Valentine’s day weekend..

On Friday, along with Valentine’s day, it was a full moon day as well. PK wanted to do “Satyanarayana Katha” on a  full moon day since couple of months now. So, we both decided to work from home on Friday, do the pooja in the morning and celebrate Valentine’s day in the evening. This was the first time I have ever read the pooja book, at first I was giggling while reading it but then it was normal & we finished pooja in an hour. I also made the “Aate ki Churi” for prassaad. . Here is the picture..

Just roast the wheat flour in ghee on low heat until it changes the colour, switch off the stove, add sugar, mix and garnish with almonds or peanuts..

In the evening, we went to a Thai restaurant for dinner. I wore my leopard print dress which I have bought since months but never got chance to wear it. Sad part is I got burnt on my arm with a curling iron while curling my hair. It was so painful because the rod was VERY hot. I still have scar on my arm 😦

While returning from dinner, we saw a beautiful place with waterfall and we immediately stopped our car there. Honestly, I have never seen such beautiful place in Sydney. No, Harbour bridge & Opera house is also not as beautiful as this place is. Beautiful calm river, small bridge on top of river, water falling from that bridge, nice garden & benches to sit, walking path to walk hand in hand with your partner, talk while walking and watching the waterfall, sit on the bench next to each other with a cuddle, lie down on the grass.. aahh.. such a bliss to spend your Valentine’s day evening at such a beautiful place. It was like that place is made for that evening only, we saw so many couples spending time there. Here is the picture of the waterfall…

This place can turn any ordinary evening into a special one.

Next day, on Saturday, we went to direct factory outlets to shop for PK’s formal shirts. There were so many nice deals going on, I bought a couple of puma tees & a coral colour Esprit dress for myself & PK bought his formal shirts. We also had the yummiest Belgium Chocolate Mocha ever. When we returned home, we had nothing to do because the cleaning was already done on Friday, it was raining so no watering the garden, as it was raining we did not washed our clothes as well because I like sun-dried clothes. So we just relaxed at home and watched movies. I was craving sweet at 11.30 PM so I made this yummy Cappuccino cake in a mug in 3 minutes. Here is the recipe I used and here is the picture of cake..

Quick & easy to make and enough for two people 🙂

Next day, that is on Sunday morning, we decided to get Costco membership and visit Costco. I was very excited when we reached there because I have always heard from US bloggers that Costco is cheaper, you can buy so many varieties of stuff there, especially all US brands. Even on Youtube I follow many US personal vlog channels so I was excited to see all that stuff. Honestly, I was very disappointed when I came out of Costco. All the products are very expensive whether it is fresh veggies and fruits, cleaning products, juices, frozen stuff or even snacks.Totally not worth paying 60 AUD membership every year to buy already expensive stuff. Maybe it’s expensive because they import from US, but everything here is imported from overseas so I can’t find the reason of selling everything on double the prices than Australian super markets. Of course you can cancel membership whenever you want but in our case PK wants to keep the membership just for the petrol!! Costco Petrol is cheaper than other Petrol stations. I did bought some woolen T-shirts and tops from there, PK also found some Nautica formal shirts there but in terms of groceries, nope, not worth it at all.

In the evening, when we returned home I was craving for Panipuri, so I sent PK to buy mint & coriander to make Pani. We ate total of 50 Panipuris that evening, guess who ate more than half?? What better way to end your lovely weekend huh??? 🙂

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11 Responses to Valentine’s day weekend..

  1. That was one fabulous weekend . I don’t buy perishable good from Costco because it is too much for a small family. But love the quality compared to many other stores here,but of course I can’t comment as I don’t know how it works in Aussie .

  2. Monkey Mind says:

    I want panipuriiiii now 😦 😦 😦

  3. sjscribbles says:

    What a wonderful day spent on valentines, GOD bless you two…

  4. magic says:

    nice that you enjoyed you valentine’s day and weekend…and the pic of the waterfall is really beautifull…it looks so calm and peaceful…:)

  5. Neeli says:

    Got burnt!!! :O try this home, simple n quick remedy.. whenever you get burnt, immediately rush to ur toothpaste, apply toothpaste on burnt area, leave it for some time, you wont get any scars or bubbles… personal experience!! it wont let you down!

    it was indeed an awesome weekend!! enjoy… 😀

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