The verdict

Friday evening and Saturday whole day, we were busy meeting our friends and getting the skirtings work done at our house. Although we were busy, at the back of our minds we were thinking what might be happening at the in-laws place? What they must be thinking? PK & I, we both caught each other checking our emails time to time to see if we have got any response from in-laws. No response.

Yesterday, PK called them on their usual time, as it was Sunday. First response from them was – “Yes, we have read your 25 allegations on us”. From there on, there were discussions for 2 hours, but they did not agreed to any of their shortcomings and mistakes. MIL did agreed that she doesn’t like it if we buy any gifts for my family. (Big round of applause at least she admitted something!!)

There were no proper replies to our questions rather there were counter arguments like –

“TP did not gave me her nail-paint to use when I was in Sydney”.

“TP used to close her bed-room door while getting ready and doesn’t let me come in”

“TP did not showed me what jewellery she has bought for herself in wedding”

“You both are a team now”

I mean seriously?? Disgusting!! I was literally laughing while hearing these arguments.There was no weight in her arguments at all.

There were such silly arguments because she did not had any other topic!! She bluntly lied that she has not done that & she has not said this. Thankfully, I did not spoke to her because it is impossible to argue with this lady and it is impossible to explain your point of you to her, only PK can handle her, seriously!! PK did made her realize her mistakes but she is witty enough to divert the topic when she knows she is been defeated.

When nothing worked she started her emotional blackmail (along with screaming & crying) – “We haven’t eaten since two days, we haven’t cooked from 2 days, we haven’t slept since two days, we have got low BP.. blah blah blah”

At the end, she asked PK – “We gave you birth & nourished you for 25 years, what did you gave us in return to appreciate our efforts??” (We went in to shock!! Literally) Pk asked her what she wants and she hang up the phone. we also did not called back. I would have loved to clear things up and make a new start with them but they don’t want it, so I am also okie with it.

They clearly did not like me sending them that email and giving them reality check.

On a positive note, PK & I, we both are fine, we both are totally normal and not thinking about this too much. We know we can’t do anything. At least I am relieved that they know what I think about them & I know what they think about me. So, it’s better to stay away from them and live life happily rather than hurting myself again and again and keep thinking about them all day. My Mum and Dad also know everything.

Can I say thank you to all of you for your comments and virtual hugs. Means a lot to me. Your comments kept me going on Friday, I was shivering thinking what have I done but as I was reading comments I was feeling stronger and stronger. Chipmink & VJ even went to an extent to check on me if I was OK over the weekend. How sweet of you guys.

Thank you so much for encouraging me to take stand for myself and speak up. Thank you so much for making me realize that if I don’t revert, they will keep thinking its my mistake and they will never stop there acts. Thank you for being my back bone girls.

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12 Responses to The verdict

  1. greenboochi says:

    I feel you did the right thing TPPL. I wouldnt have had the guts at all, but you did the right thing. As you said, now they atleast know how they are – whether they admit or not.

  2. Trish says:

    Sorry I just read your earlier post.. And I am glad atleast you and PK are better now.These situations can be really hard,for new couples and so stressful..hugs..

  3. chipmunk says:

    She is always a grown up kid and this is no such big issue to us na 🙂 happy that you had a good laughter on her silly complaints 😀 😀 What made me so happy is the unity that you guys have!! its unimaginable to have a life partner who takes their parents side and very big forest touch wood you are blessed with a very nice person 🙂 🙂 cheer up girl after all the world doesn’t start and end with them 🙂 🙂

  4. mamata says:

    TPPL, Good you are taking it in positive way, you did what you have to, to save your and your parents self dignity now the ball is in their court how they react is not in your control, if they were wise enough to understand you, the story would not have come to this extent, it is purely jealous based just ignore with personal experience I’m telling you TPPL we cannot change or control some people so its better to ignore them. Be Happy.

  5. Relieved to know that you both are doing fine…do not worry…good that you opened up and let them know what do you think…take care

  6. sjscribbles says:

    Daring and the right attempt by the two of you to clear things TPL.

    It is only if they are reminded of their atrocities that they will ever know that they have been doing wrong. Otherwise , there will be no way they will realise.

    You both are doing great. Be brave and don’t let all this affect you both

  7. Jazz says:

    TP dear, you did the maximum you could do, the ball is still in their court if they want to count their blessings or sulk their whole life..

    They say you can take a horse to the pond but you can’t force it to drink water.

    Maybe you should completely cut off any expectations from them. And even they should not have any expectations now.

  8. Snow says:

    Stay positive and stay strong! You’ve gotten a really understanding husband.. And, it’s good that you discussed about everything.. Rest leave it to them, don’t worry about it.. Try to focus more on things that make you confident and happy 🙂

  9. Maya says:

    Just read both your post and have to say you did the right thing, TPPL! Big big hugs. And a virtual salute to your husband! 🙂

  10. Smitha R says:

    I have been typing and retyping , dunno what to say 🙂 I really am awed 🙂 I mean it was so right of you to send the mail .. But then having read the previous posts abt the MIL, I was so damm sure that she would not take it in the right spirits. She must have been feeling guilty on one corner of the heart and angry at you on the other. And her ego would let her anger win.

  11. Smita says:

    Hey all ok with you??? Long time no post!!!

    And as I said in my last comment here, good that it is all out in open!

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