Weekend full of fun, food, film and friends

This weekend, I was very happy & excited as this was the third last weekend before we travel to India. Two more weekends & we will be in INDIAAAAA…Yay!!!

So, Friday evening, after work, I made Pani-Puri, went to play with neighbor’s baby, came back home, made thin crust pizzas as PK was hungry, watched daily soaps & went to bed.

Saturday morning, we deep cleaned our house, arranged our linen cupboard & pantry, then went for dinner at friends place. We had – 1) Wine for me 2) Beer for PK 3) Hookah (without tobacco) for all 4) Black Chana Chaat 5) Fresh Corn Chevda 6) Muthiah 7) Dal 8a) Regular Baati 8b)Baati made up of Corn flour 9) Green Chutney & Onion 10) Ras-Gullas.

Girl-friends couldn’t stop praising my nails and hands & their husband’s couldn’t stop teasing me saying that I watch Big Boss 3 months & for rest of the year I only take care of my nails & hands!! *I did nothing but rolled my eyes*

On Sunday, we had yummy breakfast of omelet & bread, then went to watch movie – Ram-Leela with friends. I liked the first half of the movie better.  Huge sets, songs, colorful costumes, dance – garbas & acting, everything was worth watching. After interval the movie was Okie. When we came back home, we had pretty much nothing to do. We just prepared our dinner & next day’s lunch and watched another movie – The Lunchbox. Honestly, I dint understood the ending of the movie. PK & I thought the CD doesn’t have full movie but when I googled the ending just now I came to know that that was the actual ending. Open endings leave me thinking, I want to see what happened next but I guess that is the beauty of this movie. What do you guys think about this movie??

Highlight of this weekend was PK’s dream.  Sunday morning, he woke up & the first sentence he said to me was – “I saw a dream, this guy was trying to hug you in the train, in India & I fought with him” Can you guess what I replied?? He is still teasing me on my reply!! I laughed a lot & asked him – “What was I wearing? How do I looked??” lol

How was your weekend guys?? Oh and I am just loving twitter. It is so much fun to be connected with blog friends all the time.

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20 Responses to Weekend full of fun, food, film and friends

  1. I am surprised by the coincidences of our weekend:

    1. Made thin crust pizza from scratch for TBH and me on Saturday.
    2. Your friend’s outing was replaced by an evening out at a Stand up comedy act hosted by one of the Restaurants
    3. We had panipuri yesterday evening.
    4. We watched The Lunchbox Sunday afternoon and were disappointed with the ending.
    5. Contemplated a hundred times watching Ram Leela but decided to postpone to watch it with friends next weekend. And caught of LIfe of Pi at home.
    6. Glad you mentioned about your beautiful hands and nails, I was planning to ask your email id and ask some queries regarding nails/nail paints/makeup. As I am totally alien to these concepts but now I feel like dressing up and putting some basic make up.
    7. And Big Boss we are super crazy fans.

    Yes for us too weekend was all about fun – food – films 🙂

    • OMG I will have to pinch (inch-pinch) you so many times for on so many co-incidences!!!

      1 – Yumm!! Pic please??
      2 – Naaice!!
      3 – 4 – Wish we would have eaten panipuri together, while watching lunchbox.. ahha hhaa haa..
      6 – tandooripanipuri@hotmail.com 🙂
      7 – Again, wish we can sit together & watch BB & then gossip about the contestants 😉

  2. Neeli says:

    gr8… even i had fun with my college frnd who came with me to chennai from delhi. saw RamLeela with her.. but i didnt like the movie only for reason- poor story. everything was gud.. actually gr8..flawless n natural acting, awesome songs, gr8 sets, superb dance.. but again- poor story.. it’s very much like Isaaqzade.. dont u think so…. n I hated two things- unnecessary violence n vulgar jokes… i mean even without those double meaning dialogues, movie wud have been done justice.. Didnt expect such sort of dialogues from Sanjay Leela Bhansali…

  3. Visha says:

    I made black chana today coincidentally 😀

    Our weekend was lazy as usual 😛

  4. D says:

    hi, the above comments tell me that this movie is same as Ishaqzaade…lol..i guess not worth watching…About Lunchbox- i liked the movie, even husband thought that the CD was incomplete when he watched it. However, though the end is open ended, i still liked it. Somehow i felt, that the director wanted to tell that the two eventually meet and settle down together…happy ending…:)

    Enjoy the next couple of weeks, because somehow i feel that anticipation of a journey/ holidays is always gives more happiness than the actual journey…:)

    • Inch-pinch on same thoughts for Lunch-box movie D 🙂
      So true what you said in second para.. I dont feel like working.. I only sit & google things I will eat, make list of things I will do in India.. ahh.. so excited 🙂

  5. Ada says:

    What a wonderful way to spend the weekend! Mine was lazzzzyyy and all I could cook was noodles. Nothing beats friends and good food! 😀

  6. Dint you get my extra looooong comment on this one?

  7. You had a fun weekend, don’t know I always feel hungry whenever I read yours and RM’s weekend stories, so much food in there 🙂

    I just wrote about mine, it was one fun weekend.

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