On being an emo & protective sister

As our India travel date is coming closer and closer, I can’t contain my excitement.I don’t feel like working in office, commute to & from office is becoming like burden, I literally have to drag myself to work. At home, I don’t feel like cooking, I don’t feel like cleaning. I am unable to concentrate on any thing even if we are watching TV, my mind is constantly back at home in India.I just want to catch the flight & go home and be with my family.

At the same time, I am so much worried about my sister. How she will manage in new family, new home, new environment? Will she share with us if she will any issues? I find myself praying for her happiness & well-being every now & then. I pray that her in-laws family treat her as their own daughter. Well, they are nice people but still I am worried about her. I think I am just being that protective elder sister.

Yesterday, when her fiance sent me a photo of both of them together, I was shocked!! Our families don’t allow engaged couple to meet before weddings, although phone chat is ok. So, I double checked the picture if that was edited picture or real one. The picture was real. I was happy to know that her fiancé has traveled to our city to give my sister her birthday surprise, that too secretly. They spent the day together, watched movie, cut the cake & celebrated in their own little way. I didn’t asked Why-What-How questions to them, I just told them to enjoy a lot, click lot of pictures as this was their golden moment & prayed to God to bless them and to always keep them happy. Looking at this sweet gesture by her fiancé, I am bit relieved that he will take care of her & will keep her happy.

While talking on phone with Dad yesterday, I came to know that all tickets, halls and caterers bookings are done. Shopping for sister is done. Just they have to shop for themselves but they are waiting for me & PK to reach so that we all can shop together. Dad also mentioned that the group that sings for “Mata ki Chowki” has also been booked. I remembered what happened during “Mata ki Chowki”  before my wedding. The singer covered my head with Red Chunri & sang very sad rotdu song & asked everyone to give me blessings as I was going to leave my home & family. I did felt weird but did not said anything. The song he sang was so emotional that I started crying, my whole family started crying & in all that the singer was collecting the money from our relatives. Even though Dad has booked different group this time, I told my Dad to inform the singer before-hand that we are not going to do anything like this during sister’s function. We all will dance and be happy, we all will make sister happy & wish her all happiness rather than making her feel like she is going to become some slave or “bali ka bakra.” If singer will sing any emo song to make our family emotional, I have already decided that will jump in between to stop him, no matter what happens next. This is such an idiotic thing to do just to earn few notes. It’s like playing with everyone’s emotions.

I was watching an Indian daily soap yesterday in which the lead actress was praying in the Pooja-room at her home before her wedding. On the spot, I traveled in my past when it was the day for me to leave my home, I remember praying in our Pooja-room with very heavy heart. At the same time I looked in the future as well when after few days sister will be praying in the same Pooja-room before she leaves our home. After 4-5 years it will be another sister’s turn.

It’s hard for me to imagine all this. As I am writing this I have already used up few tissues to wipe out my tears. I cannot even imagine how difficult it must be for Mum & Dad to see all their sparrows flying away one by one leaving their nest quiet & empty. Little brother will be with them but still our house will not be as chirpy as it used to be before, even lil bro will feel incomplete without us.

I got way too emotional while typing this but I am feeling better as it’s out of my system now. I might do one more post gathering all the sweet memories of sister & me maybe after few days otherwise it will be overdose of emotional posts.

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2 Responses to On being an emo & protective sister

  1. Snow says:

    I am so happy that you are going to visit your place soon. My best wishes for your dear sister. Go home and spend quality time with her 🙂 That’s the best way to express your feelings for her.

  2. Visha says:

    I am now transported back to the time when I had to bid good bye to my parents post marriage. Waqt ka pahiya, chalta jayega, na ye ruke kisi ke liye, na ye thame kisi ke liye 🙂

    Now cheer up thinking about all the fun you gonna have once you land in India 😉

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