To India on 6th December 2013

Early in the morning, at 4.00 am, we left for the airport. You could literally see the happiness on my face. I was totally lost in thoughts that I was about to see my family in few hours. Our neighbor-friend came to drop us in his car. I am so grateful to him that he offered this help to us to save us from booking taxi & paying the taxi fare along with night ride charges. Also, our area is new so PK & I were not sure if the taxi will come to our area at that time of the night when all taxis are changing or closing their shifts.

So, as soon as we reached airport, my sister sent message to PK asking why I am not replying to her messages on mobile. It was late night in India, they all were awake and wanted to ask if we have reached airport or not. I opened my hand-bag which was full of cosmetics, jewellery and what not just so that our luggage is not overweight. I searched and searched for my mobile but I cannot find it. Every time I felt it’s a mobile in the bag, I would get a eye shadow palatte in my hand and then again I would start looking for it. At the end, I emptied my hand-bag on the bench I was sitting on, still I couldn’t find my mobile. Believe me, my heart was beating so fast, I was totally in disbelief. Did I left my mobile at home in hurry? Did it fell down on road when I jumped out of the car when we reached airport? Where did I left it? It was so hard to accept that I will be mobile-less for whole of that month in India. How will I click pictures? I felt like crying but there was nothing that I can do. PK, instead of cheering me up, was showing off his mobile, clicking pictures and then taunting me that I never take care of my mobile & keep it here and there and that this is the lesson for me!! Gggrrrr…

This time we were flying Air-India. 1) This was non-stop flight to Delhi, not wasting 4-5 hours in transit was the biggest plus point. I wanted to reach India as soon as possible. 2) On air entertainment was fantastic.  Huge collection of Bollywood movies, comedy shows, TV serials and what not. 3) Food. If you get to eat Chicken Biryani, Veg Biryani, Saag-Mutton, Panner Butter Masala, Gobi-Aloo, Raita, Daal Makhni, Gulab Jamun, Rabdi, Gaajar ka halwa, Veg Cheese sandwich, fruits and salads on air, what else you want?? The journey & Air-India service was not as bad as people had told us.

We reached Delhi at night & checked in at the hotel. Right next to the hotel there was Pani-puri stall. Guess where I was standing the next minute? 😉 Yes you guessed it right :-)Then, we freshened up and got ready to meet my blogging friend. I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to see her. So I went at hotel reception area and waited there for a while. Every time a female opened the door I used to give expressions like – are you my blogging friend and that girl used to be like – “Are you mad or what?” So, again we went back to our room & waited for the call from reception. And within 5 minutes the phone rang and we came downstairs. PK was teasing me – Look at you, Oh my God, I have never seen you this excited in Sydney lol Can you guess whom I got to meet?

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6 Responses to To India on 6th December 2013

  1. Trish says:

    Oh ho!Tell me quick!who did you meet?and what happened to the mobile?

  2. Ha ha this is too much.. You stopped exactly at where I wanted to know..Does that mean I have to wait till tomorrow? 🙂

  3. Tell me first you got your mobile phone or not ?? After that only I can guess which blogger friend you met…lol..

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