The Reception…

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When I reached the reception ground, PK & my parents were waiting for me. They were worried for me and asked if everything was alright. After meeting all family members, we all went on the stage, congratulated the couple, clicked pictures and attacked on the food. You name it & that cuisine was on the menu. It was fun to go from stalls to stalls and try different food. It was very cold and because the reception was on open ground we were feeling more cold but they had some fire places all over the ground so we all sat near one fire place and chatted away till 2.00 – 3.00 AM at night while eating the desserts.

Oh, I have to tell you this incident. So, while we were roaming here & there on the ground, PK realized he don’t have his mobile in his hand. He then remembered that while eating Pani-Puri he kept it on the stall bench and then he forgot to take it back. We all ran in a group to that Pani-Puri stall & asked the guy where the mobile is. He kept denying & we kept forcing, black-mailing and threatening him but no luck. We tried calling PK’s mobile it was saying switched-off. We were sure that we have lost our brand new, 3 weeks old iphone 5S. After few minutes we again called on the mobile and it ranged. Someone answered the call. PK told him that the mobile he has is his mobile & asked him to return it back. The person on phone asked PK to come to the water stall. We all went to the water stall but couldn’t find anyone there. We again called on PK’s phone and asked the guy where he was. The guy came in front of us while speaking on PK’s phone. You know who he was? Mum’s cousin sister’s husband!!! Huh!! What a relief!! He found the mobile & he knew that it was expensive phone, someone will steal it from the stall so he has took that and waited for call from the owner.

Now, It was time to send sister & AK to their home. It is a custom in our religion that when daughter leaves for her husband’s house, her Dad covers her head with green sari & when she enters her husband’s house for first time, her FIL covers her head with another green sari. I asked my Mum why we follow this custom. Mum said it means that when Dad covers his daughter’s head he is saying – “I am sending my daughter with all her luck, she was pride of my family before and now she is luck & pride of your family” When her FIL covers her head while she enters their home, he is saying – “Your Dad has send his luck & pride to us, We will try to keep you the way he has send you and may your luck spread in my whole family too.” Such a nice meaning no?? 🙂

Sister & AK went home and we all came back to our rooms. I was already missing my sister. She was with me ALL the time since I landed in India till now. And now, she is gone to her new house. I was feeling strange in the room, I wanted to call her to help me remove my jewellery, I wanted to help her folding & keeping the new clothes aside. I felt like calling her to the room and chat with her about how the day was, who said what, who wore what, how the make-up was and all that stuff that we usually used to do after coming back from family functions. You will surely understand what I am trying to say if you have a sister. It was really strange-lonely feeling without her but soon I went to sleep as it was very tiring & long day. Next day was cocktail party…

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7 Responses to The Reception…

  1. greenboochi says:

    I know that feeling TPPL.. at one side you are immensely happy for your sister and yet, you feel lonely and strange 😦 Sigh.

  2. magic says:

    Hey TPPL after reading about you MIL in your previous posts, i just wanted to write about my MIL and my friends,cousins MILs of which i have seen or heard about, i was so inspired from your blog that i have written a post on Indian MIL and also link you here it is

  3. aarya says:

    arre why aren’t you guys careful with your phones? *saya Aarya while looking around for her phone*
    Love the green sari concept. So thoughtful. And I can totally relate to your last para. I miss attending the weddings and the whole process of getting ready (my sister would help me with my makeup) and then talking about the event on the way back home till late night.

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