Booked tickets, Dad’s reaction & Our Neighbor Aunty :-)

We have finally booked our tickets to India.. YAY!!!!!! We will be flying on 6th December *dancing and singing balle-balle, oye balle balle.. burrrrraaa*:D

I can’t believe in another 2 months my little sis will get married & will leave our city, our house, mum, dad & family to start her own new life with new family..aaaarrgggghhh.. I am already getting emotional *sob-sob*

I clicked the picture of my itinerary & sent it to my Dad on whatsapp. He was so happy to know that we have finally booked our ticket, she replied me with “Thank you” I got so emotional that I started bawling, my Dad has never said thanks or such formal words to me, I know he said this because he was so happy to know that we will be meeting soon. It was his happiness he expressed by saying Thank you.

Then, yesterday he sent me pics of menu from my favourite restaurant & I replied – “me too”. To this he replied-“hum sabko aapka intezaar hai” meaning we all are waiting for you. You know I might sound silly but Dad has never talked with me like this, in all his responses I can feel his happiness and excitement.

Ohh & the other day Dad wanted to wish me on Daughter’s day, I had no idea in India they were celebrating daughter’s day. Instead of wishing me directly, he sent the message to our group chat. I laughed & cried at the same time knowing he wanted to wish me but he was feeling shy 🙂

I have started making lists of things I have to buy for my sister from here & things that I have to buy from India for myself. I am so excited to shop for traditional lehengas & ghagras for all the functions. Ohh and colourful bangles & jewellery..aahhh!!! How much I love shopping.. I mean weddings 😉

PK & I have short listed few songs for our dance performance but cannot finalize one. Do you guys have any suggestions on which song we can perform??? Please help 🙂

This was the first weekend in a year & a half I think, that we have spent at home except going out for grocery shopping. We just ate, slept, ate and slept both Saturday & Sunday. We did go to swimming pool Sunday evening with our neighbor Aunty & her daughter and son-in-law.

Our neighbor’s Mum is here from India, to help them with their first baby’s delivery. From past few days, every evening, when we return from work, we are welcomed by Auntie’s beautiful smile. She waits for us in the front yard, asks us how our day was & tells us what she did whole day. Even during weekend, when PK was outside watering his garden, Aunty came out of her house hearing the noise & asked him where I am??

Yesterday, I made Pesto pasta & I went to their house to give them some too. Aunty was so happy to see me. You know you can tell from their face if someone is genuinely happy to see you. Whenever we meet, she calls PK or her son-in-law to click our picture together even if we are in our pyjamas. She wants to capture all the moments here & want to share with Uncle when she will go back to India. Isn’t it so nice of her?

I am trying a lot not to post any food picture in this post today but can’t help it, here is the one for you all 😛


So, yesterday I cooked Onion Pulav, Roti & fried Potato for dinner and pesto pasta for lunch and made green chutney for the week 🙂

So.. how was your weekend??

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6 Responses to Booked tickets, Dad’s reaction & Our Neighbor Aunty :-)

  1. Jazz says:

    Wow super awesome.. I can sense your excitement, have loads of fun at the wedding 😉
    And don’t we love our shy Dads.. 😀

    Great neighbors are a blessing na.. 🙂

  2. chipmunk says:

    Every monday morning you will make me to go hungry 😦 😦 😦 I am so happy for you 🙂 I will think and revert to you on the song 🙂 🙂 have full fun 🙂 🙂

  3. TP! I swear I will stop reading if you keep making me hungry 😦 By the way ALL posts till here have been read 😀 i started from the beginning, when you started blogging! So yay! And I am hungry 😦

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