Our new business, Greek parents & our weekends so far..

Hi Everyone. I know you are waiting for yet another post on sister’s wedding and my India trip. But I felt like since I have came back I have only posted about what happened in India, what happened in the wedding, like I am living my past again n again. What about my present? I have so much to share with you all and I cannot keep ALL this in my tummy anymore..  So, here we go.. 🙂

The biggest news is “We are starting our Jewellery business.” It is very early stage now to share anything in detail. Lot of work is going on to bring this business in reality. It will take a couple of months till we launch the website and start the actually wholesale & retail stuff. From last few days, we are thinking madly about our business name and not able to decide on one name. We want the name to be easily searchable on net plus it should be one attractive name.  Some names that we like are already taken, so if you could please suggest some awesome names that would be of great help 🙂

Do you guys remember our Greek parents?? Greek Mummy & Pappu??  We were planning to meet them after we came back from India trip in March 2013 but did not got chance because of house construction, moving and all that. I called them yesterday & informed them that we again went to India for sister’s wedding & we are back and would like to invite them to see our new house.  Even though Greek Mummy did not say anything, I was feeling so guilty thinking we went to India twice last year but did not got chance to meet them in between, here itself in Sydney. We are not at all looking after them, not even calling them once a while what kind of children we are?? Mummy was so happy to hear my voice on phone, she kept saying they miss us, they love us.From now, I will make sure to call them at least once a month if not more than that to check on their health atleast. Oh and yes, they are coming home tomorrow. I am so excited to meet them, give a big bear hug to giant Pappu and gossip with Mummy 🙂

Our weekends have been so busy since we have returned from India. No, no.. not work wise but now that we were used to roaming here & there every day in India, we cannot sit quietly at home. We plan outings every weekend along with doing weekly household chores to keep ourselves super busy. We are used to it now & we are loving it. Seriously, I feel life here was so boring before we went to India.

First weekend, after we returned from India, we went to Palm beach which is faaaaarrr away from our home. We went there with our neighbors – My friend, her husband, their son & my friend’s Mum.. We jumped, we played, we ran after each other, we played with chotu(neighbor’s son), laughed a lot on Aunty’s remarks on certain Aussie things that she was comparing with India, ate Dhokla and chutney, Sausage rolls with tomato sauce, PK wrote my name on the sand and we both clicked pictures there, went to an awesome fine dining Indian restaurant in our beach shorts, all in all we had fun 🙂

Yummy food at Indian restaurant – “Urban Tadka” & Palm Beach

Next day, we went to a surprise birthday party of our friend, met his lovely daughter who is only 3 months old, ate Gujarati thali, which was to die for, then went for shopping and bought a new microwave and a sandwich press.

Second weekend, with our friends, we went to Kangaroo valley, where we did not see any kangaroos it’s just the name of the valley!! We saw waterfall, had yummy coffee and lunch, saw a breathtaking view, then went to Kiama, saw blow-hole, came back to our home with all friends, chit-chatted and parted our ways.

So.. this is blowhole – a natural rock formation where water spouts about 20 meters high due to air pressure. eeeekkk such a weird description 😉 😉

Next weekend, we all friends went to a water-park, splashed, danced and jumped in water, went in whirlpool of water, stood under a BIG bucket so that when the bucket overflows and turns upside down , it splashes water on us, hurt my toe nail so came out quickly, then went to another park, saw weird bikes, weird insect, an unleashed dog, lots of ducks, ate Pizza, Pasta, Salad, cake, garlic bread, came home dog tired and went to bed.

I was so scared of this unleashed Dog, weird insect which attracted PK to click it’s pic, lots of ducks who attracted me to click their pic & a weird bike!!

Next day, that is last Sunday, I was not feeling like doing anything so PK bribed me that he will take me to eat chocolate crepes if I will help him in cleaning the house. I was craving for crepes/waffles with lots of chocolate sauce since many days so I said Yes to his offer, helped him deep cleaning the house, again slept like a log in afternoon only to wake up at 6.30 pm. I quickly changed, got ready & asked PK to take me to eat crepes. PK was surprised that I still remember about it & I still want to go to eat chocolate crepes. Of course yes, I wanted those crepes!! But immediately after waking up I did not felt like eating sweet, so I first ordered Pizza to share with PK, Iced-coffee for me, Nutella Chocolate shake for PK & Big plate of crepes, with chocolate sauce, ice-cream & strawberries ONLY for me. I ate and ate and ate. I felt like I am about to burst like a balloon so went for long walk with PK, then a small walk with neighbor Aunty, played with chotu and then went back home to sleep again.

Me & PK lost in the view!!

Haaaassshhh.. I feel so good typing all this out. I had all this in my tummy since sooooooo many days, I feel so much lighter now.. phew!!!! 🙂

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16 Responses to Our new business, Greek parents & our weekends so far..

  1. Congratulations on the upcoming business…..wow!!! U guys sure have been busy having some fun 🙂

  2. Wow so much happening after you guys came back rt. congratulations on the business idea. Wishing you and PK the very best with it.

    Loved all pics .my favorite the one you and PK looking at the valley. It’s gorgeous !!

  3. magic says:

    congrats on the business venture .Wishing you and PK the all the best.

    Nice pics, loved the last one 🙂

  4. quantum physics lover says:

    some names:
    midas touch

    will comeback with more!

  5. Jazz says:

    Last pic is the best TP.. And all the good luck for the business, we ll be your customers.. 😉

  6. Divya Deepak says:

    Hi TP,
    Am a regular reader of your blog and love your simple style of writing. Have never posted here before but wanted to wish you and PK all the best for your upcoming business venture. Hope it is a big success

  7. Congrats TP on your new business..Wishing you all the success..:)

    Beautiful pics…especially the beach pic..I love beaches..

    Having someone to call as parents in foreign land is very lucky..ya?

  8. Visha says:

    New business? WOW. All the best dear 🙂 🙂

    Names I can think of – Tara, JewelOne. Also, like the apparel designers ( Shyamal & Bhumika, Masaba) having your jewellery line in your’s and PK’s name would also give the edge 😉

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