we should be .A lot of this is because we had some major changes like moving to a different state , living apart for a few months due to work etc. His diet has not been as good as it should have these 6 months after the initial test. He needs to get tested again this month and I am really nervous. Have been reading the other advice on this post as well.
    Regarding PCOS, I have it too and Metformin , an insulin lowering drug helped immensely. It is usually given to diabetics but reaaerch shows that it helps PCOS too. Maybe ask your doctor about it.

  21. Phani says:

    How are u now..?
    Im just going thru ur blog..May be its been a long time since u got pinged for this post

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