Pani-Puri recipe from a true Pani-puri lover..

Ingredients –

All ingredients are actually to taste, you can use as much or less as you want depending on your taste buds.


Coriander leaves

Mint leaves

Green chillies

Regular salt

Citric acid

Black salt

Pani-Puri Masala – MDH or Everest

Cumin seeds

Store bought Puris


Black channa

How to make Paani –

1.       Fill a big bowl with 1.5 litres (approx) of water.

2.     Mix salt as per taste, 1 tsp black salt, 1 tsp citric acid and 1 tbsp of store bought Panipuri masala. I use MDH or Everest. This masala comes in powder form.

3.     Mix all this really well so that there are no lumps of black salt or citric acid or Panipuri masala in water.

4.     Grind 1 cup of Mint leaves, 1 cup of Coriander leaves with stems, 4-5 spicy green chilies and 1 tsp of cumin seeds with little bit of water.

5.     Keep some of this paste aside to mix in potato mixture & Churma. Mix rest of this paste with the flavored water that you have just prepared.

6.     Taste the water, adjust salt, adjust sourness if it is less sour then add more citric acid and Pani-puri masala.

Paani recipe is for you Visha, because I love you 🙂

Tips :

1.       Never add red Chilli Powder to Pani-Puri water, green chillies are the best option for spiciness okie?? Well, you can add little bit but don’t put like 1 -2 tbsps of it 🙂 If you see the picture below, you will be able to see some red chilli powder that’s because when PK was feeding these to me, I told him – “Thoda spicy karna na” and he added red chilli powder!!!!!!!!!

2.     Instead of citric acid, you can always add fresh or store bought tamarind paste in water for sourness. I like taste with citric acid better than tamarind but its really upto you.

3.     You can also add 2 garlic pods in the grinder while making green paste. I like Garlicy flavored water too. Just don’t add too much garlic otherwise your hubby will not come close to you 😉

4.       You can add Boondi in water just before eating.

5.       You can add chopped coriander and mint leaves in Paani as garnish.

How to make the Potato Masala –

Mash the boiled potatoes and boiled black gram (kala Channa). Add the little bit green chutney that you kept aside previously while making Pani. Add salt, chopped coriander and mint leaves and Panipuri masala and mix.

How to eat –

Make a hole in Puri, add poatato masala in it and dip the Puri in Pani so that its filled with water and put the “whole” puri in your mouth and experience the burst of different flavors.. For better experience, ask your husband to assemble the Pani-Puri, and feed you one by one without any break. Yes..without break. Ask him not to eat a single Pani-puri  in the middle when he is feeding you, he can always eat after you are done. If you will take a small break in between 2 Pani-puris all the fun will be lost. Really!! 😉

How many to eat –

Eat till your belly is about to blast, eat till you feel all the water is moving inside your belly and you feel restless 😉

With whom to eat –

Eat with as many people you want but you remember the rule naa?? Do not take break okie?? Many people means you will have to wait for your turn which is big no no. You cannot wait!!

How to make it more tasty –

You & your husband should not wash hands before eating or even making Pani-puri 😛 😛

How much to believe me –

Well.. that’s up to you 🙂 😛

How to make Churma –

I make churma special way. This is perfect way to end your Pani-puri session. Take some potato-chana mixture in a bowl, add crispy Puris in it, add little bit black salt to taste and if you have any remaining green chutney that you made earlier, add that as well & crush everything with your hands and mix and eat.


Tell me if this picture is not making you drool. Only my heart, my tummy & my tongue knows how I have written whole of this post in the office. *Packs her bag and runs back home to make Pani-Puri *

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10 Responses to Pani-Puri recipe from a true Pani-puri lover..

  1. This was so funny and definitely from a true pani puri lover 🙂 subh subh muh Mai pani aa Gaya.

    • hahaha..

      Shaam ko Gol-Gappe khane jarur jaana ab 🙂

      • And i cant agree more ki jab haath gande ho tab zyada tasty lagta hai…ever looked at the hands of the chaat wala, with that long finger to break the panipuri? Yaha dilli mai sab gloves pehante hai, isliye maze nahi aate 😛

      • Gosh.. longer finger.. eeww.. hahahaha..
        arey here also they wear gloves & if you go to nicer chaat places in Gujarat there too they wear gloves and use mineral water for paani..

        I usually go to that small but neat & clean Laari-waalas, real fun toh unke haath se Pani-puri khane me hai nahi?? hehehe.. and you know, PK just stands next to me, he never even taste one Pani-Puri at these stalls lol

  2. Congratulations, your blog has been nominated for NEPALIAUSTRALIAN’s Blog Award 2013. Please click the link for more details.

  3. Visha says:

    Thank you so much, you are a darling 🙂

    Reading this only is making me long for the picture to materialize and eat loads of them rightaway 😀

    Sorry for the late reply, was away from the internet for long…

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