Crying over spilled coffee – not!!

I had to wash my hair this morning but because I wake up late I couldn’t. So, my morning started with a thought that I am going have a bad-hair day today, which I was fine with until I used that Loreal Youth code Luminous cream. I have to tell you this story – So what happened is that yesterday I went to Priceline and did some “passive” shopping as PK would call it!!  I bought this Loreal cream which is specially made for 30+ ladies. I bought it because I thought it’s better to use it 4 years before I turn 30 so that my skin is wrinkle free when I will reach my thirties. Prevention is better than cure right?? But PK said it’s just that I haven’t gone shopping to Priceline since few weeks and I wanted this therapy so I have just bought UN-necessary stuff from there!! Grrr….Guys will never understand!!

Anyways.. so coming back to my bad hair day. So, I decided to use this Loreal cream instead of my regular moisturizer. I felt the cream is too heavy and greasy for my liking but I went ahead and got ready as I dint had time to remove the cream, wash my face & go through all that stuff. So.. since morning I was very low in confidence(whats new in that?), not liking the feeling of cream on my face, not liking my hair.. But I was excited for my coffee!! LOL

I haven’t had coffee since last Friday. So since last night I was waiting to come to office so that I can buy my favorite Mocha with lots of foam on top & of course extra chocolate sprinkled on it from my favorite coffee shop. I went & bought my coffee, had 2 sips in the lift itself and I reached heaven in the lift itself!! The coffee was SO good!!! I came to my desk, not the desk in actual heaven but in my office 🙂 The phone rang, I went to pick up my phone & my elbow hit the coffee cup!! The lid opened, all of my heavenly tasting Mocha fell down & got soaked in the carpet in front my eyes & I couldn’t do anything. ANYTHING!!! 😦

Can you imagine how hard it was for me to make a ball of 10 tissues and soak the coffee from carpet?? Yeah… that much hard!! Anyways.. so I sat quietly again trying to get back to my work but my lovely coffee spilled just few minutes ago!! How can I concentrate on work??? After 10 minutes of contemplation,  I went down again, asked for coffee & the lady realized this is the second time I am buying coffee. She asked me what happened.. I told her whole of my story. Well, not starting from my bad hair day but from how my coffee spilled. The lady is so nice, she made me same coffee again but she did not accepted the money. I told her it was my mistake & not hers so she should accept the money but she did not 🙂 Some nice people still exist in this world hai na??? 🙂

I was SOOO happy to get the same coffee again, I was smiling so big like my cheeks were going to tear apart till my ears. I thoroughly enjoyed my coffee for next half an hour and relished every sip of it. Went to the washroom & fixed my unwashed-from-3-days-oily-hair. The greasiness of the Loreal cream is gone now and I am a happy girl again 🙂 🙂

PS: Okie I agree to what PK says about me regarding shopping!!

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17 Responses to Crying over spilled coffee – not!!

  1. How wonderful that someone can bring a smile on your face isn’t it?

  2. shaktii says:

    hi tpp

    i has such experiences before a lot…yes some good ppl exists even now..happy for you that your day turned out to be good in the end..
    and yeah im back after a long time to include me as well in the blogging world my post..he i miss blogging..maybe i shd take up blogothon..

  3. Visha says:

    Are you PMSing :mrgreen: 😈

    *Visha walks away fast like a penguin*

  4. You are super cute and kind hearted TP and that’s why you come across such good people :). since the time we have met I keep imagining you reading your posts :).

  5. aarya says:

    that lady is super awesome. And TP your first line resonates my thoughts from this morning. My hair was all greasy and ALL efforts of making it look nice were miserably failing. I had this constant frown on my face while getting ready and then S-Man said ‘Your hair looks nice today. That flick looks cute’ and just like that I started feeling pretty again.
    On a separate note, I turned 30 and still not using anything meant for 30+ ladies. Heck, I still buy stuff targeted for 15 year olds 😉

  6. Neeli says:

    are u back from India?

    it happens! It feels so good when you get this tender loving care which is unanticipated 🙂 enjoy sweetheart! 😀

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