The Wedding Day

On 24th December, our train to Indore was at night time so whole day our guests were shopping, packing and relaxing. We left for train station at about 8.00 PM. In all we were 85 people, almost one whole train coach was ours. People were changing seats, chatting, laughing, eating, playing games and dancing and in all this we reached Indore on Christmas day, on my sister’s wedding day, 25th December in the morning. The groom’s friends and brothers came to receive us on train station. There were like 40-50 cars with posters of my sister’s name & groom’s name waiting in line to drop us at the hotel. Groom, let’s call him AK, has sent special car for me, Mum & sister. My sister was literally blushing. Hehehe We got our room, had yummy south-Indian breakfast and went to the beautician to get ready for the wedding. I wish I could show you how beautiful my sister looked in her Red Ghagra, red & green jewellery, that big nose ring, white and red bangles, hands & feet full of Mehendi.. aahh just like an angel. *touchwood*

As soon as we came back to our hotel room from the salon, all relatives followed us to the room to click pictures with the bride. The room was full of people. Everyone was waiting for their turn to be clicked with the bride. Lots of pictures were being clicked, every one was ooh-ing & aah-ing looking at the bride.  MIL entered the room and stood their silently, looking at everyone with cunning face. My Dad asked her to get pic clicked with the bride. She said No with her stern face and turned her back to leave the room. While leaving the room she murmured “It doesn’t matters here if we get our picture clicked or not, so don’t bother” 

There was pin-drop silence in the room for couple of seconds as this was shocking to hear when all were in happy mood. I, actually did not hear this thing, actually my Naani called me & said “Your MIL said this sentence just now, looks like she is upset, go bring her back from her room, it doesn’t looks good. Many people have heard this statement and it doesn’t sounds well at all, people have started talking that your MIL is not happy with your family”

AGAIN. Again, they created scene in front of my relatives. I was so angry, I know my Dad will never tell me that my MIL behaved rudely with him. I did not want my parents to be upset when their daughter’s wedding ceremony is about to start. I took PK with me, knocked the in-laws room door and asked them why they are behaving like this? Why they are spoiling each & every function? Why are they creating scenes in front of our relatives? Why MIL is talking rudely with my Dad? They did this in PK & my wedding and now again in my sister’s wedding, WHY?? I was crying & shouting at that time because I was very upset.

MIL’s reply – “Our family is like this only, what to do??”

Me: “OK, do whatever you like!!”

And PK & I left their room. In my anger, I told PK that I will not take all this lightly, I will show them what I will do in BIL’s wedding. I tried to be normal & not spoil my mood.

The ceremonies were going on one by one. In one of the ceremony, I have to feed sister & AK some food, It was fun to tease them while feeding. Then, there were pheras, we showered flowers on the couple, we all hugged and clapped as the wedding was over. Again me & sister, took our outfits and went to get ready for reception. Yes, the reception was on the same day from 10.00 PM onwards.

Sister was looking gorgeous in her light blue gown. She got ready first and left to be on the stage on time. Then, her SIL & MIL came to get ready in the same saloon. They got ready first & I was still waiting for my turn. Sister’s MIL had to be at the reception first so I thought its OK if she gets ready first. Then, her SIL has a small child, she was sleeping so she asked if she can get ready first or else the child will not let her get ready. I said OK. She then left the saloon to get her child ready at home and told me that she will come back to pick me up when I am ready & I was left alone with beautician till 10.30 PM. I called my Dad, he did not answer my phone, I called my Uncle he did not answer my call. I just waited outside the saloon with poor beautician who also had to go home but just because of me she was waiting. Sister’s SIL came to pick me & then we reached the reception party!! I hate waiting!! The post is getting very long, to be continued in next post. For those who have read till here, thank you so much & hats off to you 🙂

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13 Responses to The Wedding Day

  1. Magic says:

    have been reading your blog from along time… love to read your blog/life stories 🙂 I see you had a good time in your lil sis wedding MINUS you MIL’S antics
    OMG your MIL…. do really ppl like this exist… its height of immaturity ….I too have problems with my MIL but this is I do not know what to say…

  2. I read till the end, it was like attending the wedding. I am so sorry that MIL is behaving so mean with you and family. I want to give you a tight hug for all that you had to go through on a day that’s so important for all of you. I wish you could publish pics, so that we could see your beautiful family. I am lucky that I have seen your family pic and I know how wonderful you all look. Wishing sister loads of happiness .

  3. greenboochi says:

    Loved this! Waiting to read more 🙂

  4. Sujatha says:

    I want to see ur sister’s wedding dress… Its so tempting you know !! Can you post a pic ??
    Hugs dear.. I hope ur MIL changes her attitude soon

  5. Ada says:

    Wow! Some people will be sad no matter what anyone does to make them happy what bothers me is when they CHOOSE to be sad and then decide to spoil everyone’s mood also. Pay no attention to them and don’t allow their bad behaviour dent your sweetness! 🙂
    Just continue showing them what real happiness looks like and if they fail to learn, their loss!

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  7. aarya says:

    I have no words for your MIL. Her behavior is beyond my comprehension. She is not worth all the attention and respect your family bestows on her.
    I am glad you had a nice time mostly. I bet your sister looked the best bride you have ever seen. I felt the same at my sister’s wedding. She looked so beautiful and royal. Did your sister wear those laced gloves with blue stones with her gown?
    And I too hate waiting. Specially after I am all dressed and ready to leave.

    • true..
      yeah she wore the gloves in reception.. I should have clicked the picture of gloves. We decorated them with silver n blue stones and sparkles.. oh but I dint had my phone there no to click picture.. damn 😦

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