A very simple recipe – From my Mum’s kitchen

I am sure each one of you have a dish connected with your Mum. I mean, if I say a name of a particular dish you will immediately connect it with your Mum & say – “Ohh, my Mum used to make it for me” “Oh, this dish is best when Mum makes it”

I also have one such dish.The dish is called “Bhori” which roughly in English means “crushed”. Whenever I miss my Mum’s handmade food, I just make this at home after dinner. PK also loves it. It comes out perfect but there is always something missing when I eat it, that is my Mum’s touch 😦

My Mum used to make for me when at home she has prepared something that I don’t like. Also, in winters, she used to make this for all of us to eat as a sweet after lunch. After coming from school at 12.30 PM, I, my 3 siblings and my 8 cousins, we all used to sit down in the kitchen, in a circle with all the lunch items in the middle. We used to eat, talk about how our day at school was, what the plan was for that evening after tuitions, while Mum & Bhabhis used to chit-chat while preparing hot-hot chapattis for us. There was no other awesome way to finish our lunch other than eating “garam-garam Mom-made Bhori.” Aahh.. the good-old days.


Make 3-4 little bit thicker chapattis than usual. As soon as you take the first chapatti off the griddle, roughly crush it using the rolling pin. Then, put it in the big bowl, again make another chapatti, crush it will rolling pin & put it in the bowl. Repeat this till you make 4 chapattis.

Crushing the chapatti with rolling pin

Once, 3-4 chapattis are made & crushed with rolling pin, add maybe couple of Tbsps of Ghee(clarified butter) & a table spoon of sugar.

Add sugar and ghee on top of crushed chapattis.

Then crush it with your hands as shown in picture below.

Crushing with hands.

The whole process needs to be done very quickly, because the ghee and sugar will melt & combine very beautifully with chapattis only if the chapattis are hot. Hot means not that much hot that you burn your fingers but at least bit warm. You can reheat the bowl for 30 seconds in microwave if you are eating in winter and if it has gone cold during the making process.

Dig in 🙂

 Do give it a try, because

  1. It is very easy to make.
  2. You do need to go find ingredients as these ingredients are already in everyone’s pantry.
  3. Whenever you are making chapattis for dinner, you can make 2-3 extra at the end and make this for dessert.
  4. I want you to try it and taste the awesomeness at least once ;-).

If you are worried for ghee & sugar, reduce the quantity as per your taste but still give it a try 🙂

My Mum says not to drink water after eating this, so roast a papad/poppadum, eat that and then drink water 🙂

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12 Responses to A very simple recipe – From my Mum’s kitchen

  1. chipmunk says:

    i have tried this, not by preparing but by eating…. it was a quick snack at my friends place and i agree its really an yummm one!!!!

  2. Something new for me….recipe is very easy…will try..

  3. Aakanksha says:

    Hey I know this dish… we often use to have this at mom’s place.. I miss it now..
    will try soon.

  4. magic says:

    oh I have eaten this… but slightly in a different way…. we used to not crush the chapattis just spread the gee and sugar on the hot chapatti roll it and eat…. my mom used to do this when we were kids when I bro used to not like those side dishes…. but will try this one too my DH will like it 🙂
    and yeh certain things if is done by our moms it is the best in the world 🙂

  5. I love to eat chappathis with ghee and sugar – ma makes rolls from them 🙂 This sounds so delicious. Am definitely trying it out 🙂

  6. Visha says:

    My mummy used to make it for us 🙂 With ghee and jaggery though..yummm

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