One Tiring Weekend

This was one tiring weekend. From Saturday morning till Sunday night, we were just busy busy busy. First sentence that PK said after waking up was  “Good Morning honey, I love you” “Let’s go & do the lawn mowing!!” So the day started with PK mowing the back yard while I was making breakfast. Then I joined him for removing the weeds, learned how to use the edger and spraying the fish-smelling yucky fertilizer.  Had leftover Dal-Rice for lunch, took all the equipments to front yard, again PK was mowing & edging the lawn & I was pruning our 8 lavender plants. Seriously, gardening is not less than workout!! My legs are still so sore!!

By the time we finished our gardening it started raining so heavily, there was storm and hail. We even saw some ice pieces on our alfresco. The weather here changes in minutes. I wanted to just stand in the rain, dance in our freshly mowed backyard but the rain water here is so cold unlike India where I can enjoy dancing under rain water to the fullest.

Best part was watching 2 movies back to back in the evening (just because my husband forced me to). First one was Pacifier & second one was King Kong. PK wanted me to watch the movies without even blinking my eyes. No seriously!! If I looked somewhere else or took my mobile in my hand he was getting angry. Starting of King-Kong movie was not so interesting, so to keep me stay focused in the movie PK said that this movie has a love story same like ours. To make fun of him, I replied “Love story like ours?? Does that mean it’s a love story of a monkey & a beautiful girl??” He said Yes and started laughing!! I just said that to make fun of him but the story line was in similar lines. lol But both movies were fun, I enjoyed them, thanks to hubby.

On Sunday, we invited our friends & their parents for dinner, their parents are returning to India next week so we thought it will be fun to catch up with them. Because they were not keeping very well, they asked me to prepare very light dinner. The menu was:

Chicken Tikka


Bombay Mast Pulav


Punjabi Kadhi


Paneer stuffed Aloo Tikki

Green Chutney & Imli Chutney

Apple Danish for dessert

Yes, this for us is light dinner!!! hehehehe

Every year in March, we receive a parcel from India, as March is both PK & my birthday month. Dad has sent a 30 KG courier to us and I can’t wait to receive the parcel. It’s not the clothes or food or gifts inside the parcel that make me happy, it’s just the feeling that I get when I touch the parcel. Each & everything I take out from courier gives me immense happiness knowing that this stuff has been touched by my Mum & Dad. This feeling is more than anything in the world for me on my birthday. Not be able to hug your loved ones and get their blessings and love on your birthday is the worst thing ever.

I have some pictures of food that I sent to my Dad while I was cooking, let me share with you all too 🙂

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16 Responses to One Tiring Weekend

  1. shaktii says:

    Hi tpp,

    I want the samosas 😦

    So many stuff and u say u keep it light…oh girl…

    Can u pass me the recipe for making samosas??

    To my email..

  2. mamata says:

    Hey tppl, those pictures u posted are mouth watering yaar, next time make a point to put the recipes in detail so that we can make them and enjoy too. Did I tell you the paani puri recipe you posted I tried it in my house and it was a big hit need to make again.

  3. Hmm…okkk..that was a light dinner menu haan?? Imagine what would be the menu for a heavy dinner? :):)

  4. seema3 says:

    food looks yummy

  5. nepalilovestory says:

    The food looks amazing! Have you received the parcel yet? 🙂

  6. In My 20z says:

    how do you cook that all in time for dinner ?

  7. Only one question, how can the menu be termed as light dinner 😉

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