New Year’s Eve in India

Because I have nothing else to write since 2 weeks, I am back to writing my India series. So, after we returned from sister’s wedding, we got the news of my Grandpa’s sister passing away. So, next day we all went to Jamanagar, in the bus!! OMG the bus journey was so pathetic, the bumps just couldn’t let us sleep. Again in Jamnagar, whole family & extended family (those who attended sister’s wedding as well) were together but this time it was for sad occasion. Anyways, so after attending the funeral we were back to Surat & it was New year’s eve coming. When we planned our trip to India, I was so excited to know that I will be able to celebrate New Year with my family after so many years but because of this incident my family couldn’t celebrate. Usually, it is a huge celebration on our terrace with family & friends, lots of food catered by restaurants and DJ party.  My Mum said if we want we can celebrate with our friends.

So the plan was made. PK & I, one of my friend, her hubby & their kid, we all went to “The Grand Bhagwati” to celebrate New Year’s Eve. The tickets were bloody EXPENSIVE!! The party was named “Dhishkyaaon” party since Ram-Leela movie was a recent hit. As soon as we entered the hotel, we felt like we were in Sheraton or Hilton in Sydney. It was that beautiful 🙂

They had three DJ floors where we danced like crazy. Also we had yummy appetizers and drinks while dancing. Then, we went to another level of the hotel where the buffet dinner was arranged. There were thousands of food items from variety of cuisines laid on the tables around the big hall. I was so confused what to eat from so many options. PK was also confused what to eat as TGB is one and only pure vegetarian five star hotel in the world. Well, that’s what I have heard. Yeah.. so I was saying PK was confused because he couldn’t find any Non-Veg food there. He was literally craving to have awesome Non-Veg & some Beer (of course)!! Finally he settled in eating some soya dish that tasted like chicken & then Chole-Kulche & such other stuff.

I was eating slowly, trying every dish in small quantities to save some space for desserts as they looked amazing. We went to the dessert corner, filled the plate with variety of desserts but we couldn’t eat it. not that I dint had space in my tummy, it’s because the desserts were cream only & nothing else. You cannot taste anything nice & sweet in dessert. They just looked amazing but tasted disgusting 😦

While retuning from the party we stopped at Nescafe to have some coffee. The coffee was simply amazing!! Before my wedding, when I used to be late from any party or wedding, I used to get butterflies in my tummy that Mum & Dad must be waiting, they will get tensed, I have to reach home on time but that day even though it was almost 2′ O clock at night, I was not worried. I called Dad to inform him that we are late having coffee and he was totally OK with it. He, in-fact asked us to enjoy & come home whenever we are done with celebrations. Talk about advantages of being married 😉

Even though many things have changed after my wedding, some things are still the same. When we reached home, I saw Mum & Dad were still awake. Before they used to wait for me and now they were waiting for me & PK to return but without any tensions because they knew I had my man with me that night 🙂

Some pictures… 🙂


“The Entry”

The photo-booth at the entrance

Very few people in the Dinner hall as most of the people were dancing their night away on the DJ Floors!!

I think they have spelled “Dhishkyaaon” incorrectly but I really don’t know the right spelling!!

The dessert plate reminds me of the song – “Dil ko dekho, chehra naa dekho, chehre ne laakhoo ko lutta, Dil saccha aur chehra juttha”


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4 Responses to New Year’s Eve in India

  1. what fun way to welcome the new year!! Parents are always like that. For them you are always a baby.

  2. HereandNow says:

    ROFL @ the song you got in mind for the desserts.

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