First day in India – 7th December 2013

I met “One Honest Writer” and TBH in Delhi. Yay!!! Jealous???? 😛

 I can’t express, it was such delight to meet OHW and to put a face to a name. Though I know her real name now, I can’t relate to her  with her real name so for me she will be OHW only. She is chubbly-bubbly, simple and cute girl. You would just want to pull her cheeks when you meet her. A very good person, very mixing in nature, she is just a sweetheart. Even TBH is a very cool guy, same as OHW writes about him on her blog. PK & TBH got along very well. Within seconds we were like we have not met for the first time. We went to a nearby restaurant, had a drink, chatted for a while, clicked pictures and then they dropped us at our hotel.

It was so much fun meeting you OHW, I hope we will meet again in future. Stay the way you are. Oh and thank you so much for the perfect gift of fridge magnet with pictures of chaats, it’s on my fridge now and whenever I see it while opening the fridge I crave for chaats. 😉 I wish I had taken picture of that, maybe I will edit this post after going home and will insert the pic in the evening.

Edited to add the picture:

Fridge magnet

Fridge magnet

Next morning we left for Surat. My city. *grin* It was an one and half hour flight but it seemed it like one and half day flight to me. We reached Surat, were collecting our luggage and then I saw my Mum & Dad standing at the gate. As soon as I saw them, tears started rolling on my cheeks. PK saw me how uncontrollable I was so he asked me to take one luggage trolley and go outside to meet them,  he will collect rest of the luggage and come behind me. I was in thoughts should I be selfish and leave PK and run to my parents or help PK first and wait for 5 minutes to hug my Mum & Dad. I decided to be selfish and ran towards the gate.

As I reached the gate, my jaws dropped. I left the trolley at the gate, poor watchman took my trolley & dragged it to the side. I saw my Mum, my Dad, my Uncle(1), my Uncle(2),my Bhabhi(1),my Bhabhi(2), my 2 sisters, one brother and eight cousins(boys & girls) who are (almost)all teenagers now standing there to welcome us. Smallest cousin brought me a chocolate bouquet to the gate before I even come out. All were holding their mobiles to click pictures and take videos. I thought they would have gone to their schools or must be sleeping but they all were here at the airport. Boys have started growing moustache and beard, their voice has started becoming manly, all kids were looking so mature. Then the rounds of hugs and tears began, as I finished my part of rounds there came PK from behind and all the kids started making noise and wooting and screaming as if some celeb has landed. No one from my family cared about other passengers looking at the big group of ours. PK was so confused when he came out, he met few of the family members and then he got confused whom he has hugged met & whom he hasn’t yet. I kept telling him, PK you haven’t met this cousin yet he is standing in corner because he is shy, PK you haven’t met this Bhabhi yet, she is waiting for her turn. All in all, the fun started at the airport itself. 🙂

After an hour or so, Dad and Uncles realized it’s very late and the whole airport is empty as only one flight lands there in the morning. Only our family & watchman were left at the airport. We all decided to go to the snacks shop and oh boy what circus we created there. One cousin came with one plate of snack asking me & PK to try it and another came from another corner asking us to try his dish, Dad and Uncles bought dishes of their choice and we all ate from I think not less than 60-70 plates of Khaman, Dhokla, Locha, samosas and all other Gujarati snacks.

We reached home with our tummies full.*burp* (Sorry :P) It was so nice to enter in my own house, own room, own bathroom, use my own wardrobe and everything. Even though I have my own house here in Sydney, nothing can be compared to the comfort level of Dad’s home.  The feeling that I am safe, I am comfortable, I am with my family, I am in my “real-own” house only comes to me when I enter this childhood home of mine. I can’t express this feeling in words. My Dad dint went to work that day, my Mum asked all maids to finish work early, even lunch was ready, so nothing was there to do except cuddle with Mum & Dad and chat and eat. Even the biggest task of taking shower was also completed in Delhi early morning. aaahhhh Happy Life!! 🙂

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18 Responses to First day in India – 7th December 2013

  1. This is such a happy post…..ya nothing beats the happy feeling when at home…..I can’t wait to pack my bags now 🙂

  2. What a fun read PP, reuniting to the family was amazing isn’t it?

  3. sjscribbles says:

    Your post touched my heart TPL, I’m waiting to be at the Bangalore airport gates seeing my mom, dad and Sis – waiting to hug me ….Ohhh my eyes are filled with tears as I write this…

  4. Neeli says:

    I envyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you & OHW… 😛 😛 I know how it feels to meet your blogger friend. felt the same way when I Met Pseudomonaz in Chennai 😀

    I can visualize your airport , fun at restaurant n your entry to own house with loads of memories… feels good naa… pata hai, even i was waiting ki when r u coming to India… 🙂 mujhe laga aap chale gaye… !!! kab toh ho aap yaha? enjoy to the core 🙂 n dont forget to post pics 🙂

  5. mamata says:

    So much fun right TPP I am just imagining everything while reading yr post. I do can understand how you must be feeling being all alone. I have gone through this phase it happens with me everytime I go and come back even now after 20 yrs of my life away from them.

  6. chipmunk says:

    I was all grumpy when i read your happy post and you didn’t meet us!!! but wohaaa i am way too excited and zeal after reading your comment to neeli 🙂 🙂 the magnet looks so cute and its a very thoughtful gift to the right person 🙂 🙂 meeting the anonymous people always thrills and gives butterfly and no wonder you were so eager on every person who entered in 😀 it happens with meeting people who are unknown 🙂 🙂

  7. aarya says:

    love the magnet. And the part at the airport, reminded me of my last visit to India. I was only expecting my Jeeju and bro at the airport but my parents and sis and other bro-in-law were there as well. And imagine my excitement when I saw my 9 month old nephew. My bro recorded my reaction. I was so happy I cried. Wow…another month and a half and I will be basking in love 🙂

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