Some evenings are like..

Go home

Freshen up

Lie on the bed with husband for 45 minutes



More chat

Then Enter kitchen

Heat up the left over Paneer dish, cook frozen parathas and eat with green chutney

Dinner is done.

Lie down on sofa

Cuddle with husband while watching TV

Go to bed

Good Night 🙂

Some evenings are like..

Go home

Freshen up

Enter the Kitchen

Chop & Fry Onions

Make Onion-Pulav

On other side, boil taro

Oh cooker is not washed. Clean the pressure cooker

Then boil taro

On other side, clean Mint & Coriander leaves

Again on other side, Mix some ingredients in Pulav

Then Grind the chutney

Taste is not good, add some more coriander, lemon & stuff to make it edible..

Make one more Pani-Puri chutney, keep it ready for the week for your Pani-Puri cravings

Run in the pantry to find storage containers for both chutneys

Peel the boiled taro, fry it and prepare the side dish.

Clean, Chop & store left over coriander leaves to use for garnish for rest of the week.

There is no cumin seeds & salt in masala-dabba, run in the pantry again and refill the dabba.

Clean up the kitchen

Wash knifes & chopping boards

Call MIL to wish her on birthday

Spoil your mood

Go to the dinner table

Piping hot onion Pulav, Yoghurt Curry (made by husband), yummy spicy taro dish and juicy mangoes waiting for you

Eat dinner without any interest

Cry little bit while sharing MIL-talks with husband

Go & lie on sofa for a while

Feel tired

Feel sad

Then go to bed

Unable to sleep

Watch videos on your mobile

Feel sleepy

Good Night 😦

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11 Responses to Evenings..

  1. aarya says:

    how I love left-over food 🙂
    Wish you many more of such evenings, even the busy and tiring ones (they add spice, don’t they?), minus the MIL and spoilt mood, of course.

  2. Trish says:

    hugs..for the sad kinda evenings..but I bet the dinner was yummy…I’ve learned over time to just ignore things that you can’t change..it was hard initially..but as time goes,it gets better..and better..hugs

  3. chipmunk says:

    First part is soo soothing to here!!! why don’t you try doing that every day and skip the later half!!!!! though it sound too delightful to have a pulav but not with teary eye!! cheer up baby!! life needs some spices! too much of it is not good too you see!!! you can skip 🙂

  4. Visha says:

    Wish you a mix of both of evenings everyday minus the negative and sad parts 🙂 🙂

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