Poha vs Poori-Aloo

Last Sunday, I was craving for yummy Aloo ki sabji & Poori for breakfast and PK wanted to eat Poha.

I have made Poha so many times here but I don’t like the taste of Poha itself. Poha in India is different & here it’s different. I can smell the difference literally. I have tried so many varieties of Poha but nothing matches to Indian quality. So, I have stopped making poha here, so much so that whenever PK says ‘Poha’ I just pretend going deaf!!

Poori-Aloo is a favorite at my Mum’s place. I used to eat Poori-Aloo with my 9 cousins and Dad & Uncles, Bhabhis and Grandpa, on Sunday mornings while watching cartoons or Khana Khazana or News or simple MTV songs. Whenever I miss my family, food is the only thing that makes me feel connected with them immediately. Does this happens with you as well?? The other day I made coriander, onion & Imli chutney same like the hawker behind my house sells with his Aloo-Tikki chaat and Samosas. I was totally taken back to my childhood days, I mean my days before my wedding 🙂

Anyways.. so.. that Sunday I was missing my family and I wanted to make Poori-Aloo while PK wanted to eat Poha. Now, I have obliged many times & made Poha for him and eaten a spoon or two just to give him company but that Sunday I was so determined to eat Poori-Aloo that acted deaf & went to the kitchen, prepared it & made PK also eat with me.

While we were arguing on Poori-Aloo vs. Poha, PK said Poori-Aloo is a Gujarati cuisine dish. PK doesn’t likes Gujarati food, not even Gujarati Daal which is to die for. Whenever we go to eat Gujarati thali in Surat, he just makes faces!! Again I got side-tracked. So, yeah, do you think PK is right that Poori-Aloo is Gujarati dish?? I think No. I know many Punjabi families who make Poori-Aloo for their breakfast. Even South Indian families and families from other states also prepare Poori-Aloo. Even in Nepal they prepare Poori-Aloo. Every household have their own recipes but they make Poori-Aloo for sure. But who will explain this to PK?? Not me.. I will just keep preparing Poori-Aloo whenever I will feel like and keep eating it 😛 😛


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21 Responses to Poha vs Poori-Aloo

  1. TP I can’t believe this, even I was craving for Poori aloo though I wanted to avoid the oily stuff (read hardwork) but the mere mention got TBH so excited, he loves poori and I hardly make them, so that day I went ahead and made some. It was kinda Sunday brunch for us, will be posting pic inspired by your post on my blog :). And ditto some for Poha. You now know my hometown and must be aware the poha is kind of a national dish there , for any doubts ask or sister ;). Btw how is she doing? No updates about her post marriage, share some na.

    So coming back to poha, I bring some stock from there only and in some cases when it gets over, I refrain from buying it here in Delhi. I just don’t like it. It’s not for the kind of poha we make as breakfast, it’s so thin only good for choora/chooda/namkeen. But I am again amazed at the coincidence. Btw next time you are in India, I am going to plan a trip to your hometown please invite me over for some food. Your food stories from your parents place gets me craving for more food in life.

    • Same here OHW, I hardly take out “kadhai” to deep fry stuff but cant resist craving for Poori lol

      Will write about the sister soon, at least I got an idea what to write, I have been blank since past few weeks..

      “Poha toh hamare khoon me basta hai, jaise spiderman ki skin se makdi ka jaal nikalta hai vaise hamari skin se poha nikal sakta hai” – words from my friends who are from same town!! No doubts there.. lol

  2. Poori and potato was a staple brunch dish in my place too and I’m from South India, Chennai! I love fried pooris so much but haven’t tried them here yet.

    I know what you mean about food connecting you yo your family. I feel the same way too. Especially when I put whole spices and fry onions I immediately go back to my mothers kitchen.

  3. aobeamber says:

    In Ukraine we call this dish Zharkoe)

  4. chipmunk says:

    \o/ you won 🙂 🙂 show kokku to PK 😀 😀 who will hate…. definitely not me.. if there is a soul on this universe to prepare and give i will be there to sit and eat!!! only if it is with aloo or tomato …. I have seen people eating poori with chutney! I feel they are doing injustice to the poori and aloo 😦

  5. Ramesh says:

    Yes, Poori is definitely prepared widely in South India, both at homes and restaurant/hawkers.
    In Bangalore/Karnataka, Poori is usually served with Chutney, and a dish called Saagu ( includes peas,carrots, beans, onions, plus standard indian spices).
    Some places will also serve Aloo subji, but it usually dry (not the kind in the photo above) and many times, it is the Aloo filling that was supposed to go into Masala Dosa !

  6. Like you said I don’t think poori -aloo is a Gujarati dish or I don’t know it originated from there. In south India every restaurant will have this. The aloo version changes a lot in each household some likes it dry some likes it with some gravy. I have a friend who doesn’t eat poori. I think she is conscious abt weight . One birthday party I made poori aloo thinking that can’t go wrong. I was right everyone enjoyed except one person.

  7. Deepa says:

    I love love poori aloo or poori chana or poori sagi (south indian coconut based curry), mouth is watering looking at u r picture.. sigh!

  8. Smita says:

    Of Course not!!! If you ask me it is a north ki dish 😀 and between Aloo Poori and Poha I will go for former any day!!!! I heart them!!! Can eat them endlessly!!!!

  9. Hehehe..I thought poori aloo is a sounth Indian dish…:) Good to know everyone makes that…that is common in our home too since kids love it…

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