PK’s birthday – 29th March 2014 – Part 1

Last year PK’s big 30 was not celebrated the way we wanted in India. We were at in-laws place, of course we had to follow what they say. But this time I was very excited for his birthday. 1) We can celebrate the way “WE” want to. 2) Last year it was in India & before that 2 years with BIL, this time we got chance to celebrate just 2 of us. I had made big plans for his birthday but like my birthday, we saw ups & downs on his birthday too.

Actual Plan:
I thought it will not be fair to ask BIL not to join us for dinner on PK’s birthday. (You might know he invited himself on my birthday) So, I made a plan that will work for all of us. The plan was to ask BIL to join for dinner on Friday night that is on 28th March, cut the cake & leave Saturday morning for his work and then I can plan the day for me & PK, for 29th March.

What actually happened:
I sent text to BIL informing him the plan. I don’t know if he really did not understood the plan or he was just pretending but he replied to me saying he will take Friday off for dinner & then take Saturday also off to join us for Saturday plans, which were surprise for PK!!!

What I did:
I had to bluntly tell him that I have planned the birthday for both for us and not for the family outing and that’s why I am asking him to join us for Friday dinner. Later he agreed to that. (He had no other option)


Actual Plan:
As per actual plan, we were ready on Friday night for dinner – Me, PK & BIL.

What actually happened:
When we were going to pick up BIL from train station, we came to know PK’s friend is in our area, so PK invited him also to join us. The more the merrier.

What we did:
I had selected the Thai place but then we all went to Outback Steak house. Yeah, where else would the boys prefer to go!! We started with drinks, blooming onion chips which was to die for, I don’t know how they cut a whole onion into flower & fry chips from it & French fries, which I couldn’t eat because it was topped with bacon. The atmosphere at the steakhouse was so different than the regular restaurants. This was like pub come restaurant. Also, the biggest change was only I was alone girl with these three guys. We were talking on totally different topics, there was no gossip or nor girly talks. For a change I was loving it, I was feeling as if I am having dinner with friends, no one judging each other, speaking their heart. It was a good feeling to be without any girlfriends. My broccoli soup and Veggie ceaser salad was awesome. We had tequila shots as well. Then I ordered a Mojito as well. And I don’t know when I got drunk. Yeah, just 3 drinks can make me feel tipsy!! We wanted to order dessert but the waiters were too busy to come & take our order. We had to cut cake at home that would be dessert itself so we just left. We cut the cake at home, again we opened the champagne which no one drank and went into the sink next morning!! 😀

My strawberry & Rum cocktail, tequila shot, Blooming onion chips & cheesy french fries!!

Actual plan:
BIL said he will sleep at our place that night & leave Saturday morning.

What actually happened:
PK’s friend was leaving for his home, he asked BIL if he wants to join him, he will drop him at home.

What BIL did:
BIL actually said “yes” to him (to my disbelief) & left with the friend.

What PK & I did:
Cleaned up the living room quickly and went to sleep. In my mind, I was relieved that all other responsibilities are over, now I will get to celebrate PK’s birthday as per my plan.


29th March:

Actual plan:
– Quickly collect my blood reports from doctor at 8.00 AM.
– I will cook special & yummy breakfast for PK
– Then we will go to watch movie that PK has been wanting to watch since days, “Need for Speed is the movie if you are wondering.
– Sit at waterfront at the same place where PK used to sit during his lonely University days, that is my favorite place here in Sydney.
– Dinner at one of the best restaurants in Sydney, which I have booked a month or so ago because booking table here is very difficult.

What actually happened :

To be continued……..


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15 Responses to PK’s birthday – 29th March 2014 – Part 1

  1. You can’t leave it at that TP. It was like a high suspense thriller and all those pictures is making me crave for fatty-junk stuff. Jaldi likho next post.

    Belated birthday wishes to PK :). Tell me what you gifted him, I am always short of ideas to gift to TBH. Also I am so proud of you for making your plan clear to BIL and not feeling disappointed at the end. I so hope 29th march turned out to be awesome. Please update asap.

    • Will pass on your wishes to PK 🙂

      arey I did not bought anything for him. When I asked him what he wants for his birthday gift, he said PS4!! I thought just forget it 😉 😀
      But I did bought him Bose bluetooth for Valentine’s day. He loves it. He can talk to me while driving without distraction.
      Your better half will also love it as he is always on phone 🙂

  2. Nice post nicely presented 🙂

  3. Visha says:

    suspense suspense suspense

    waiting for next episode 😀

  4. Happy birthday to PK. Wishing him and you a wonderful year with lots of happiness. Stay blessed you two.

  5. Jazz says:

    Belated birthday wishes PK.. ;

  6. Belated bday wishes to PK. Hopefully you got to celebrate the next day the way you wanted. Waiting eagerly to read the next part!

  7. magic says:

    I missed so much action here sigh,

    Belated b-days wishes to both of you 🙂 hope you celebrate your b-days the way you want next year.

    and waiting for the next part

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