Ever seen such loose character people???

“Mata ki Chowki” – This was the function on 23rd December that is on the next day of Mehendi. Those who all don’t know about this function, this is a devotional program which goes on for few hours, there are singers who sing happy and devotional songs, there are performers who dress up like God & Goddesses and perform  their skits or dances.

I, my both sisters and Mum, we all went to the beautician to get ready in the evening. I must say she did pretty good job with our make-up, draping saris and hairstyles.  We all reached the function hall, did our photo shoot and the actual program started. People started pouring in, friends, relatives, neighbors, Dad’s friends, Uncle’s friends and all our business related friends, my friends and everybody we know came to attend the function and shower their blessings on sister. It was all going very well until PK’s Uncle  & Aunty came.

I have never mentioned about them in this blog. PK has 2 Uncles. They all live in different cities and frankly speaking they all don’t believe in unity, this is what I have felt since I came in this family. Jealousy, competition, testing each other, this is all common among PK’s Dad & his 2 brothers. It’s actually good that they all don’t live together. Anyways, so this Uncle and Aunty came, PK & I met them and within seconds I saw Uncle, Aunty, PK, MIL, FIL missing from the function. I knew something was going on. I left the function and started looking for them. After few minutes I found them standing behind the hall and chitchatting. I went there and asked them all to join the function & told PK that everyone is looking for him. I could sense that there was some heated discussion going on which they stopped when they saw me. They all became mute. I asked PK, is everything OK?? He asked me to go ahead & he will join me in couple of minutes.

Yes, I was hurt. Hurt because I felt they don’t want me to become part of their conversation, the way they all became mute when they saw me. Hurt because my sister’s wedding function was left in between and they all were concentrating on their family issues. In our wedding also some of PK’s family members went to their rooms because of their family issues & now in my sister’s wedding function also they were doing same thing. I was hurt because even PK was missing the function. I was really very upset, I came back. The singer was singing some prayer song for sister, the words were like tomorrow will be start of her new life, start of her new roles as a wife, a DIL, a SIL, May God give her happy life ahead & may her life be full of happiness. We all were standing & praying, I couldn’t control my emotions, tears started rolling out on my cheeks. Tears because sister will have to live with new family, tears because I was worried for her and also tears because I was hurt with what I saw behind the hall. I went to my Dad and hugged him tight for few minutes. That was the most emotional I have been during the whole wedding functions. Even now when I see that pic of me & my Dad, I get emotional. Those feelings are indescribable.

PK returned after some time to the function but MIL & FIL had gone back to their room. Uncle  & Aunty had already left. I was heartbroken to say the least. This was the last thing I would expect from PK’s family. Why do they want to spoil my & PK’s mood in my sister’s wedding? The function was still on, there were performances of Lord Shiva’s Taandav, he danced beautifully & also he had Ganga water flowing from his head. Audience got very excited and asked him to perform once more which he readily did. Then there was Lord Krishna’s Ras-leela, our family also danced on some bhajans. The function was over again when the cops came & asked us to shut down the loud music at 12.00 AM.. I was ignoring PK all of this time, I was not looking in his eyes when he was calling me. When we all were ready to go home, MIL & FIL came downstairs from their room. My blood started boiling when I saw them because I know they came back for their dinner & when the function was still on they went to their room & shut the door. How mean!!

All guests and relatives were gone. Most of the family members were also gone. Some of us were there collecting gifts and shifting them to the cars to take them home. PK pulled me aside and requested me to listen to him. When PK told me what they all were discussing behind the function hall, I was horrified & shocked to say the least.

PK said he couldn’t find his family in the function so he went to look for them. When he found them, he asked them what was going on. His Uncle asked PK – “TP’s family is business oriented family, they are earning in crores with their jewelers business, why do they organize their functions on such low standards? They should do something extravagant but their standard is so low. Is this function Ok as per your Australian standard?”

Seriously friends, I have never come across such loose character people in my life. It is MY Dad’s money. It is my Dad’s wish how he wants to arrange the functions. My Dad & my family will spend their money HOWEVER they like. Who the fu*k are they to attend the function & then say such things about my Dad? If their standards are very high and higher than my Dad then why are they still staying in one bed-room government quarters???.

This is what I thought when I heard this & this is what actually PK said them in reply on their shit face. PK challenged his Uncle – “Organize your son’s wedding (which will be in a year or two) as per YOUR standards, I am sure it will still be lower than my “Australian” standards and Tp’s Dad’s standards.”

This is when his Uncle shut his mouth and that is why they & PK’s parents got upset & left the function. Good for them!! Actually good for me too, I don’t want these “worst than animals” people in my sister’s wedding functions. Why the hell did my FIL did not replied anything to his brother? Why the hell they were listening about my Dad quietly??

I am thankful to God for giving some guts to PK. I am thankful to PK for standing up for my family when his own family members were talking rubbish about my Dad. There was lot of discussion between me & PK. I cried a lot that night as I was disturbed with all that happened, I can’t hear anything about my Dad.

Tell me what should I do with my in-laws?? 😦

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8 Responses to Ever seen such loose character people???

  1. Jay says:

    *hugs*, dear. 😦

  2. Deepa says:

    Hugs to you girl, it is really bad that this incident was such a mood spoiler and impacted your sister’s matha ki chowki. These people are so cheap! Don’t get too stressed, put this past you. At least, your husband stood up for you. My sister also went through this and her husband also joined his family in insulting my parents.

    • I was definitely stressed at that time, I literally wanted to break their facesbut I am alright now Deepa, Thank you.
      I can so understand your sister’s feelings.. It’s very hard to hear your in-laws n even husband insulting your parents, your sister should not tolerate this, that’s all i can say 😦

  3. Jazz says:

    Isn’t it good Pk managed, better such people don’t attend auspicious celebrations and ruin it..

  4. chipmunk says:

    seriously wondering how Pk was a odd man out!!! this is really too way bad! you guys should not invited this type of negative vibration for a function mpffff!!!!

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