The Cocktail party

Next day that is on 26th December, it was cock-tail party in the evening. In the morning, PK & I went to the market to buy sweets which we had to give to all our relatives. We had yummy Indori Pona & garam-garam Jalebis there. We came back to our room to find MIL sitting with my Mum. I was shocked to see this, I knew something fishy was going on. I asked my Mum but she said everything is OK. I had to get ready but MIL was not moving at all. I went for shower and returned still she was not going. I did not want to open my luggage& make-up in front of her, just to avoid 1000s of questions that she will ask looking at my stuff. I had no other option so I started getting ready there.  All this time, I could see in the mirror MIL staring at me. It was so uncomfortable. I quickly got ready & left the room with PK.

It was time to go at sister’s place to meet her and take her to the cocktail party venue. We all reached their place and their house turned into Fish-market. My eyes were looking for my sister, I went to her MIL and asked her if I can go to her room. She happily took me to her room and I met my sissy. Ohh, she was looking so different. Suddenly from a young, mischievous, shorts wearing girl was turned into a responsible married saari wearing girl. We hugged each other tightly and I started teasing her asking what happened last night and all that. Her cheeks were going red with all shyness.

When we all reached the cocktail party venue, My Mum gave me good news that my cousin brother (Maama’s son) has selected a girl & they are doing small engagement like ceremony at girl’s place. Before even entering the venue, me & PK sat in another car & went to congratulate this new couple. Everyone was so happily surprised to see PK & me there. My Nanaji, Naani, Mamis, Maamas, they were literally dancing, there were hugs and celebrations. They all thought we will not leave sister’s function & attend this function. We clicked pictures with new couple and chatted for a while. My Mamaji asked me to ask some question to the girl. I became so serious, took the girl to one sofa & asked her to be ready for the interview. Everyone was quiet & looking at us, girl’s family was worried like – we have just fixed their engagement, now which interview??  I asked the girl – “My first question is – Do you like Pani-puri?” At first the girl was shocked but then everyone started laughing. Oh it was so much fun, can you believe when we were leaving their home to go back to cocktail party, I saw a Pani-puri stall near their house. I called the girl & her family members and literally attacked on Pani-Puri wale bhaiya.  This girl & her family were so surprised, they kept saying that they thought we were from overseas, we will like everything to be high class but me & PK are so mixing & down to earth. It was bit awkward you know, how people in India have pre-conceived notions about NRIs. Then joking I asked girl’s Mum, we are taking this girl with us back to our home. She replied – “She is yours only from now, we cannot say no to you” I was so sad hearing her reply, I told her “You daughter is yours & will be yours forever, nothing will change after her wedding except that you will get a son in form of son-in-law”

Anyways.. so coming back to cocktail party, it was fun specially for Non-vegetarians it was like feast. PK enjoyed his Beer and Non-Veg. We girls on other side were busy teasing AK, asking for money for his shoes. It was time to leave the venue, go to the hotel, pack our luggage & leave for Surat. I don’t have words to explain how hard it was to leave sister behind and go back without her. And here she was warning everyone, “Please don’t cry because I am not going to cry!!” I did cried, A LOT!!

When we reached the hotel, PK borrowed a bike from another cousin & took me for a super fun ride, isn’t he amazing?? He knows how to change my mood & cheer me up. Another amazing thing was sister, AK and his parents came to the train station to see us off. In the train, although there was everyone, talking about wedding, food, clothes, dance and all but I was missing my sissy. When we were going to Indore I was looking after her, being with her all the time, but now, when we were returning I was feeling all alone. When we reached home, it was so quiet. Just one person’s absence at home makes a huge difference. Yes, It was hard in the beginning but we all tried to keep ourselves busy.

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8 Responses to The Cocktail party

  1. chipmunk says:

    i wonder why this marriage gives immense happiness but at the time of depart alone gives liters of tears!! I hate departs 😦 i don’t like to depart from any one!! but being a girl one need to be flexible 😦 why should boys have all the fun:@

  2. I know we don’t realize how important a person is in our life until they step away. A big hugs to you.

  3. Visha says:

    Read the whole story in one shot TP…I can imagine the fun you must have had in dressing up with your sister 🙂

    You already started teasing about the first night the very next day..LOL

  4. magic says:

    I really enjoyed reading the wedding posts ,but the sad part is when u have to say good bye to your dear ones 🙂 but cant help if ur the girls side sigh! you have to go through this.

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