A day with in-laws before sister’s wedding

Next two-three days were spent in opening the luggage and giving gifts to everyone and then Mum opened her pitara and showed what she and sister have shopped for months and what all preparations they have done and what is all remaining. Then, the pressure started building as we have not been to PK’s parents place yet to meet them. I asked Dad to book our ticket and next day we went to meet PK’s parents. My in-laws!!  After they visited us here in Sydney and created dramas I have kept distance from them, I have lost all the feelings towards them. It was so awkward when we reached their place not only for me but for PK as well. It was weird to be in a completely quiet and uncomfortable environment after being pampered and showered with love from my Mum & Dad. It was awkward to sit and chat with them. We had dinner, answered few of their interview questions like – “How much we paid for sister’s wedding gift? How much we have budgeted to spend on sister’s wedding?” and such. I was fuming already at these questions because it is none of their business.

We gave them their gifts, went to our room and went to bed early. Already asked them not to knock our door (as per their habit) in the morning to wake us up, we will wake up at whatever time we wish. MIL can’t see us sleeping past 7.00 AM, so much that she wakes up 4.00 AM – 5.00 AM and waits to hear the toilet flush sound from our bedroom so that she knows we are awake!! Anyways, so while we were sound asleep in the middle of the night at about 1.30 – 2.00 AM, we heard a knock at our door. I covered myself with blanket up till my head. PK opened the door to find MIL standing. She asked PK to close the tap of our flush-tank in our bathroom!!! It was so annoying. I don’t know why it was that urgent that she couldn’t sleep and she came to our room upstairs, woke us up and asked to just close the tap. No, the water was not leaking, no, the water was not flowing. It’s just that that tap will stop the water flow in flush tank, that’s it. Still we let it go.

 Next morning we had planned to go shopping for MIL’s sari. We woke up, got ready and were having our morning tea. PK asked for Khari-biscuits to eat with tea which my Dad gave to us from Surat to give to my in-laws. Khari biscuits from bakeries in Surat are very famous, everyone loves them. Here is how their conversation went.

PK: “Mum, take out those Khari-biscuits from Surat no, we will eat those with tea”

MIL: “Kya pura din Surat-Surat laga rakha hai?? Nahi milegi, jo rakha hai wahi khaao” Translating to – “What is this Surat-Surat rant?? I won’t give you those, eat whatever is kept on the table”

PK and I did not utter a word after that. I know more than me, PK was deeply hurt.  It was so hard to even take a sip from that cup of tea. I don’t know how we drank that tea. Trying to forget everything, we asked MIL & FIL to get ready to go for shopping. We bought MIL a beautiful pink & sea-green color saari to wear during sister’s wedding. I bought one saari too. While returning home, again there were silly questions from MIL like “How much you paid for TP’s saari??” PK’s reply was so funny & witty. He said “You know how much total I paid right? You know how much was your saari for right? Then you also know how much was TP’s sari for.. so why all these questions?? Due to the biscuit incident in morning we were reluctant to eat our lunch at home so we ate some sandwiches outside and returned home.

Frankly speaking, I was suffocating in that environment where every step of PK & mine was like under surveillance cameras, every morsel of food we eat was counted, every piece of cloth we wore was measured in monetary value. Lucky that we stayed there only one night otherwise I would have gone crazy. We returned back to Surat that same evening.

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27 Responses to A day with in-laws before sister’s wedding

  1. I have never come across anyone like your MIL, PK is her son rt? Why is she hesitated to give him a biscuit? very strange .

    • .. because the biscuit that PK asked for was from my Dad, from my city hence this drama!!
      There is so much I want to learn from you LiFi, on being positive, being accommodating, letting go on small issues with in-laws but every time we meet the circumstances doesn’t allow me to have some soft corner for them 😦

  2. I can so relate your MIL to one of my friend’s MIL. This would solve only when people start loving people instead of things (money) and accepting a DIL as daughter and not as a competitor.

  3. Pepper says:

    Oh my God! How much you paid for your sister’s gift? What was the budget for her wedding? They ask these questions! I don’t know whether to feel amused or angry. Are they for real?

    How do you answer those? Do you give them the numbers? I hope you don’t. I hope you tell them that that is none of their concern.

  4. Monkey Mind says:

    PK is their own son right? This behavior is appalling- making an issue for a biscuit asked by a grown up person :O

    Hugs TPPL

  5. chipmunk says:

    I wish Pk could hide some snacks in his pocket before giving the entire pack to them!!! don’t worry dear all the biscuit will be ate by ants and not by them!! your MIL is typically a 1950’s villain!!! but i adore the reply ji gave for the saree thingy!!! lol 😀 😀 I can clearly feel the black smoke emerging from your hearts!!! woha but short trip it was!! thank goodness!!! but still i doubt whether the water tripping sound came from their room or from her imagination!!! what non sense than tapping others room at 2.00 in midnight and thinking about the water!! i wonder if your stay exists for more than 4 days, MIL would have got a black circle 🙂 🙂 cheer up girl after all what is life without certain tikka 🙂 🙂

    • But why taking biscuits in pocket while going to your own parent’s home, Chipmink??? btw..They finished all biscuits and not the ants!!
      Ohh we stayed with them again, can you believe that??? Will write that part soon.

  6. Bhakti says:


    Everytime I read a post on your in-laws, I can see they are related to my in-laws.

    My nani ma passed a few days ago. My m-i-l calls me and is talking general stuff with me. Then she goes like “What Else, what else”. No word about my nani ma. I said nothing nothing. Then she says oh what happened to your grandmother. Don’t think too much. what was her age…

    The topic then moves on to Sankranti, she celebrated with her daughter. she is talking about it. n then she asks me if i went to the temple for Sankranti. I mean here is I am grieving as i have lost my favorite and the only surviving grandparent and she is talking about celebration and if i went to the temple, wearing the saree she gave me. BTW which she must have confirmed from her son. But just to reconfirm she has to ask me.

    The worst part in my case is: her son thinks she is a very simple lady, who does not have anything in her heart. she doesn’t know how to behave, etc. etc.

    Such in-laws dont deserve any love or respect. We are better away from them.

    • Hey Bhakti, I can so understand your feelings.
      As you said your MIL must would have asked his son about you wore that sari or not. Why our MILs have to test us every time by double checking things with their sons & then with us DILs..I really hate this.

  7. Bingo says:

    I couldn’t believe such people exist!! 😐

  8. greenboochi says:

    OMG.. These people! Unbelievable 😦

  9. sjscribbles says:

    I can very well co-relate to what you have undergone TPL. This kind of behaviour , is just a outburst of inner jealousy, grudge and hatred that they hold because things are not in their control. They cannot take it that their children are independent and are happy with their spouses. They want to have an emotional control over their kids and make them mere puppets. They realise they cannot do this and this is the kind of reaction they have.
    Ohhh when are they going to realise that their thinking is SO SO WRONG !!!!

  10. Deepa says:

    It is always best to stay away from these in-laws. Thank god! I have been staying away from them for the past 15 years in US. I only visit them once a year. Even though, I stay with them for 2 weeks, it is still suffocating for me. I feel bad for you and your husband. Poor guy, must have been hurt by his mom’s behavior. As a mom, how could she be so narrow minded??

  11. aarya says:

    arre yaar…your MIL is worse than the vamps of old bollywood movies. And then these people say ‘bahu ne hamse hamara beta chheen liya’. Somebody show them the bluddy mirror yaar. She is pushing her own son away. Hugs TP. I hope the lovely memories of your sister’s marriage and all the pampering you got from your family overshadow this bitter part of your trip.

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