If you don’t snooze your alarm…

… and wake up on time, that is just 10-15 minutes earlier, then –

You can sit on the potty for few more minutes, finish your ‘business’ without any rush and thus get an empty stomach to start your day with.

You can have a nice & relaxing shower, scrub your body nicely, shampoo & conditioner your hair, dry your hair properly, cut & file your nails – this all you cannot do if you snooze your alarm & sleep.

You can dress up nicely, change few dresses till you are fully satisfied with your look.

You can have relaxing tea-milk mix that your hubby has made for you.

You can chat with your hubby while having your tea.

You can catch an earlier than your usual train, find a nice window seat and watch the greenery, school going kids, lakes and also a peek in other people’s backyards. 😉 You can do this on your usual train also but the stress that you will be late will not let you enjoy the view.

You may get lucky to see (I think) newly married couple who are on their honeymoon with bag packs & cameras in their hands, cuddling & cooing in each others ears, not worrying about office going passengers sitting around them. Guy massaging girl’s feet and sometimes her hair gently, then helping her in wearing a jacket, both having one earphone in their ear, listening to the same song and giggling away..

You can reach office on time, in good mood and finish the work on time.

You can be bubbly & happy instead of being stressed out.

All this just because you dint snooze the alarm and woke up on time!! Dang this Alarm!!

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8 Responses to If you don’t snooze your alarm…

  1. But that sounded like getting couple of hours rather than few minutes TP ;). So you trying to practise this or just happened today?

  2. mamata says:

    You are making me feel J of you TPPL….. I want to do that take some more break till you get kids…….

  3. Ada says:

    Lolll, so true! I’m very guilty of this but I’m also the QUEEN of multi-tasking so whenever I’m late extra hands just grow from nowhere (this also means that the house is a complete mess when I come back *sigh*). You truly can’t eat your cake and have it. 😦

  4. Agree with all the points except the train thing and the couple thing which I would not be able to experience in this country…:)

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