My Birthday – The Highs & the lows – Part 2

Because I was not in good mood, I just wanted my birthday to finish. I just wanted to go back home & go to sleep. When we were deciding what to order for dinner, we all ordered entrées only so that we can enjoy the big portions of their famous desserts but because of this scene and everyone’s spoiled mood, we only order one dessert to share & left the restaurant.
BIL had bought another cake which fell down in the car & it got spoiled. The one which PK bought also slipped from his (PK’s) hands but was not totally crushed like BIL’s one. Inside me, I was thinking, maybe I have had my share of happiness in the morning that’s why everything else is turning upside down. We reached home. I wanted to go to sleep directly but BIL was staying at our place that night so I thought it will be rude. We sat in front of TV for a while, had a bit chit-chat, cut the smashed cake which tasted like Rum and went to sleep.
Next morning, I woke up fresh & happy. PK made tea for all of us. Usually BIL leaves for his work on Saturday morning after having tea but he said he will call in sick at work & stay with us for that day. We were OK with that. PK did some cleaning, I made lunch for all of us but BIL was totally bored. He had nothing to do apart from watching TV. PK & I were trying to entertain him. I chopped some fruits for all of us which is very unusual for us to do on Saturday afternoon. After we finished our lunch, BIL decided to leave at 3.00 PM, I guess he was too bored.
We had to buy gift for the birthday party we were going to on next day that is on Sunday, so we dropped BIL at train station & went to the shopping centre. It was so nice to go out, walk around aisles and do the shopping, very refreshing. When we returned home, PK said called his parents. The call was pending since last evening, when in restaurant we did not spoke to them.
I am not lying but as soon as I heard “Hello” from MIL to PK, my hands started sweating literally. I was getting tummy aches. You will not believe I even went to the wash-room and then ran away in the living room. I am so scared of this lady, I cannot tell you.
MIL told PK – “Till when you guys will not talk to us?? After all we are family, we have to face each other someday. We know, we have made some mistakes in past, there are some mis-understandings between me & TP. But what to do now, are we not going to move ahead??”
PK replied – “What you are saying is correct but you & TP have mis-understandings, TP is still upset that you have not sorted out the email she sent to you asking you questions, instead you started blaming her again. You sort out with TP, not with me”
MIL – “We are too scared to talk with TP after what all has happened”
There were some arguments between PK & MIL and then MIL asked PK to give phone to me so that she can talk to me. PK saw me sweating & tensed & told to MIL – “TP is too tensed and upset now, maybe call her on her mobile directly tomorrow or day after tomorrow & sort things out” This was end of their conversation.
I was very upset that PK gave them suggestion to call me directly & talk to me. If they really wanted to talk with me & sort things out, they would have called me in the very beginning, if not, at least they would have called me on my mobile on my birthday. Now if they will call me, I will always have this feeling that they are talking to me just because PK asked them to.
Yeah, I know, I am being too mean & asking everyone to behave as I like but I cannot keep fake relationships. If they are calling me, talking to me just because their son asked them to, then SORRY, I don’t want this, I want them to accept me whole heartedly & behave with me as they like not as their son ask them to!! PK & I argued a lot on this, then this argument turned into motivational speech from PK that he wants me to be strong, he wants me to be bold & stand up for myself, whatever I have written in the email, I have to talk to them, they now know that I have taken action towards their injustice so they have stepped back, so I have to be firm on my thoughts and all that.
I was feeling strong and happy that PK is supporting me & I can handle MIL’s call very well, if she calls me tomorrow. But next day & the day after, every evening I was scared to look into my mobile. I just dint want to talk to her. But you know what, that scariness for 2 evenings was not at all worth it because they did not call me then & they haven’t called me till today. I am relieved now that they are not going to call me as their ego will get hurt.
I had this in my drafts but I did not want to post it. I have had enough of all this, I don’t want people to read all this drama when they are in happy mood, when they are reading all happy posts on the blog but then I remember, I started this blog to vent out, to express my feelings here, so I am just going to publish this as well.

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21 Responses to My Birthday – The Highs & the lows – Part 2

  1. chipmunk says:

    awww!!c’mmon girlie cheer up.. I am sorry that your evening went mishap! but but eh its ok 🙂 🙂 lets keep that as a sign of keeping you away from jealous eyes 🙂 🙂 I can very much understand the feeling of yours… I am also experiencing it but the person alone is different…. its ok dear.. if they call up speak out… this is not the fear you have I could only feel that you wanna end this without breaking hearts!! you will hear good soon trust me 🙂

    And what ever you write we or I am there to read it… when we are there to share your happy moment we would stand when downfall comes too 🙂 so no second thoughts and no more draft keeping works okie 🙂

  2. Neeli says:

    of course u shud TP… its not that we all wish to read happy ever after stories.. it’s our space, our comfort zone. We have to be real, at least here!

    No words for the poor behaviour of ur MIL, FIL n BIL. Thumbs up for PK!! u r very lucky to have him, a very supportive husband! God bless u both!!

    Take care of urself n PK 🙂
    Love n tight hugs!!

  3. Smitha R says:

    I totally understand you TPPL. I do. I can understand how you get tensed and all that. I do not have any huge issues with my MIL, but I get so tensed when we have a silly small issue. I can understand what you are going through.
    But , I would still say, leave it. I mean , think logically. She is mean and very irritating. But that does not mean she has any right to spoil your happiness. So let it go.
    And although it may not be the right thing to do , I would say… if she calls at all… try to get things sorted out. Just try… if u think its not gonna work… dont argue. Leave it. I mean dont let her get under your skin.

  4. Jazz says:

    Hugs dear TP, I hope you find what you are looking for, take care.

  5. Good you vented out….we are here to read not only the good parts but also the bad and ugly parts….good to know u are not stressing about the calls anymore ….

  6. Smita says:

    Some unsoilicited advice….if she is trying to talk to you speak to her….you do not have to agree with her but listen to her at least tomorrow she can’t say that I tried bridging the gap but you never tried….as far as nervousness is concerned I am like that…when there is something big happening I feel like the way you!!!! Happens with all of us no!!!

    Last but not the least..chin up be brave…your wrote the mail to solve the issues…so solve them….provided they call 😀

    • talking to this lady is like breaking your own head Smita.. again there will be new blames, rona-dhona which I dont like at all..
      I will give you one example how much people are scared of her. FIL’s friend once called on landline & MIL went to answer the phone, as soon as she said HELLO, the phone from the friend’s hand fell down.. he was so nervous, he picked up phone from ground and directly told her Sorry sorry I will call your hubby later, without even asking if FIL is there & if he can speak to him!! Imagine how much people are scared of her!!
      Anyways, my nervousness is killing me, still I will try to gather all my himmat & talk to her if at all she will call..

  7. Hey! I just read bout you from ur lovable friend, ‘Some Honest Writing’ and Happy birthday. Glad to hear about your honest take on the fact that you can’t maintain fake relationships. Btw, belated happy birthday, may you have strengths to deal with complex stuffs and have an awesome year ahead:)

  8. blog is a place where you should able to write what you feel. Don’t hesitate to express your feelings. Writing makes you feel light isn’t it.We all love you. Can I say something to make you feel better, you should be happy that you have PK who is supportive and you are far away from them so that they are not part of your daily life, just ignore them and move on. Let these issues don’t spoil your days.

  9. Phani says:

    Hi TPPL,
    Just asking out of curiosity, Till now did u get a call from here..
    BTW PK keleye Thumbs Up..

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